Friday, 31 January 2020

The Brexit Hour Has Come

We are now free of the European Union and for those of us who voted for this moment in 2016 and who then went on to break the habit of a lifetime by voting for the Conservatives in 2019, it is time for the celebratory gloating to begin.

Of course, if you are reading this and are also a defeated Federast then you may not find this moment a cause for much celebration.

Never mind, you win some and you lose some. The fact that you had everything going for you and still managed to fuck things up gives us more to chuckle about, but we do feel your pain:

Actually, no, we don't feel your pain at all, 'cos sad-arsed losers deserve nothing but the contempt of the victors. You had all the main parties, the CBI, the TUC, most of the media and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all - yet still, you contrived to lose in 2016.

So you put your faith in Gina Miller, never thinking that the dusky, trophy-wife of a millionaire sounding it off to the British people might just annoy the Great British people no end and make them even more determined to see Brexit through.

When Gina and the judges let you down you increased the volume of your Losers' Vote idea. Alas, the parties who ended up with a majority on the Commons could not come together sufficiently to vote for such a measure.

All they had to do was unite temporarily behind Jeremy Corbyn, and support a government headed by him until the legislation for the Losers' Vote had been passed, but even that was too much for this collection of sad-arsed clowns.

So, eventually, without any rioting or even demonstrations, we got our General Election and we, the Brexiteers, united behind the Tories and we gave Boris Johnson an 80 seat majority. The Federasts voted for all and sundry which was further proof that they are as thick as two short planks:

 All of which led to this glorious moment. I really would like to thank the defeated for their hubris, which more than anything else gave us our victory.

Friday, 20 December 2019

Federast Funnies 13

The Federasts don't like it up 'em, so they all complain and get my comments removed from the Guardian:

That one lasted about five minutes before being pulled. Luckily, for all good Brexiteers I grab screenshots of my Guardian comments and then repost 'em here.

Bugger this bringing the country together stuff: I am gonna gloat for many years to come!

Saturday, 14 December 2019

The Brexiteers are Victorious!

At exactly 10.00 pm on Thursday, the BBC ran its exit poll which gave Boris a massive majority and I whooped with delight at the thought that the torture of the past three years would soon be over. A few hours later the sun rose over a country that had just reaffirmed the 2016 vote for independence and by that time enough real votes from real people had been counted to prove the accuracy of the exit poll. We were victorious and at that point, I dragged myself off to bed.

There was no need for any of the political lunacy and social upheaval that we have gone through since 2016. All the opposition had to do was vote for Theresa May's nice, liberal withdrawal agreement and by now the European Union would have been nothing but a memory.

Instead, they decided to play silly buggers by taking advantage of a government with no majority to delay our Brexit. When they weren't using dubious procedures in the Commons, they were using their wealth to seek the assistance of compliant judges to further delay the process. Their aim was to so weary us that we would give up on the whole idea of Brexit, probably stop voting altogether and leave the country to be permanently governed by them, with the approval of their supporters.

We bided our time and waited our sweat until eventually, we got what we wanted, a general election. Then we showed those pathetic federast fuckers what free men armed with the most powerful weapon in the world, a ballot paper, can do.

It's time to put this blog on ice and enjoy some peace and quiet after forty long years of campaigning for this moment:

We are the victors and they are the vanquished: what a glorious time it is to be alive!

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Two Votes for Boris From a Father and His Son

To the airport this morning to pick up my son's Mexican mother who flew in to watch her darling 19-year-old boy cast his first-ever vote in a British general election. This photo was taken as we left the polling place at about 9.15 am and as you can see, she is a very proud mother indeed.

I have campaigned for Brexit for about forty years now, and since Brexit is the top issue in this election, I broke the habit of a lifetime and voted Tory - to get Brexit done I had no choice.

The lad resents the fact that his mother can be asked damn fool questions whenever she flies in, but the mothers of the Spaniards who bless Edinburgh with their presence can swan in and out as if they own the damned place.

He does not want special treatment for his mother, he just wants all foreigners to be treated the same, and so do I.

So, that was two more votes for Boris and Brexit in Edinburgh West from this father and his son.

Vote for Boris Today to Get Brexit Done

Today is polling day and we, the British people, must make a decision. Do we wish to live in an independent country or are we content to remain as a province of the European Union?

I am 63-years-old and have never before voted Tory, but I will do it today. I do not want to live in a province, I want to live in a free United Kingdom. I will not pretend that I like the Tories because the truth is that I actually detest them, but I can live another five years with Boris as Prime Minister if we are once again an independent country that controls its own laws.

Three years ago I was one of the over 17 million people who voted to leave the EU. We were told that the government would respect our wishes and implement whatever we decided. That was a lie.

Two years ago I voted Labour. I was told by Labour that it respected the result of that referendum. That was also a lie.

We have not left the European Union because an unholy alliance of quislings came together to foil our exit from within the House of Commons. They were aided by tame judges and super-rich immigrants who worked to prevent government policy from being implemented.

Boris purged his party of the bulk of the quislings and any that are left are small in number and keep their mouths firmly shut. Jeremy Corbyn, a man who campaigned against the EU for decades is now a prisoner of his federast party that has demonstrated time and again that they are only interested in Brussels and not Britain.

If you are one of the millions who voted to take back control in 2016 by voting for Brexit, then I urge you to get Brexit done by voting for Boris's candidates today.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Why Soft Remainers Should Vote Tory Tomorrow

Yeah, I know what you are thinking - it's a witty meme and nothing more. Actually, I reckon that it tells a truth that the federasts are so deranged that tomorrow they might just start calling for Gina Miller to do just that.

Leaving the headbangers aside, most of us probably just want this torture over and that means voting for Boris and his Tories. If he ends up with a majority, then we leave the EU next month, the government will start to negotiate a final settlement with the EU and the rest of us can get on with our lives.

If Boris does not have a majority, say he gets around 310-325 seats then the danger that we will crash out of the EU without a deal becomes incredibly real. Let me explain why:

Boris would remain as the Prime Minister unless the Commons can remove him via a vote of no confidence. That means all the odds and sods who will sit on the opposition benches will have to come together to vote on that motion. Given that they hate each other more than they hate the Tories, I doubt if that will happen before the end of January.

However, Boris would probably not be able to get his deal through the Commons, but he does have the advantage in that our withdrawal from the EU is already enshrined in law. So he does not have to do anything other than hold his nerve and run down the clock until 1 February and that is that: we are out with no deal.

The opposition will not be able to play games with the order paper as this new Speaker will not allow those tricks to be played as he has already said. So they will not be able to force the government to seek an extension to Article 50 as they did before.

So, what to do if you are a Remainer who wants to get on with his life? None of the opposition parties can win this election, but your vote could mean that Boris does not get a majority and we crash out of the EU without a deal next month.

There would then be another election probably in the autumn once we are safely out and the Tories could blame any disruption on the opposition.

If you vote Tory then there is more chance that Boris will get a majority and Britain gets its deal. Yes, we leave the EU, but that was decided in 2016, so what we are arguing about now are terms and conditions. Do you want to exit the EU with Boris' withdrawal agreement or do you want to crash out with nothing at all?

It is your call.

Saturday, 7 December 2019

The Tories Know That Drunks, Druggies and Losers Are Not the Working Class

Do you remember Rachel Finn, interviewed by the BBC, who only had 14p to her name? Needless to say, the great and good immediately began to wail about this heartless Tory government and promptly dipped into a crowdfunded appeal for the charmer.

Before you contribute, just read this:

The authoress of that angry piece is Kerry Louise Finn, the sister of Miss Rachel 14P. As you can see it puts a whole new perspective onto the story. Click this link and read the original Facebook post by Kerry Louise and you will see that she is not the only family member or friend who is outraged at the way that a woman who is both a dipso and a druggie is being pandered to by the liberal middle-class whilst they are left to shift for themselves.

Go to any council estate and the bulk of the people are pretty much the same as they have always been: decent, working-class souls who are just trying to live their lives without causing grief to anyone. Many of them have fallen victims to the economic changes that have occurred over the past few years. For instance, I had a neighbour, Colin, who worked all his life as a coach driver. Colin lost his job a few years back due to a reorganisation, and cannot find another one as he is not very literate. Expecting him to go online to apply for pretty much any job is out of the question and the days when he could wander along to a bus depot and speak to the inspector of buses are long gone.

So, there is a great deal of sympathy for the Colins of this world, but none whatsoever for the dipsos, druggies and losers who far too many middle-class types equate with the working-class as a whole.

The Tories seem to understand this, but sadly today's Labour Party doesn't. Until Labour gets it through its collective head that the drunken, druggie losers are a small minority who are detested by the rest of the population then it will fail to recover the votes of untold millions of working-class people.

Thus the forward march of Conservatism into what were once Labour heartlands will continue.
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