Thursday, 23 May 2019

Have You Voted for the Brexit Party Yet?

Have you voted yet? If you have half a mind to vote for anyone other than The Brexit Party, don't worry, that's all you need. If you don't believe me, just look what happened to 82-year-old, ex-soldier Don McNaughton who was telling for The Brexit Party outside a polling station in Aldershot:

Don reported that a poncy millennial type gave him the middle finger and then went away to return with a milkshake which he threw all over him. As far as I know, Don has refused to go home to get changed, instead, he is manning his polling station and letting everyone see just what the Federasts are like.

The Neo-Quislings are doing this because they are scared. Actually, they are more than scared, they are shitting their loads at the thought of the stuffing that they are going to get in these elections.

Your duty if you have not already voted is to go and cast your ballot against these tossers. Vote Brexit Party to put them firmly back in their boxes with the raucous, contemptuous cries of the British people ringing in their ears.

Vote Brexit Party Today

Today the British people have a duty to stand up for their democracy by voting for The Brexit Party. This is not about sending men and women to ride the Brussels' gravy train; quite simply it is about telling Westminster that we voted to leave the European Union in 2016 and we damn well expect them to carry out our wishes and get us out.

All we know is that The Brexit Party is ahead in the opinion polls, but we cannot be sure how far in front the party is. That is why it is vital that every man and woman who is entitled to vote drags themselves along to their polling station and votes.

The message has to go out that we are sick and tired of the delay. We no longer care who is responsible for that delay as we now hold the whole House of Commons collectively responsible for it.

Vote Brexit Party to tell them again that leave means leave!

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Tommy Robinson Looks Likely to Win a Seat in the Euro Elections

Political activist Tommy Robinson is standing as an independent candidate for the North West region in the Euro elections. I have to be honest and say that I didn't take his candidacy all that seriously until fairly recently when word reached me that there was a reasonable chance that he might be elected.

Digging a bit deeper you can start to see why. Just have a look at this very entertaining video and see the people who are demonstrating against him:

Have you ever seen such a bunch of freaks, weirdoes and general soap dodgers in your life? Such creatures only serve to discredit socialism by claiming that they are socialists. 

If Tommy Robinson is elected on Thursday you can be sure that his electorate were just as much negatively voting against the freakshow as they were voting positively for him.

Monday, 20 May 2019

The Guardian's Readers Show Their Real Hatred for Democracy and the British People

The screaming, hysterical attitude of the anti-democratic element is yet another reason why The Brexit Party will sweep the board on Thursday.

Lisa Nandy, the Labour MP for Wigan has a piece in the Guardian today where she makes the obvious points that to win a general election, Labour has to win back all those seats that abandoned the party in years gone by. Most of those seats are in Brexit supporting areas, so the party needs to rethink its pro-EU policies.

I thought that it was a decent piece, so I left a comment. Best click on the photo to enlarge it:

Within minutes of my comment going live, the hardline, bedwetting Federasts were out and screaming abuse:

Yes, I know, the Guardian's Mrs Grundy quickly moved in and deleted one of the comments, but not before I had grabbed the screenshot in anticipation of that happening. It is one thing for Guardian people to think like that, but such thoughts must only be expressed over dinner party tables in the swisher parts of the country, not announced far and wide where proles may read them.

Yet another good reason, I would have thought, for people to vote for The Brexit Party this coming Thursday. We are not only voting to save democracy against its enemies, but we are also standing firm against people who believe that their votes count for more than ours. We must put them back into their boxes: if we don't they will come after our right to vote next.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Bollocks to Britain say the Lib-Dems: Bollocks to Them Must be Britain's Reply

The Lib-Dem manifesto - and my Brexiteering reaction to it - shows that the possibility of compromise between Brexiteer and Federast has shrunk to next to nothing. Bollocks to Brexit is the title of the Lib-Dem manifesto, and my only objection to it is that it should have read Bollocks to Democracy, for that is what it means as the engaging reply to it shows below:

It is now no use complaining about the failure of the politicians to pass Theresa May's withdrawal agreement because that is history, now. We are where we are and a major political party has said bollocks to a majority of the people of this country who do not count as far as they are concerned when added up against the minority who are loyal to Brussels and not to Britain. 

Very well, we shall reply in kind to the country's internal enemies by outvoting them at every opportunity. We can start this coming Thursday by giving a lesson in electoral power to the Federasts and then we must go on next month to do it again in the Peterborough by-election.

Eventually, when they stare into the pit of electoral doom, the collection of sexually self-sufficient Quislings who infest both sides of the Commons will come to heel and vote the country out of the EU.

If they don't, then we, the British people, will vote them out of office and choose men who will.

We are the majority: now onward to final victory!

Saturday, 18 May 2019

A Large Crowd Gathered to Hear Nigel Farage at the Brexit Edinburgh Rally

The Nigel Farage roadshow swept into Edinburgh yesterday, and about 500 people turned out to cheer him on.

Outside the venue, a hundred or so members of Edinburgh's unwashed gathered to protest, but they were easily outnumbered by the McPlods who were out in force, with their truncheon fingers twitching in eager anticipation.

The police do seem to have engaged in a bit of overkill by asking the local McDonalds not to sell milkshakes since none of the unwashed was able to get into the all-ticket event. Had they done so the army of doormen who were on hand inside would have quickly sent them flying arse over tit out the doors into the eager hands of McPlod.

I should also point out that blocking one entrance to the hall and forcing people to walk all the way around the square to get in was not exactly helpful to the disabled, like me, to say nothing of the rather attractive women in high heels nor the elderly, but luckily a party figure was around to point out that when he had said to block the entrance it didn't actually apply to people who couldn't walk for whatever reason, so could the McPlods please use their common sense?

Once the police had remembered where their common sense was stored, the barrier was pushed to one side and yours truly was able to hobble in to await the start of the show.

The event then passed off without a hitch, with Nigel Farage throwing caution to the wind and making a play for SNP voters to come over to our side and lend The Brexit Party its vote to get the whole UK out of the clutches of Brussels.

It is intellectually incoherent to want independence from England only to see Scotland become a province of Brussels. Time was when the SNP knew that and campaigned against the European Union, but now, like Labour, it appeals only to the Federast element in society.

I must be honest and say that if I had been in his shoes I would have gone for the low-hanging fruit in the Conservative and Labour votes, but Farage decided to ignore them and placed The Brexit Party squarely on the SNP's front lawn with his appeal. We will know in a few days when the votes are counted if the strategy has worked.

Leaving the Corn Exchange I noticed that all the barriers had been removed, the police were in their vans drinking coffee and the unwashed had gone off, hopefully, to be introduced to soap and water.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Cucks Flop in Birmingham & Scotland

You would need a heart of stone not to laugh at this Cuck rally in Birmingham held on 14th of May with nine people booked to speak, a cameraman hired to record the event and just five people in the audience. 

Meanwhile, in Scotland David Macdonald who was top of the Cuck list has advised the very few people who had ever heard of him to vote for the Liberal-Democrats since the aptly nicknamed Cucks really are going to live up to that monicker and be treated with derision by the good people of Scotland.

Now you know why members of the Change-UK party, are called Cucks - it really suits them so well.
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