Saturday 31 May 2014

The day Scout Willis went topless for some reason or other

Scout Willis, daughter to Bruce in case you were wondering, wanted to protest about something or other, so she walked around New York flashing her fun bags around. That's OK, because I can't figure it out either, but what the hell, she has a nice pair so let's give em an airing.

Now, I am hoping that someone can come along and tell me exactly why the girlies think that by getting their tits out they are making some kind of statement. We had this nonsense with a group called Femen who turned out to be nothing more than a stooge outfit set up by a certain Victor Svyatski as a way to get his leg over. Victor managed to persuade several sweet little hamster brains  that providing entertainment for men on the street was the way to go politically. Before anyone knew it, Victor had his very own harem and Femen were in all the papers.

Sorry, but stunts like this from Scout Willis are nothing more than an excuse for a girl to allow her exhibitionist streak to break free and for us to have a nice pair to admire.

Oh, and for the hits on this blog to continue climbing.

Friday 30 May 2014

How to subvert a Better Together video

Many of us who live in Scotland are now heartily sick of this Unionist video which seems to crop up everywhere. That was until a Nationalist got his paws on it and turned it into a viral sensation.

You have to admit that it is quite funny when the Unionists spend a fortune on their adverts and some bloke with a computer spends a small amount of time and no money whatsoever to subvert the message.

Thursday 29 May 2014

Princess Kate bare bottom photos allow British press to get into full sanctimonious git mode

A couple of days ago I ran the Princess Kate bare bottom picture that first saw the light of day in a German magazine called Bild. If you don't fancy scrolling back to that posting, here's the bit of the photo that we both know is only part that you are interested in seeing again.

The Daily Mail was running one of its we are outraged stories, and now the Guardian and Independent have got in on the act, with both posting stories joining in the faux outrage. The Independent even made the plain wrong allegation that the money shot of Kate was taken with the "camera between her legs." The fact that the female photographer was standing with the rest of the pack and had the good luck to be in just the right spot to grab the shot has not been allowed to get in the way of a good click baiting rant.

What are we to make of all this?

Well, the photographer was in the right place to grab the shot of a lifetime which she then sold to the highest bidder as any freelance would. The photo was bought by Bild who ran it to increase their circulation, and then the Mail, Guardian and Independent jumped on the bandwagon. They did not buy the photo, but they used their contrived outrage as click bait to increase the hits to their sites, and thus the revenues that accrue from the advertising that pays for it all.

As for little old me, I ran the photo because it amused me, and I knew that it would increase my stat-porn, which it duly did as I'm on the first page of Google for the Princess Kate Middleton upskirt photos. What can I say? I'm just good at search engine optimisation.

Come to think of it, so are the Guardian and Independent. Just check out the URLs for both stories that I have linked to above. The Independent manages to include Kate Middleton, upskirt pictures and Bild in its URL with the Guardian giving us bums and Duchess of Cambridge in its version. This is pure Google whoring, even to the extent of using Waity-Katy's maiden name, just in case someone uses that as a search term.

The point is that both Bild and yours truly are being honest with our venality. We are not pretending to give a tinker's cuss that this is about anything other than increasing our hits. The inhabitants of Grub Street are trying to pretend that this is somehow a great moral issue, when in reality what  they are really doing is exactly what the rest of us did which is make the hit counter shoot up like a rocket.

I think that honesty is the best policy and that sanctimonious self-righteous gittery should be discouraged as a matter of course.

Monday 26 May 2014

Pictures of Princess Kate's bare bottom emerge to amuse us all and increase our hit counts.

Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour? It's thanks to Bild magazine that we have this delightfully amusing upskirt shot of Princess Katie, accompanied by dear old balding Billy on a commando expedition in Australia last month.

It's not the first time that Katie has been spotted without knickers, as this photo taken in Canada last year shows.

What a delight she is when it comes to increasing the old hit count for web sites everywhere. The Daily Mail, never one to pass up a chance to increase its site traffic, ran the story with the interesting bit of Kate's anatomy pixelled out, but here you get the full uncensored shots of Katie's bare rump for your delectation and delight.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Manchester police arrest a man for satirising them

I reported recently on the case of a street preacher who was arrested on ludicrous and trumped up charges by the Manchester police, and now they have done it again, by arresting a bloke in a comic outfit and holding him for eight hours on a charge of impersonating a police officer!

Political activist Steven Peers now joins the longish list of preachers, political candidates and now satirists who have had their collars felt by the state's agents for doing not very much. 

I argued back in April that these arrests reflect a view on the part of our great and good that the people of Britain do not share the values that the elite consensus propounds. Thus they need to be intimidated into silence because the state is afraid that it is losing control of the people. I see nothing to change that view as far as this latest arrest is concerned.

The problem is that by arresting satirists, the police make themselves look utterly ridiculous. When people laugh at the state, they are well on the way to losing their fear of it.

UKIP and the BNP win seats in Failsworth and Nelson: the party system is falling apart

Warren Bates is in his mid-70s and on Thursday he captured Failsworth West for UKIP. Brian Parker was elected for a third time to represent the Marsden ward on Pendle Council for the BNP. I lived most of my life in Failsworth, and for three years in Marsden, Nelson, so I know both men and their districts. The part of Failsworth that Warren now speaks for is dominated by the massive council estate that I used to live on, and Marsden is at the heart of Nelson, a small mill town that used to be known as Little Moscow. How did this come about?

I was in the Labour Party along with Warren back in the 1980s, which is how come I got to know him. He was a bus driver at the time, and proudly wore his driver's uniform to party meetings. I suspect that like me he found the bulk of the members who tended to belong to the well-paid polyocracy a bit hard to take, which is probably why he showed up in uniform. For his part, Brian was my councillor when I lived in Nelson. An amiable bloke who is perhaps not the most eloquent of men, a generation ago he would have belonged to the Labour Party that dominated Nelson for decades:

Warren left Labour and joined the Liberal-Democrats, then jumping over to the Greens, before finally settling in UKIP. I do not know if Brian was ever actually a Labour Party member, but he does have about him the air of a Labour man, so it says more about today's Labour Party that neither of them belongs to it than it does about either Warren Bates or Brian Parker.

Failsworth West was held by a John Battye, the former leader of Oldham council until he was defeated in his Failsworth East ward a decade ago in a Liberal-Democrat landslide. He returned to the council in 2010 to represent the other half of Failsworth, and that in itself tells me just why Warren Bates was able to snatch the seat on Thursday.

John lives in Grotton, a leafy little village in the heart of Saddleworth, which is itself a wealthy part of town. He was employed until his retirement as a senior NHS figure, and would have had no chance getting elected for Labour in his home area. So he became a political carpetbagger and looked elsewhere for a seat.

This is the main reason why Warren won on Thursday: he is a local man who is well known on the Failsworth council estate that he now represents. You will never see John Battye in the area, slurping beer in one of the pubs, but you will see Warren Bates. As people mistrust the old parties more and more, that local base is important.

In Nelson, Brian was able to hold off against the combined might of the old parties, plus the Trotskyite freakshow that is Unite Against Fascism, precisely because he lives in the middle of the ward that he represents and anyone with a problem can knock on  his door and be invited in for a chat and cup of tea. In a world where the main parties are made up of careerist carpetbaggers, being local helps enormously. By way of contrast, his opponents, especially the freakshow element were largely shipped in to patronise the natives and tell them how wicked the BNP is. 

In a nutshell, as the party system creaks under the weight of its own failure to represent people, the only politicians who are really trusted are the ones that people know as their neighbours, such as Brian Parker and Warren Bates.

Thursday 22 May 2014

Going to vote in the European elections

Political parties in Scotland seem to be allowed to have their propaganda outside the polling stations, and as you can see from this photo that I grabbed at about 4.0pm today, the Tories, Lib-Dems and SNP took advantage of that to try and remind a few people to vote for them. The Labour Party seemed not to have bothered, but it didn't matter as I had no intention of voting for any of the old gang.

On my way to vote I was trying to convince myself that I should put aside my differences with UKIP and vote for them, as I knew that it would wind up all the right people.

Then I decided that it really didn't matter as the European Parliament is a joke, anyway, so I voted for No2EU. That way I got to flip the finger to both the pure at heart who just love the multi-culti society that the EU represents, as well as drop a ripe fart in the direction of the cardigan wearing Kippers.

A couple of people were voting when I arrived, and someone arrived just after me, so it looks as if people took the opportunity of the rain lifting to go and vote. Looking at the voter's lists that were on the desk, I could see the people who had already voted and been crossed of the list. From that quick glance I would reckon that perhaps ten percent have voted today.

Let's hope that most of them have voted for protest parties.

So how are you going to protest today?

Election day has dawned, which begs the question of which protest party are you going to vote for today just to demonstrate your contempt for the man and his system? I think that it is important that you do cast a ballot, because if you don't then the man will simply assume that if you are too bone idle to get off your lardy arse and walk to the polling station, then you are too bovine to oppose whatever plans he has for you. It's important that he knows that your contempt for him can be measured in bucket fulls.

Casting  a blank ballot is your first option. Or go to the polling station and write something very rude on the ballot. In the 1980s, I remember a man in Oldham who always wrote Eat shit and die on his ballots, something which I thought was rather silly at the time, but now I can see his point. Anyway, that's your first option.

Assuming that you decide to vote for an actual party, then UKIP are the game birds in today's cockfight. The advantage of voting purple is that just about every person that normal people hate also hates UKIP - just look at the vitriol that has been poured over Kipper heads over the past couple of weeks. Voting for the purple bird will so outrage them that next week's press and television should be an entertainment of note as they howl at the wicked wacists who make up the people of Britain. That's you by the way, so giving them the two-fingered salute via a punt on purple makes prefect sense.

Maybe you think that the average Kipper is as contemptible as any Tory, Labour or Liberal-Democrat, in which case An Independence From Europe might be worth  a punt. This is especially so if you live in the West Midlands, where popular local figure Mike Nattrass, the party's leader, heads the list for that outfit. Vote AIFE and you are registering your contempt for the EU as well as the cardigan wearing small town Poujadists who make up UKIP. If that's your bag, then fill it to the brim with a vote for AIFE.

Moving right along, we have the British National Party who seem to be on their last legs and are likely to be grateful for any votes that they can get. A decade ago they were the party most hated by the metropolitan elite and their stooges, and a punt for them will certainly sent the cat amongst the pigeons, especially if Nick Griffin, the BNP leader who heads the list in the North-West England region manages to hold his seat. If you are unemployed or in a McJob then you might very well consider voting BNP because the only crowd who hate you more than our dear old rulers are the Kippers in their cardies who want to cut your benefits.

Beyond the BNP we can see No2EU, a trades union and Communist backed minor party. This is a wonderfully wasted vote because if No2EU get 10,000 nationwide I will be very surprised indeed. That said, they are a serious minor party and if the thought of voting for UKIP or the BNP leaves you feeling in need of a bath, then No2EU might just be the fighting cock for you.

Finally, I included the Greens in my list of protest parties, which was a mistake. They are not a protest, rather they are a middle class posture, and if you have half a mind to vote Green then don't worry that's all you need. Besides, if you have that half a mind then you are probably not reading this blog. For the rest of you, the Greens are as much a part of bourgeois Britain as the Tories, so voting against that gang is just a good in itself.

If none of this takes your fancy then there are plenty of regional parties to choose from. A friend in London will vote for the National Health Action Party who are running a slate only in that city. Someone else I know has announced his intention to vote for the Yorkshire First Party, about whom I know absolutely nothing.

Right, it is now 7.00am and the polls are open. They will stay open until 10.00pm, so you have no excuse not to vote, do you? Get yourself down the the polling station and demonstrate your total, complete and utter contempt for the rulers of this country and their hangers-on.

The buggers will listen if we turn out to vote as we choose, not the way that they want.

Jasmine Lawrence, senior BBC figure, attacks UKIP

Meet Mrs Jasmine Lawrence (43) who is the editor of the BBC News Channel. In case you are wondering, a BBC editor is not the person who edits anything in the traditional sense, it is someone who heads a programme, department or in the case of Jasmine Lawrence, damn near a whole channel.

Yesterday, Jasmine had one of those funny turns that people sometimes get and was inspired to tweet this to the world and his wife:

Now we all have bad days, but when a senior BBC figure like this makes a fatuous comment like that it acts to discredit the whole of the BBC and provides ammunition to those people who want to see Britain's broadcaster sold off to the likes of Rupert Murdoch. Has this stupid woman no idea of the damage that she has caused? She has deleted her Twitter account, but guess what? This is the World Wide Web and everything gets archived.

She may argue that she does not like UKIP, and I could argue that I don't like bottle blondes, but the difference between us is that this blog is my toy and I can say what I like on it. Jasmine Lawrence is a senior figure who belongs to an organisation that can only survive because people believe that it is impartial. Well that went out the window yesterday didn't it?

I can understand why la Lawrence had her funny turn. She enjoys a fat salary and lives in a £475,000 house in Henley-Upon-Thames, a fabulously wealthy district of London. She is of the class that hires the cheap nannies and even cheaper plumbers that globalisation has allowed into our country. Globalisation is no threat to our Jasmine: the cheap labour it provides to people like her allows them to live an even more luxurious lifestyle than they would do otherwise. All her friends are of a similar ilk, so their values begin to be seen as common sense, the views of everyone in other words.

However, they are not the values of everyone, are they? They are the values of a small, powerful, metropolitan clique who are trying to force the rest of us into either accepting those values, or terrify us by incredibly illiberal laws into silence.

In the short term this will just serve to increase the UKIP vote as people stick two fingers up to Jasmine and types like her. As for the stupid woman herself, I suspect that her position at the BBC is now untenable, but she is hardly likely to end up on the dole as one of her ilk will create a cushy number for her elsewhere in the media.

What worries me is the long-term damage that her stupidity has done to the BBC that I still want to respect and admire.

Congratulations to Guido Fawkes, who broke the story first.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Casting a Protest vote: No2EU

NO2EU represent the last of the protest parties that I have to present to you. They are backed by the Communist Party of Britain, so come with a seal of approval as representing the serious side of far left politics, unlike anything that is run by Trotscum. Sadly they appear to have Trots in their ranks, but hopefully the CPB can keep them in some sort of order. The party is also backed by some trades's unions, as well as the Morning Star.

They will be lucky to get a few thousand votes nationwide, but if you are opposed to the EU, believe in workers' rights and cannot bring yourself to vote for UKIP, then No2EU are the horse to back in this race.

They are the protest party that I will probably vote for tomorrow, if that is any help.

Tuesday 20 May 2014

When the fake Romanians came to London

This is comedy fucking gold: a bunch of pretty girls, pretending to be Romanians, protesting at a black UKIP candidate. Watch what happens as Fleet Street's finest catch them out:


OK, so they are not Romanian, they are just pretending that they are. The one in the red does speak with a foreign accent, so maybe the Trotscum behind this bit of wankery thought that they would get away with it since all foreigners speak funny?

The girl in the black outfit starts off speaking funny, but then seems to slip into a middle class English accent right at the end when she says: "Yes, you are," to Michael Crick. Maybe they are all pretty good English actresses?

Look what the little filly in black did next:

Is it just me, or is there something inherently risible about a nice little English gel telling a middle aged black man that he is a wicked racist?

I could end this with a strong condemnation of these silly young madams and the fuckwitted organisers who set this stunt up, but what's the point? All they have done is to increase the total number of votes that UKIP will get on Thursday, and that should be condemnation enough.

Nice work, retards.

Thoughts on the lack of a Lee Rigby memorial

It's official: the powers that be have refused to countenance a memorial to Fusilier Lee Rigby who was murdered in a Woolwich street last year by two feral types who ran him over in their car and then got out and stabbed him to death.

Back in February, the Daily Mirror reported this fact, only to see it denied by the Greenwich city fathers who assured all and sundry that they were working with the army to erect a monument. However, it emerged a few days ago that this was a lie and no memorial will be erected.

Funnily enough, Greenwich had no qualms about a memorial to Stephen Lawrence, the black teenager who was also murdered on one of their streets, but then again, the Lawrence murder allowed the white, liberal middle class to engage in one of its periodic bouts of self-flagellation about how wicked this country is. Lee Rigby had the misfortune to be white, working class and a soldier, which provides three good reasons for middle class types to want to see him forgotten about as quickly as possible.

So, when his family went to the Woolwich area of Greenwich to mourn their loss they were told by Chris Roberts, the leader of Greenwich Council that: "We do not want you here." The local MP, Nick Raynsford, is also opposed to any monument to this young man, saying: "It would not in my view be helpful."

When people tried to leave flowers near the murder scene, their gesture was disrupted by the Unite against Fascism front of the Soggy Wankers' Party and some Muslim groups:

Casting a protest vote: Green Party

I decide to include the Green Party in this round-up of protest vehicles, even though they are actually nothing of the kind. People who belong to the Greens are just as much a part of that metropolitan elite and its odious gang of middle class stooges as any Tory, Labour or Liberal-Democrat.

Greens may talk about this issue or that, but they are really just a collection of parasites who feed off a wealthy, developed economy, thanks to their cushy numbers in the media, education and the like. A Green activist will pontificate at length about the importance of cutting carbon emissions, and emote about the need to use bicycles as a form of transport. Then he will get on a bicycle that needs a second mortgage to buy and cycle off in his pretty Lycra outfit, not forgetting to fit  the risible spaz hat on his noggin before he takes off.

Needless to say, if the economy ever did tank to the extent that people could not afford cars, the first people to moan would be the Greens, because they more than anyone else need that technologically advanced economy that is Britain today to maintain their lifestyle. Put another way, Green politics are really nothing more than a middle class lifestyle posture, and there is nothing that I can see in the party that is worthy of anything other than contempt.

When deciding who you hate the most on Thursday, I suspect that the Greens will feature highly on most normal people's lists.

Casting a protest vote: An Independence From Europe

The rather engagingly named An Independence From Europe was set up by Mike Nattrass, a sitting MEP for the West Midlands region when he was deselected by UKIP. The name was chosen deliberately so that his party would feature at the top of every ballot paper in all nine of the English regions. Well, that was the plan until the 4 Freedoms Party was hurriedly created, but they are only running in London, where they have taken the top spot on the ballot.

Normally I would not bother with a party that is only running in one of the three British countries, but a friend of mine is involved with AIFE, so on that basis alone I am giving them some free publicity.

AIFE is a split from UKIP, and Nattrass was a UKIP MEP from his election in 2004 until just last year when he was deselected. That deselection came in spite of his popularity in the West Midlands, and had everything to do with a clash of egos between Nigel Farage and Mike Nattrass. In a nutshell, Farage wanted his MEP's to make greater financial contributions to the party, and at the same time he banned the MEP cohort from employing their wives in Brussels. Once it emerged that he was breaking his own rules by employing his wife, all hell broke loose, with Mike Nattrass leading the objections.

Farage then made sure that Nattrass was not selected again to stand under the UKIP banner, so Nattrass set up this sulk party to take votes off UKIP and generally cause as much trouble as possible for his erstwhile comrades in purple. As well as taking the top spot on eight English ballots, AIFE also uses purple as it's party colour, just like UKIP. 

Nattrass has the top spot on his party's list for the West Midlands, and anybody else who wanted that spot in other areas had to stump up the £5,000 for the electoral deposit, and agree to pay for any election materials used in that region. As you can see, AIFE is a party of wealthy big swinging dicks who have a beef with Nigel Farage and want their revenge.

Will they get it? It is quite possible that Nattrass will keep his seat, but I suspect that is about it. The rest just hate Farage and want to try and reduce his tally of seats.

Why should you vote for AIFE? The only reason is that you agree with the line that Farage is more of a hindrance than a help to the anti-EU cause. Frankly, I reckon that Farage is the only man who can hold those monstrous egos together for long enough to fight an election, but if you disagree and think that he should go, then cast a vote for AIFE.

As with so many things, this one comes down to who do you hate the most?

Monday 19 May 2014

Casting a protest vote: BNP

This election broadcast from the British National Party was censored, so we are told. It is available on-line, and I am presenting it in its original form, as you have to admit that it is an entertaining little piece, that will annoy all the right people.

On the subject of annoying all the right people, a vote for the BNP is probably the most sarcastic protest vote you could cast because it is guaranteed to do just that. 

I can remember back in 2012 when I lived in Nelson, Lancashire, the  Trots who all had well paid employment at the local further education college, shipped in an army of freaks to leaflet the ward where I lived, which had a BNP councillor up for re-election.

The BNP man lost by less than a hundred votes, largely because the bone-idle bugger couldn't be bothered canvassing. The Tories managed to scrape a victory by shipping in an army of canvassers and Labour agreed to only run a paper candidate, whilst the Liberal-Democrats stood down. When people complain that all the old parties are just factions of the same gang, they really do have a point, don't they?

That said, enough people were willing to vote for the BNP to make it a close run thing. Many of the people that I spoke to during the campaign made it quite clear that they were voting against the fat women and scrawny men who made up the Trot freak show, as well as registering a protest against the local elite who seemed to be doing quite nicely for themselves when everyone else was struggling to get by with a McJob or giro.

A decade ago the BNP looked set to take over all those East Lancashire councils, and had that happened they would today be on a par with the French National Front. They failed largely because of a split in their ranks which meant that far too many of their remaining members really are nutters, so unlike their French counterparts they cannot get away from their past.

When the BNP was set up in about 1980 it was expressly created as a fascist party. Under Nick Griffin, the party tried to shed its old Nazi roots, and rebranded itself as "The Labour Party that your dad used to vote for." Had Griffin accepted that he was a transitional leader and stood down in good order then a new man could have taken over and maybe the BNP would not be in such dire states as it is today. That did not happen, with the result that most of the regional organisers left the party in disgust, leaving Griffin in charge of a shell. That is probably the main reason why the party lost the 2012 election in my then ward, because there was just nobody to organise things properly.

If UKIP is made up of blazer wearing saloon bar Thatcherites, then today's BNP really does consist of the boot boys from the tap room, as almost everyone else has left. 

Maybe your hatred for the people who closed towns like Nelson down a generation ago is such that you can tolerate that? If that's the case, then the BNP is the party for you. In Brian Parker the party has a decent bloke who lives in the Marsden ward that he represents, but he is the exception is a field made up of general buffoonery.

As with UKIP, just decide who you hate more and then vote against them.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Casting a protest vote: UKIP

UKIP are running ahead of the pack in the protest vote stakes, and they will be the obvious choice for very many people who want to give the old two-fingered salute to the old gang in Westminster. If you want to both make a protest and get people elected then UKIP is the game cock in this fight without a doubt.

To make matters even sweeter, the media has thrown everything up to and including the kitchen sink at the purples and all that happens is that their score rises in the opinion polls. That UKIP will win the Euro elections is now pretty much beyond doubt, and just think how pleasant it will be when the results come in and you will almost be able to hear the sphincters clenching amongst all those wallies who not only hate UKIP, but hate you as well.

The problem is that UKIP is a fraud. I don't mean that the party does anything illegal, far from it, but that it's reality is far removed from its image. UKIP is basically a Thatcherite party that is made up of elderly men and a few women who really do believe in the ideal created by the now thankfully dead old slag. 

When I joined UKIP I was also seduced by its public face as a broadly based, anti-EU party, that allowed its candidates to select their polices from a sort of Smorgasbord, and then present them to the electorate. Alas, when Thatcher went off to be toasted by Hell's fires I quickly learned the truth about this gang. If you vote UKIP you really are voting for people who genuinely seek to keep alive the suburban flame that was first lit by the old bitch all those years ago.

With the main parties we have what amounts to a metropolitan elite creating polices which they find agreeable, policies which many of their middle class stooges also tend to accept. In UKIP we have types who wear their ties under their cardigans in the house, as their wives water the aspidistras that are kept behind the lace curtains in the windows. If you decide that you hate the metrosexuals more than you hate the cardigan wearers, then by all means punt a vote the UKIP way. The sound of wailing in North London streets might just be worth a vote for a party of small town tossers.

As I said yesterday: it really all depends on who you hate the most.

Saturday 17 May 2014

Which party to vote for on Thursday?

Political parties serve all sorts of functions. They allow people to participate without becoming political nerds, they aggregate interests and suppress unpopular policies in favour of those which are electorally more appealing. Parties are usually coalitions, in which policies that we don't like are counterbalanced by those that we do. For instance in the 1960s, many working class people supported capital punishment and were not in favour of the liberalisation of the anti-homosexualist laws, both of which Labour supported. However, there was still more than enough Labourist meat for them to chew on in the form of legislation to improve working conditions, with the result that many people just tolerated the policies that they did not like to get the ones that they did.

The problem is what happens when all the parties have been largely taken over by the same narrow metropolitan elite, and the policies are only those which they find agreeable? That is the situation that we find ourselves in today as far as British politics goes.

It is possible that the middle class will have enough to sup on from existing Tory broth, so even if they do not like the EU they can still console themselves by the knowledge that Britain is a hire and fire economy where workers are expected to dance to the tune played by some nasty little scrote with a National Front haircut and a cheap suit. 

Working class people on the other hand have barely a smidgen of traditional Labour policies to vote for, so they are likely not to vote, or they might just vote for a party which is hated by the people that they hate.

Over the next few days I will post the election broadcasts for An Independence From Europe, the British National Party, UKIP and No2EU, as these seem to me to be the main protest parties at the moment. 

I shall comment on each of them, and hopefully at the end people, including me, will be able to answer the question:

Who do we hate the most? 

Friday 16 May 2014

Lago Azteca (Aztec Kings' Lake)

It is called the Aztec Kings' Lake, but that's just a name that someone in the tourist office thought up. You can find it in the Tlahuac district of Mexico City, but it is quite a trek from the city centre. Actually it isn't just a lake, it's a part of the old system of lakes and canals that encircled Mexico City until the late nineteenth century. Various drainage schemes reduced the once massive lakes to manageable sizes, until finally even the government realised that the flooding in those areas would cost millions to prevent, and the waters were allowed to return. A cynic might argue that bringing the waters back also prevents thousands of people from moving to the Valley of Mexico every year from other parts of the country.

Whatever the reason, in the early 1990s what had been a swamp was restored to its former glory, but it is still only a pale shadow of what it once was. Older people can still remember how produce from this area was taken via the canals to the north of the city. Those days have gone, but what has been reopened is still a little gem and well worth the trouble that it will take to visit it.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Mexico City when it rains

When it rains in Mexico City, believe you me, it really chucks it down. This video was shot in 2008 to show my friends in the UK what it is like and I thought that it might be a good idea to share it with you today.

In case you are wondering about the name of the ironmonger's on the left of the screen, the guy who owns it was nicknamed "Hoss" back in the 1960s when Bonanza was all the rage on TV. Half a century later nobody can even remember his real name, including him I suspect.

The problem is that just about every time it rains the power goes out, so people often end up spending an evening in candlelight.

If you want to know why the power goes out just have a look at this man in the photo. If you are wondering what he is up to, wonder no more, because he is nicking electricity directly from a power line's junction box. Just about every box has a myriad of highly unofficial cables leading from it that go down to the houses below. Since these connections are cobbled together by just about anyone who has a ladder, and the nerve to take his life in his hands at the top of it, then you can imagine that as soon as it starts to rain the water gets into the box and the system trips out. 

Every now and again the state-owned power company sends out its people to disconnect the unofficial cables, but the people just give the men a few pesos and they go back to work and report the job done. Occasionally a senior figure will accompany them just to make sure that they actually do the work. What happens then is that those same power company fellows will return later that night to do a reconnect, for a suitable consideration, of course. As a result of all this hardly anyone in those United Mexican States pays more than a few coppers for their electricity, but every time it rains the candles come out. 

Such is life. . .

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Edinburgh Festival Video

 I created a YouTube channel the other day to carry my video of the anti-UKIP protest, and it looked so lonely all on its own that I put together some clips from last year's Edinburgh Fringe to upload as well.

Hope you like this short.

Monday 12 May 2014

How to get under middle class skin

It's always nice to score a hit on capitalism's dogs. I did it with Norman Tebbit the other day and now it seems that I have managed it again with a Telegraph hack who has been moaning about wicked trades' unions. Here's my comment:

Lemme think... 

Sooner rather than later, some bright spark is going to come up with a computer programme that can churn out commentaries like this. The Barclay Brothers will jump for joy and order a minion to create names for their new virtual click baits. Photoshop will then be used to create the image of each virtual hack and the profits for the brothers will go through the roof. Meanwhile you'll be flipping burgers... 

This is the reason why we have unions, because management are scum who are only interested in enriching themselves and pauperising us. That is why you should cheer the tube workers on. They show that we do not have to take lip from the bosses; we can stand up to them and make them dance to our tunes.

Unless of course you want to flip burgers for minimum wage when your bosses get those computer programmes?

Amazingly enough the Telegraph deleted that quite reasonable comment. They didn't edit it down, they just removed it.

The truth must hurt.

Sunday 11 May 2014

More video of the Edinburgh anti-UKIP demonstration

Following right along from my posting of yesterday about the Friday anti-UKIP demonstration at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange, more video has now emerged. What we can now see is just what an unmitigated disaster the demonstration was for the Trots and their unwashed hangers-on. The only saving grace for the whole anti-UKIP crowd is that the students outnumbered the wallies, and things remained peaceful.

As I saw it at the time, the students who were on the same bus as me joined a small group of about fifty demonstrators who were already in front of the Corn Exchange and then both groups together marched to the bottom of the street. As this video shows, the Trots and Great Unwashed were marching down the road already when the students joined them:

I have no idea why they did that, but they are little better than Orcs so who cares? What is clear is that the students just tagged along. What is also clear is that I was right to think that the fellow sat on my bus with his loud hailer was going to be a noisy young bugger as there he is at the 50 second mark, being just that. My comments about the seriously tasty nature of the female talent that arrived as part of the student crowd is also confirmed by this video.

Moving along, here is a video that starts inside the housing estate that is at the end of the vehicular tunnel where I was standing to shoot my video. I don't know about you but the people milling around do not look like skinheads to me, they come over as normal people probably from the estate who are wondering what was going on. Anyway, I will bet that UKIP will pick up a fair few votes from those houses:

Finally, rumours are going around the web that members of a wedding reception were roundly abused by the demonstrators. I did not see that happen, so if it did then it must have occurred before the bus carrying me and the students arrived. In other words there's another triumph for mouth breathing Trots and yet more votes for UKIP.

Congratulations to the followers of St. Leon the Loser for keeping alive their record of utter and total failure.

Introducing British Together, the no campaign's secret weapon

Meet the Greengairs Flute Band on their recent march and note the large banner that they carry in favour of a no vote in September's referendum. You are looking at a working class, grassroots movement that is campaigning against independence, and one which is grouped around the campaigning group British Together. It might just tip the balance in favour of the union when the votes are counted.

I posted recently about the autonomous, grassroots, pro-independence campaigns that are making the running in the debate, and I assumed that the new style of campaigning that they represent would swing things their way. In doing so I quite forgot the Orange Order and its West of Scotland power base in and around Glasgow. They may seem very old fashioned, what with their marches and Great War era uniforms, but there are thousands of them and they strike a chord in many Protestant hearts. If they turn out to vote in September then the no vote will win handsomely.

British Together is completely separate from the official unionist campaign which is grouped around Better Together. In fact, Better Together make a great show of not wanting anything to do with the Protestant ultras who make up the Orange Order and its British Together offshoot, but that will not stop the lodges from mounting their own campaign for a no vote. In fact it may help, because British Together can run whatever campaigns it wants as the outfit is not answerable to the official unionist body.

Various yes campaigners are not helping their own cause by the way in which they dismiss the Orangemen as mouth breathing retards who have no place in the modern, vibrant, multi-cultural Scotland that those campaigners want to see.

The problem is that so many nationalists really are graduates without much of a future, who only mix with people of a similar ilk, and who regard the West Coast working class as creatures from another planet. Thus these cybernats tell each other that Orange parades in favour of a no vote will only convince the undecided voters to plump for independence. Actually, it may do the exact opposite as nobody likes being called scum, and while the nationalists may say that it is only directed at the Orange Order, from my neutral perch it looks like an attack on every council estate in the country. If I feel that way then heaven knows what is going through the minds of the genuinely undecided voters on those same estates.

The Orangemen plan a march in Edinburgh on Saturday, the 13th September, and hope to attract 15,000 marchers. If they are announcing that figure then what they really want is at least double that number. In the meantime, I expect to see quite a few small Orange marches, all aiming at rallying the Protestant, working class tribe into voting no to independence.

Other than hurling insults, the nationalists do not seem to have an answer to this Orange conundrum, which means that this race is still wide open.

What's with Uncle Joe?

You may be wondering why I now have this rather engaging photo of dear old Uncle Joe Stalin on my blog. Yes, that's him, not only gracing this post, but also keeping an eye on the blog from his permanent perch over on top of my left sidebar. I mean, where else could he go, but on the left?

The reason why I have the bust is quite simple: a friend went to that part of Ukraine that still believes in the good old cause and brought it back for me a couple of years ago. 

I posted the photo on my sidebar because it occurred to me that now that the blog is picking up a lot of hits due to my political postings, there was a danger that we might get some Trotscum infesting the site to leave idiotic comments. I tend to be tolerant towards the cardigan wearing Poujadists who make up UKIP as they are figures of fun, but Trots have always left me feeling in need of a bath. The photo should remind them of what utter losers they are every time that they see it.

Besides, since two crossed knives buried under a door are said to keep witches out of a house, I figured that a nice photo of dear old Uncle Joe may do the same with Trots.

If any of them do get through then I will not censor their deranged ramblings, but they are warned that I consider it my duty to take the piss out of such people at any and all opportunities.

Saturday 10 May 2014

Nigel Farage came to Edinburgh and the demonstrators managed to picket the wrong building.

The UKIP leader Nigel Farage came to Edinburgh yesterday to address his followers at the Corn Exchange,  and tell them that they are on course to win one of Scotland's six European parliamentary seats. For their part the 200 demonstrators who turned out to greet him were only noticeable for their inability to even start their demonstration at the correct building. The Corn Exchange is pictured behind the crowd in my photo, but for some reason they all charged to the end of the road and began to block access to a large vehicular archway which led into a residential block.

A crony joined me in going along to watch what we hoped would be some good sport, and about seventy demonstrators blessed the same bus that we were on with their presence. When it arrived at its destination,  the crowd piled off and began to walk in formation down the road and straight past the building where the UKIP leader was due to speak. Along the way they seemed to merge with a slightly smaller group of about fifty who at least were standing in front of the correct building and swept them along to the bottom of the street where some policemen stood in front of the archway.

The only confrontations came when one small group of men, gathered some distance away, were challenged and accused of being fascist activists; "Nazi scum off our streets" came the chant, as they were chased under police protection into a nearby cul-de-sac.

Alas this is not true as there was only one man who you can see in this video of mine, standing on the right of the frame, wearing dark glasses. All he did was point out what wallies the Trots were for missing the building where the meeting was about the start and for his pains he was roundly abused by the vanguard of the proletariat:

Far from being hustled away by the police he then just sauntered off after having amused himself.

Eventually, someone with two brain cells managed to get enough people to walk the fifty yards or so to the correct building where Farage and his people were meeting so the the demonstration could begin in earnest. Alas, they were unable to do anything other than posture as some pretty serious muscle had been shipped in from Glasgow to guard the doors to the building.

Various UKIP types were in the pub next door and after finishing their pints, those who wanted an escort into the ticket-only event were walked into the meeting by some more heavyweight muscle. The rest just wandered in unhindered as the crowd seemed to be in no mood for matching itself against what looked like a team of seriously tasty nightclub bouncers.

The two groups of demonstrators and Kippers were easy to tell apart. The former were mainly students, a surprising number of whom were seriously pretty girls. The Great Unwashed were represented by around half a dozen white people with dreadlocks and charity shop clothes and the few Trots were recognisable thanks to their slack-jawed expressions. The Kippers were easily spotted owing to their Sunday best suits, freshly polished zimmer frames and iron permed hair. To describe the two groups as being separated by age is putting it mildly; the division was more like centuries.

As the meeting began inside, and as the crowd outside continued to chant insults, your correspondent and his mate decided that the children on the street and the walking dead inside the hall were probably not going to provide us with any decent blood sport so we chatted about our next move. Being possessed of a raging thirst we then got on a bus and went off to a pub to pour beer down out necks to quench it. 

By all accounts both the meeting and the demo passed off peacefully, as did our evening down the pub.

11-May-2014: More video has emerged. Click this link to see it.

Thursday 8 May 2014

Making Norman Tebbit feel a fool

There was not much doubt about winner of the prize for the nastiest, most spiteful and rancid post of the week. It just has to go to Ken Bell, who described me, among other things, as "a spokesman for lower middle class fascism". He really should go back and read about Mussolini.

I would just like to thank Norman Tebbit for that comment, which you can read on his Telegraph blog. I really do feel that I have achieved something when  the scummiest of all Tories feels constrained to mention little old me by name. 

Tebbit wrote some nonsense about how unfair it was that Scots in England could not vote in the independence referendum, and then made a fatuous remark about England's side of Hadrian's Wall. That was when I stepped in to point out that English and Scottish nationalities do not actually exist, as we are all still British. Thus the people who will vote in September are those British people who live in Scotland and are registered to vote here. I also gave him a lesson in political geography by pointing out that Hadrian's Wall is several miles inside England.

In another comment I said that I would fail any Norman McTebbit test when it came to sport as I will be cheering for England in next month's world cup. "This is not about blood and soil nationalism. It really is about keeping the best of Britain that I remember prior to 1979, and making sure that the likes of Tebbitt never ever again have any hold over me or my sons," I concluded.

Tebbitt could have chosen to answer those points, but instead he dug around and found this comment that I made to another poster: "...By the way, I realise that Tebbit is the spokesman for lower middle class saloon bar fascism, but what's your motivation?"

Is it too fanciful to suggest that Tebbit, white faced with anger at the humiliation he felt because I had demonstrated his political illiteracy, to say nothing about having his own "cricket test" thrown back at him, banged out that paragraph about me because that was the best he could manage?

Monday 5 May 2014

Albina Kumirova: an artist of our time

The Madonna Of Our Time, by Albina Kumirova is a stunning work in more ways than one. In its full original glory, it must dominate a room, not just because of its nine feet by five feet dimensions, but by the sheer power of its imagery. The artist has imagined the Madonna and Child, threatened as they would be in today's world by the bovine thuggishness of social workers and their hellhounds in blue.

The symmetry of the piece is almost perfect. The two creatures who face the viewer on either side of the painting are at once truly wicked, and at the same time completely indifferent to what is happening behind them. The policeman who stands with his arms folded, and the two on the right who are chatting to each other are likewise not responsible in their minds for the atrocity that is occurring in front of them. After all, they are merely officers of the law, there to ensure that a terrible injustice can pass off unhindered.

We can see the face of the Madonna quite clearly, as She and the Christ are the only figures in light. Within that light are what appear to be doves, or even angels, that are desperately trying to protect the Madonna and Child, but we can see from Her face that the darkness is about to envelop both of them.

Thus the road to Calvary goes through a social work office and police station.

Kumirova is an artist who makes the point in her works that evil is often not hot-blooded sadism. The worst evil is that which is carried out by people who are only doing their jobs. Such routine, banal evil is carried out by people in this work, called Professionals, which sums up such routine wickedness perfectly:

The faceless monsters who hold the blindfolded and naked  child, are not seeking to torture her. They might tell themselves that it is all for her own good, and the more honest among them will know that it is also about feathering their own beastly suburban nests, but none of that is uppermost in their minds. To them it is merely routine, the following of orders, because beyond order lies chaos, and they believe in the orders that they carry out. The fact that the child is being crucified by them is not their responsibility. They are merely professionals, doing their jobs.

Art in the service of a political cause is something that the Soviet Union excelled at. In Albina Kumirova, Britain has an artist schooled in that tradition who is weaving her magic in a noble cause, that of innocents caught up in the lunacy that is the British secret court system and its functionaries in the social work industry.

These works by Albina Kumirova can be seen on the 25 July, from 9.00am to 5.00pm at the Children Screaming To Be Heard conference, at 356 Holloway Road, London, N7-6PA. Speakers will include John Hemming MP, and the great Ian Josephs, a man who has helped to save many children from the social work industry.

Sunday 4 May 2014

Sunday Herald backs independence

The Sunday Herald is the first newspaper to break ranks and cast in its lot with the Scottish independence movement, and today's edition which broke the news has pretty much sold out everywhere. Until now, big business was pretty monolithic in its support for the union, but now that one brick has been taken out of the wall, we can expect to see others joining the independence bandwagon.

It cannot be long before the major unionist political figures in Scotland start to jump ship, with the betting being on some senior members of the Labour Party being the first.

You can understand their point of view. If Scotland votes yes then who would want to vote for a politician who did not support the people's will? The decision as to when and how the jumping will take place is going to be carefully considered, and I reckon that several will make the move together. There is safety in numbers and all that, and each politico will need to reassurance of a pack around them when the announcement is made.

The ground is starting to shift in the independence debate.

Saturday 3 May 2014

The social work industry is out of control

The social work industry appears to be out of control. First they preyed on the very young, with the press full of stories of them circling like hyenas around new born babes, seeking to grab them from their parents on spurious and trumped up charges. Now they are going after the elderly...

A 94 year old retired midwife has been banned from speaking to the press for the rest of her life because these creatures do not like what she was telling them. She had moved a married couple into her house, but Redbridge social work industry wanted to put her into a workhouse so that they could grab her valuable house, presumably to help balance their books, and then forget about her. The old woman fought back so the social workers essentially raided her property 12 times in nine months, always accompanied by police, presumably to protect them from the wrath of an angry old woman who just wanted to be left alone.

In court she raised herself out of the wheelchair and defiantly told the judge: "They think I am a stupid old woman and can do what they like and I want them out of my life." That does not sound like a mental defective to me.

Needless to say, the judge declared her unfit and she has been gagged for life. Presumably her house will now be seized once the council has got her into the home. Given all that the social workers have done to this woman, I think she will be lucky to survive until the end of the year - or maybe death will be a blessing for her.

Over in Swindon, 88 year old army veteran Allan Thipthorpe enjoyed nothing more than bringing a whore into his sheltered accommodation, only to have social workers object. They said that the trollop was stealing from him, only to have Allan tell them that she wasn't, and it was his money, anyway, and if he wanted to spend it by paying someone to polish his knob that was his affair.

Needless to say, Alan appears to have lost that battle as well, although he did punch a council pen pusher, which is not bad going for an old fart.

When my late father was almost Alan's age, 20 years ago, the Oldham social work cockroaches tried to force him into a workhouse and I took up the cudgels on his behalf. Using every councillor that I could think of as well as the local press I managed to get them to back off, and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. Sadly, for the last six months of his life, dad was in one of those homes where the elderly are sent to die, but the council had to agree to foot the bill, and dad for his part agreed to go in until I could return to the UK and get him out. Sadly, he died a few days after I flew into the UK to keep my side of the deal.

Would I get away with that today? Probably not, as all that happened before New Labour were elected in 1997. They gave the social work industry more powers, and as we have seen with the old midwife and soldier, if you give the state powers, then it will abuse those powers.

It's easy to blame overpaid, undereducated social work rabble with their pathetic polytechnic degrees and puerile desire for status, but they would not last five minutes if parliament was to vote to strip away their powers. Then they could go away and flip burgers and the rest of us could live our lives in peace.

We need to change the laws in this country of ours.

Friday 2 May 2014

Vote No To Borders: An Astroturfing Site

Following on from my last posting, how does a grass roots pressure group that was only created on the 1st May manage to get a three minute plug on the BBC news channel at 8.30am the following day? Either the group is very lucky, or it isn't a genuine grassroots movement at all, it's an Astroturfing body.

Astroturfing is the practise of setting up a seeming grassroots campaign, which is actually nothing of the kind as it is invariably financed by business interests or major political parties. The name comes from AstroTurf, the artificial grass that American footballers play on, hence the idea of Astroturfing, which is about setting up an artificial grassroots' movement.

Vote No To Borders is one such fake site, something which the web discovered within hours. Wings Over Scotland has investigated it, as has Craig Murray, and then the Guardian joined in the kicking. The conclusion that they all reached is that VNTB is as fake as a pair of Gucci loafers bought on a market stall. 

So the BBC has either been duped into thinking that Vote No to Borders is a genuine grassroots body, or they are too lazy to run a full check on the people that they are broadcasting reports on. The other alternative is that Auntie is a willing stooge of a unionist Astroturfing outfit, which is not a conclusion that the Beeb will be happy for people to reach.

Best if they do a better investigation into this group.

How not to support the union in the Scottish independence debate

I cannot figure this video out at all. It was made by an outfit called Vote No To Borders which presents itself as a grass roots alternative to the various nationalist groups, and claims to be presenting a positive set of opinions as to why Scotland should remain within the UK. It was set up by a John Malcolm, who comes over as a comfortable businessman who knows where his bread it buttered. 

Watch the video, which shows a fellow named Edward, and which only runs for 90 seconds. Edward is a husband, father and worker, and for the first minutes he comes over very well. Then he makes a point about playing golf with a nationalist friend who was "going on about unis, and further education and the health service, stuff like that." Meanwhile Edward was "just trying to beat him," at golf. In other words, he does not seem to care about his children's future, at least that is the impression given by his own words. And this site is all about getting people to support the union?

My first reaction was that this site was a gamer, set up by the nationalists to further discredit the unionists, but Craig Murray has spent a happy morning investigating Vote No To Borders, and it seems that the site is sort of genuine. 

That is to say it is a unionist site, but there is nothing grassroots about it. The company behind it is registered in London, with two directors: Malcom Offord, who has donated at least £120,000 to the Tory Party, and Fiona Gilmore, who is an executrix of a PR company which specialises in "country branding." Finally, the domain was registered by Gary Waple, a right banker who is employed by the Prudential Regulatory Authority of the Bank of England!

Back to the drawing board, folks!

Thursday 1 May 2014

Scotland Yet: A film about independence

A few days ago I posted about how the Scottish independence campaign is a grass roots movement that involves thousands of ordinary people who are willing to take a chance on a better tomorrow with independence, instead of continuing with the awful life that they endure today.

Scotland Yet: a film about independence is part of that movement. It was funded by donations and is due to be released in July this year. The film is currently in post-production and needs more contributions to ensure that it will be ready on time.

How Cyril Smith got away with it

In the 1970s I was involved with a Manchester based alternative magazine called Mole Express. Although I no longer wrote for them by 1979, in late April of that year I wandered into the Mole's offices to kill an afternoon with Mike Don the rag's owner-editor. I found him alone in the office chortling over the latest copy of the Rochdale Alternative Press (RAP) which had just arrived in that day's post. All the alternative magazines would send free copies out to one another, before they were distributed to the public, so it is highly likely that Mike and I were the first people to see the May '79 edition of RAP and its two page spread entitled "The strange case of Smith the man."

The story of Smith and his spanking proclivities were set out for all to see, and I can remember Mike's awe-struck words that this story meant either the demise of Smith's career or the bankruptcy of RAP when Smith sued the paper into the ground.

Actually neither happened and in the May 1979 general election, just a week or so after the story broke, Cyril Smith increased his majority in Rochdale, The next edition of RAP contained a bemused editorial which pointed out that only Private Eye had carried even a summary of the RAP exclusive, with the rest of Fleet Street ignoring it. 

I think that two things came together to kill the story stone dead. The first is that reading the account again - and you can read both the May and June stories reproduced at this link - it is obvious that RAP only concentrated on the accounts of the spankings, rather than playing up the homosexual abuse angle. One can understand why they did that because they had hard evidence of the former that would stand up in court, but the sexual abuse side was speculation and they would probably have lost a libel case had they alleged that he was getting his rocks off with teenage youths.

The second factor which killed the story was that the people of Rochdale were so indifferent to it that they sent Smith back to Westminster with an increased majority. People just believed that Big Cyril was doing the right thing by teaching young tearaways a lesson. Parents would actually call Smith in to take their sons in hand when they were out of control!

Had RAP presented evidence that this was sexual abuse then the matter would have been different and Smith's career would have been over, but they didn't, so the story ended up as being one about Cyril Smith giving yobs a damned good hiding - and Rochdale approved of that wholeheartedly, as did the rest of Britain which is why the press ignored it.

I suppose the moral of this tale is that the past is a foreign country and they do things differently there.
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