Friday, 23 June 2017

Today is the First Anniversary of Glorious Brexit

A year ago today we voted to free ourselves from the clutches of Brussels. We had been told by various scum sucking Federast types that if we voted for freedom we would be condemning Britain to another generation of right-wing Tory rule, a line that I look back on today with a head-shaking grin.

Had we lost the vote a year ago then David Cameron would still be Prime Minister and the Chancellor would still be Gideon George Osborne. Dave and Gids would still be following their policies of austerity and nothing would have changed in any way.

Instead we sent Dave off to spend more time with his millions and Gids was packed off from Downing Street to Fleet Street. We ended up with a government headed by a woman who is obviously unable to think on her feet, that promised us that it would be strong and stable, but instead is clearly weak and wobbly. Waiting in the wings is a Labour opposition that is newly invigorated and thirsting for another election to give the final kick to scummy Toryism and send them off into opposition, hopefully for another generation at least.

We did all that. We, the Brexiteers, we created the chaos that has left a government reeling from crisis to crisis, in office but not in power, and just waiting for another event to crop up that will send them spinning out of office.

Now is the time to push on against a feeble regime. Brexit is a done-deal - we are leaving the European Union in March 2019 with or without an agreement, and it is time to start talking about the type of country that we want, once we are no longer restricted by Brussels.

How many industries do we want to nationalise? How many industries do we want to recreate? If we are going to start producing finished goods in large quantities again then energy is going to be needed so are we going to reopen coal mines and rebuild coal fired power stations to provide both energy and jobs?

None of these questions would even have been asked had we not, a year ago today, ignored the arse-crawling Federasts who told us to vote to remain a province of the European Union.

Hey, if you want to relive the glory days, why not buy a copy of The Brexit Collection, from Amazon and all good bookshops? If you fancy a signed copy for your bookshelf then drop me a line. It's guaranteed to really, truly, deeply offend every Federast and Neo-Quisling who catches sight of it.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Reflections on the 2017 General Election

This Tory meme has left its creators with egg on their faces, with Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party looking more and more like a government in waiting, with Theresa May's Tories increasingly appearing as a party in office but not in power. How did we get into this ludicrous situation?

People do not like being asked to vote when it is not necessary, is the first answer to that question. Back in 1974 the Tories asked the people to decide who governs? The people, myself included, replied that it wasn't going to be a collection of clowns who asked daft questions like that and we threw them out. This month the Tories did something equally silly in calling an election that was not needed and then being surprised at the result. Put simply, we expect the government to govern so that we can get on with our lives, and Theresa May forgot that basic rule.

The other lesson of this election is that any party that tries to fuck with the baby boomers does so at its peril. The Tories tried to remove the pensions' triple lock and paid the price for that. They also came up with a reform of elderly care that led an awful lot of boomers to realise that the houses that they hoped to inherit would vanish in nursing home fees. That Dementia Tax as Labour quickly dubbed it was also a reason why many people chose not to vote Tory this time around.

We should remember that the Tory vote actually went up in this election and the just over 42 percent that they scored was a higher number than Cameron managed in both 2010 and 2015. The problem they had was that Labour's vote also rose to 40 percent, and that both main parties then took chunks out of the Liberal Democrats, UKIP and Scottish National Party's share of the seats. It looks like we are back to two-party politics in Great Britain, so 42 percent is not enough to form a government with an overall majority.

That said, if the governing party can pull itself together, then there is no reason why a reasonable government cannot emerge from this chaos that can then run the country for the next four or even five years. That is something that the bulk of the population would welcome.

To be honest, the thought of another election makes my blood run cold. The Democratic Unionist Party has thrown in its ten seats behind the Tories, and although that party is socially very conservative, when it comes to benefits, pensions and government spending it puts Labour to shame.

So long as the government concentrates on the big issue, which is Brexit, and ignores pretty much everything else, then I see no reason why this Tory government cannot survive for a full term.

All they need to do is remember that the baby boomers are not to be touched until enough of us have died off in about ten years to make that possible. Oh, and give the Ulstermen lots of money.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Vote Labour Today

I voted today at 1.30pm to try and ensure that the strong & stable bollocks that the Tories were coming out with was consigned to history. It's probably a forlorn hope, but just image the fun you will have when you go to work tomorrow and see the look on the face of the snot-gobbling management git with his National Front haircut and cheap suit who likes to give you old buck.

Labour is offering us goodies the like of which we could only dream about under previous leaders. A defence of the triple lock on pensions, nationalisation of several industries, an end to university fees are just three that come to mind.

More importantly even than the goodies is the knowledge that  Labour under Corbyn is a party that is committed to Brexit - and probably a hard one as well. Say what you like about old Jezza, his opposition to that capitalist front goes back decades.

Yeah, I know, it is asking a lot to expect normal people to vote for a party headed by a man who is a teetotal vegetarian who has fucked Dianne Abbott, but let's put that to one side and concentrate on the goodies that are on offer.

Turnout here in Edinburgh North & Leith was very high today as people trudged through the piss-pouring rain to cast their ballots. If we can do it then so can you:

Vote Labour!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Some Information for First-Time Tory Voters

His Satanic Majesty wishes to advise all first time Tory voters of the following changes to the schedule:

The free baby that you have been promised to eat will only be handed over after you have performed your abominable voting act. 

The pretty puppy dogs that you were due to get on voting day to drown will now be delivered the day after the vote.

The need to perform the osculum infame has been dropped for the 8th June 2017 only. Your cross on the paper next to a Tory candidate is proof enough of your willingness to move over to the dark side.

His Satanic Majesty feels sure that you will accept these minor changes.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Labour starts to climb in the polls as Tory landslide hopes fade

Any Tory reading this may very well wish to clench his arsehole before reading further to avoid embarrassing accidents:

The latest Ipsos-Mori poll out just today has the Tories on 45%, Labour on 40% and the Lib-Dems on a derisory seven. Now I know we all ignored the YouGov poll on Wednesday, 'cos one swallow does not make a girlfriend, but this is a trend that we are seeing here, folks, and we ignore them at our peril.

Women appear to be deserting the Tories in large numbers, and if the Tories lose that faithful constituency then they really are in trouble.

Finally, Mr Plod has decided the charge South Thanet Tory candidate Craig Mackinlay over his 2015 election expenses. Decided today, that is, with less than a week to go until polling day. 

All good fun!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Labour Is Doing Well, but the Tories Should Still Win

The latest Times/YouGov poll is out and should provide a good bowel-loosening moment or two for the Tories, but I don't believe it. My reading of the situation tells me that Mother May will be returned with a decent majority next week, a view that I have held since the campaign began and which has only strengthened as I watched it unfold.

 YouGov seems to believe everything that every 18-24 year old tells them about their intention to vote. Alas, I don't, and nor do I believe that the Brexit voting areas of Northern England and the Midlands will suddenly forget the insults that were hurled at them in the months after the Brexit referendum. If Brexit is your main aim in life then a vote for the Tories is the cast-iron way to pretty much guarantee that result.

Labour is doing well, there is no question about that. Hopefully, the Tory majority will be around the fifty seat mark, which is a bloody miracle when you consider the fact that some quite serious people thought that Labour was going to self destruct during this campaign.

You can understand their point of view, because let's face it, any party that elects a leader who is a teetotal vegetarian who once fucked Dianne Abbott is going to have an electoral mountain to climb that is even more massive than Diane Abbott herself. It is a sign of Labour's growing self-confidence that it can overcome those hurdles and present itself as the alternative party of government. The Liberal-Democrat and Greenie vote has been squeezed down and hopefully will be reduced some more by next week.

So, Labour has not only overcome its leader's image problems, it has also managed to demonstrate to all and sundry that it is the only national alternative to the Tories. At the end of the day, if anyone wants the Tories out, then voting Labour is the only way to achieve that aim.

I call that a pretty good result, even though it will not be enough to give Labour a victory this time around.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Latest Attack on Manchester

Manchester has been attacked again, and as in the past it must pick itself up and carry on. It is the toughest of all the northern cities and this is not the first time that her enemies have tried to weaken Britain by hitting Manchester.

On the 22nd December 1940, starting at 8.00pm and lasting until 6.00am the following day, the German airforce dropped almost 300 tons of bombs on the city and returned the next night to drop another 200 tons. Almost 700 people were killed, and the city was left devastated. The above photo was taken looking along Deansgate towards the cathedral. Last night's atrocity took place a couple of hundred yards beyond that cathedral.

The Cooperative Wholesale Society  had a film crew which made a short documentary of the attack, and which I reproduce above. Note that the city did no whinge or whine, it just got on with its collective life and worked for victory and revenge.

My mother was a conscripted munitions worker at the Avro factory which made Lancaster bombers. In 1945 those bombers paid a visit to Dresden and helped smash it to rubble, with the American bombers then visiting the ruins to bomb them into dust.

As I write, various nauseatingly trendy types are telling us to be tolerant and understanding and an army of parasitic social workers are descending on the city to hold Mancunian hands.

Nobody needed to hold the people's hands in 1940 because they were Mancunians and they know that Manchester is the greatest city in the world. All they needed then was the knowledge that our enemies would be crushed under foot, and that is all we need to hear today. An assurance from the government that our enemies will be battered into submission, no matter how long it takes. 

Over to you, Mrs May.
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