Sunday 31 December 2017

Faye Brookes of Coronation Street and Her Sex Tape

Actually, it has been around online for about six months, but it didn't get any publicity because it isn't all that good and Faye is not all that well known. Don't get me wrong, the girl can sort of deep throat but her cupping the balls and working the shaft technique needs a lot more work, as you will see if you click this link to watch the video.

Kim Marsh is another Coronation Street starlet who also made a sex tape that by an amazing coincidence also leaked at the same time as Faye's. That one got more publicity at the time 'cos Kim knows how to handle a cock far better than Faye, as you will see if you watch her video. Go on, you know you want to.

So why did the Faye Brooke's sex tape story suddenly emerge today? Probably because it is New Year's Eve and the press and blogosphere need an easy cut and paste story that will get lots of hits for a minimum of effort.

Saturday 23 December 2017

Britain Gets an Early Christmas Present With News of the New Passports

British people have been given an early Christmas present with the news that we are getting our passports back, starting in April 2019. From that month, until October of that year, the existing design will be used under the current contract, but without the words "European Union" which deface the top of the front cover. Passports already issued which have the wording on them will no longer be recognised as EU documents from 11.00pm, British time, on the 29th March 2019.

Then, in October 2019, the new passports, with a new design and navy blue cover will be issued by whichever company gets the contract for the next five years.

The old passport was blue, albeit of such a dark hue that it looked black. They were also larger than present passports and had a stiff cover. I always found them too big for my trouser pocket so had to wear a jacket to carry mine, which was a pain in the tropical heat of whichever part of Africa or Latin-America I happened to be in at that moment.

So I prefer the size of the existing passport and its soft cover, and I don't really care what colour it is. However, this is a symbol of our victory and every time some bedwetting Federast travels abroad he will look at his new passport and be reminded not only of his defeat but also of the fact that in the great scheme of things he does not count for shit.

So for that reason, the colour of the passport has to be navy blue! 

Needless to say, various scum-sucking types are now claiming that we will then have to queue up to get through passport control, having completely forgotten that most of us only travel to places like Schiphol and Charles de Gaulle to change aircraft. Thus we never leave the international section of the airport and do not go anywhere near passport control until we get to our final destination, thousands of miles beyond the EU.

They also forget that under the new system we can have a dedicated UK and Irish section at our airports to deal with our people when they return home. Thus we will not have to queue up with an army of Europeans and get home quickly. Our Commonwealth friends, plus the USA if we are feeling generous, can have their section and the people from Upper Volta, Germany, Guatemala and France can fuck off to the end of the hall to line up in the rest of the world bit.

All that, plus thousands of wanky little snowflakes melting every time they travel abroad. Seriously, people, what's not to like about any of this?

Monday 4 December 2017

Why we Have to Defend Damian Green

Far be it from me to ever defend any Tory, but since the Damian Green scandal involves attacks on him by people who are lower than any Tory since they come from both New Labour and the Metropolitan Police, I feel obliged to take up the cudgels on his behalf. 

Back in 2009, the New Labour regime was rocked by a series of leaks, so they turned the police loose on the recipient of those leaks, who was Damian Green. The leaks, which showed any number of irregularities in British immigration policy were especially embarrassing for Jaqueline Smith, the then Home Secretary who was widely regarded by many in political life as having a bra size larger than her IQ.

Rather than sacking Smith, Downing Street preferred to act in the best traditions of Latin-American banana republics and turned the state's boot-boys loose against the main opposition party. Needless to say, all Hell broke loose in Westminster.

Since nothing could be found to tie Green to any criminal acts, he was released, and that is when the matter becomes even more disturbing. The police who carried out the raid were ordered by their superiors, so we are told, to delete all the scans that had been taken of Green's computers, but they didn't do that. Instead, they kept them for almost a decade until such a time came up when they could be used to embarrass a government.

Again, what we have here are actions that have more in common with banana republics than they have with mature, developed democracies.

If we are talking about thumbnails then pretty much all computers have porn thumbnails on them. The engagingly cynical Rule 34 of the Internet states quite clearly that whatever exists on the web has a porn version as well. Since the web is porn driven, pretty much any search will bring up the porn version of those search terms. The computer will then save whatever thumbnail images come up and slot them into temporary folders, which will later be deleted automatically by that same computer.

However, and here is the key to the matter, as when a computer deletes something it does not remove it completely. What it does is tell itself that the space occupied by that material can be written over and unless it is actually written over the data can be recovered fairly easily

The plods involved in this fairly odious attempt at what seems to be a coup know this, but they rely on you not knowing it. That is why they talk about "thumbnails," rather than "images." They seem to want to muddy the waters and hope that you cannot tell the difference between the two or how they are obtained. Put simply, images are usually downloaded by someone deliberately, whereas thumbnails are often picked up by a computer of its own accord.

If the police can go after a cabinet minister then they can go after anyone and none of us is safe. If they can hold material that they were supposedly ordered to destroy then what material are they holding on the rest of us just on the off chance that they may decide to attack us one fine day just for jollies? 

We have to defend Damian Green because to throw him to the wolves means that the police have got away with doing in a senior member of the government. If they can do that to him then doing it to the rest of us is something that they will start to do as a matter of casual routine.

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Britain to Pay £50 Billion for the Right to Continue Buying From Germany!

The rumoured decision by the British government to bung at least £50 billion to the European Union for the right to buy goods mainly from Germany reminds me that a century ago the statesmen of Europe were getting ready to travel to Versailles to end the Great War. There, the German delegation was presented with a document and told to sign on the dotted line, as you can see them doing in the above photograph.

Germany was defeated, her navy had mutinied, her army was in a state of collapse and the country was almost ungovernable. She had no choice but to agree to the terms that were dictated to her at Versailles.

The last time I checked the German army had not had a victory parade down Whitehall in 2017 and even if they had I would expect the British people to ignore that and carry on fighting. Actually, we have not been defeated in war and should not sign up to pay reparations as if we had.

Forking out a few quid to a few fairly dubious types is one thing. It is how we expect them to behave and no right-thinking man could object to further greasing a few already greasy palms, but this amount of money is less about smoothing the path to future relations and more about taking the piss.

What is the worse that Germany and her client states can do if we tell them to do their worst? 

We have a massive trade deficit with the EU and can buy the goods that the Germans currently sell us elsewhere in the world. Germany, and it is mainly Germany that we are talking about, would lose a major customer with a detrimental hit on her own economy. So if they want a trade war they can have it and they will lose. 

I might add that in that event the British should play the other cards that we have in our hand. Why should we pretend that Russia is a threat to us just to stop the Poles, Hungarians and Czechs from wetting their beds? Especially if trade with Russia increases as it diminishes with the Germans, and it is mainly Germany that we trade with since the likes of Poland are only able to supply British capitalism with little more than cheap, non-union labour. 

The threat to withdraw from NATO should do wonders for bowel movements acrosss the EU and it is not a threat that the UK should fear using. As with trade, so it is with defence, and they need us more than we need them since we have the channel to protect us today as it has always done in the past.

The British government really must grow some backbone and stop pandering to Berlin and its stooges.

Thursday 9 November 2017

Tesco's Christmas Advert Annoys Headbangers

The headbangers appear to be in full retard mode as they scream about Tesco's 2017 Christmas advert. To my mind, it's just about getting people around their tables to munch tasty Tesco grub, but the headbangers are screaming all over the web that by having Muslims and Sikhs in the video, Tesco has somehow perverted the Christian nature of Christmas with this advert:

Do you think that somebody should tell these utter and complete head-the-balls that the relationship between the sky fairy and late-December is tangential, to say the least? Christmas is a boozy feast that starts about the 24th December and ends around the 1st January. Between those dates, anybody who is sober and not overeating is really not getting into the true meaning of the festivities.

I say about the 24th December because the works' parties will start in early December and just last week I went into a Tesco and saw one worker there with raindear antlers on his noggin, which has to be a record of some kind for the first week in November. The date when the festivities end is also flexible with Scotland having the 2nd January as a public holiday since no true Scotsman is capable of thinking straight until that day at the earliest.

Hardly anyone thinks about the supernatural at any time of the year, still less when they are three sheets to the wind in December. I doubt if most people really fix themselves on the Dawkins' Scale, or have even heard of it, but they are secularists to the core and December gives them an excuse to enjoy themselves, just as Easter is their chance to get away for a few days.

This is why the American habit of wishing people "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" has always struck me as a bit silly. Since Christmas has nothing to do with religion for most normal people, the traditional greeting is now a secular one that has no need to be changed.

If Muslims and Sikhs can be brought into the Bacernalian delights of Christmas then there is a good chance that they will become as post-religious as we are and that can only be a good thing for Britain and her future.

Wednesday 1 November 2017

The Catalan Crisis Has Become the Catalan Farce

The Catalonian independence crisis has turned into a farce with the leaders who planned the declaration of independence taking refuge in Belgium, of all places, less than a week after they proclaimed Catalonia's freedom.

Let's start from the beginning: pretty much all the countries that have ever declared their independence have done it unilaterally. Countries that haven't tend not have such declarations in their founding documents. Canada, for instance, has the British North America Act, 1867, passed by the parliament in Westminster along with subsequent British legislation. She did not need to proclaim her independence as it was granted by Britain, the colonial ruler.

Countries that issue a declaration of independence do it against the backdrop of a ruling power that can be expected to oppose that declaration. There then follows either a war of independence or at the very least, such a level of civil unrest that it is obvious to all concerned that this is a serious matter that needs to be addressed. The USA became independent as a result of a war and large chunks of the old USSR did it via the second method of popular insurrections on the streets.

Sometimes a country will win and other times it will lose. If the latter happens then a secessionist state has two options. It can do as the Confederate States of America did and accept the defeat with good grace, or it can copy the Irish strategy of trying again and gain down the generations until eventually, the colonial power decides that it has had enough.

What it cannot do is declare its independence and then refuse to defend that declaration. No state is bound to accept the independence of any other state that does not have the means or willingness to defend itself. In the case of a seceding state, nobody will recognise such a state if it shows no willingness to defend its declaration by force of arms.

Following on from the brutality shown to the Catalans by the Spanish authorities during the country's independence referendum, it was widely expected that following a declaration of independence the population would be busily engaged in building street barricades in Barcelona, filling bottles with petrol and tearing up street cobbles to throw at the incoming Spanish forces. Had Catalonia done that then it is highly likely that more than a few countries would have recognised her as an independent state.  Countries like Venezuela and Bolivia had already been talked about as early recognisers, but even Finnish politicians were discussing it as well, so the numbers could have been quite large.

That would have given hope to the Catalan population and encouraged the government, presumably by then living in hiding, to begin the creation of an underground army in preparation for taking the conflict to the next level.

Instead, the senior Catalan political figures, including the president, jumped into a fleet of cars and drove to the French border where they took a flight to Brussels. Meanwhile, the Catalan people seem to be blithely going about their business, as the Spanish authorities turn the screw tighter and tighter.

One of the problems that you have in all the Latin countries is a belief that the striking of postures and the making of noise equates in some way to the making of progress. So demonstrations are carried out at the drop of a hat because people genuinely believe that this achieves something. It doesn't, of course, and neither does the sounding of car horns in a traffic jam, but they still do it.

This attitude seems to have been at the core of the recent Catalonian Declaration of Independence, but it was coupled with one other factor which may have doomed the venture from the start.

If you look at the photographs of the people who were cheering the declaration they all seemed to be very well fed and dressed. They looked to me like the same types who demonstrate in Britain against Brexit. That is to say, arseholes with dentures and types like that don't intimidate anyone.

The people who do put the frighteners on governments are the denizens of the barrios, the tough neighbourhoods that we would call estates in English. The toughest of them are called barrios jodidos in Spanish and they are on a par with what is known in Portuguese as the favelas. It looks as if this whole business was carried out from start to finish by the middle class who wanted to strike a  radical pose. Those types who have now received a serious dose of heavy manners from los federales and have run away with their tails between their legs, as you expect the middle class to do when things get rough. Meanwhile, for reasons that are still unclear, the boys in the barrios are completely disengaged from everything that has happened.

The end result of all this is that Calalonia has become an international joke, and nobody in power in Madrid will even pretend to take the views of Catalans into account when decisions are being made.

Sunday 29 October 2017

Why the British Government Is Failing With Its Catalonia Policy

This famous cartoon from an August 1864 edition of Punch pretty much sums up how the British government should respond to the Catalan crisis. Punch and the then Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston pass Jefferson Davis on the street, and Punch asks Pam if he recognised Davis. Palmerston, ever the politician, replies that he doesn't, but may have to one day.

The joke with its play on words works very well because it has always been British government policy not to recognise secessionist entities until the day arrives when the entity shows that it can stand on its own two feet. At that point, it is recognised and ceases to be a secessionist entity and joins the family of sovereign states. The Confederate States of America was never quite able to reach that point, although it came very close, so Britain never recognised it. 

In the case of Catalonia, the jury is still out on whether the newly proclaimed sovereign state will be able to maintain its independence, but that does not explain the rather fatuous, almost cringing statement that was put out by a Downing Street spokesman:
The UK does not and will not recognise the Unilateral Declaration of Independence made by the Catalan regional parliament. It is based on a vote that was declared illegal by the Spanish courts. We continue to want to see the rule of law upheld, the Spanish Constitution respected, and Spanish unity preserved.
All that was needed was a holding statement from the British government calling for calm and stating that HMG had no plans to recognise Catalonia, but instead, we have been treated to this drivel. The government is going to look very silly indeed if Spain does no offer any goodies as a mark of her gratitude, which she won't and why should she? London has already given Madrid everything and asked for nothing in return.

Looking silly is something that Theresa May should be used to by now, but there are two issues at stake, here, which make the statement even more incomprehensible than it would otherwise have been.

The first is that the UK does not owe Spain any favours. The issue of Gibralter is still outstanding, with Spain sending naval vessels into the waters around the Rock as an irritation to Britain. If Spain is bogged down in an internal conflict then Gibraltar is safe for another generation at least and we are not going to see a repeat of the Falklands War in 1982 when Argentina, another international joke of a country, decided to distract attention from a looming internal crisis by creating a foreign one. 

Secondly, and far more important even than Gibralter, is the fact that as part of the Brexit negotiations, it is not in Britain's interests to have a confident, united, European Union on the other side of the negotiating table. On the other hand, it is in Britain's interests to have an EU that is divided against itself, with Britain siding with one faction or another on the basis of her self-interest in getting the EU to sign up to most of what London wants.

Looking at the Eastern Marches of the EU we can see countries like Poland and Bulgaria that are totally opposed to the influx of Muslim migrants. That attitude has brought them into conflict with Germany and that is a further issue that Britain can use to her own advantage. It is not a case of supporting Poland, merely that London should be more neutral in the dispute between the outer reaches of the Empire and its central heartland.

So it is with Spain and Catalonia. By doing nothing Britain could help ensure that the crisis continues to rumble. A continuing crisis is not good for Iberia, but it might just be good for the United Kingdom.

This is all something that Britain once understood, but doesn't seem to today. Ending this piece as I began it, with the Americans in the 1860s, the British blockade runner captains, had a toast that pretty much sums up how Britain has historically behaved in times like this:
Here's to the Southern planters who grow the cotton; to the Yankees that maintain the blockade and keep up the price of cotton; and to the Limeys who buy the cotton. So, three cheers for a long continuance of the war, and success to the blockade runners!
 Theresa May and today's government would do well to remember that.

Friday 27 October 2017

Catalonia Declares Independence: What Happens Next?

By all accounts, Barcelona and other Catalan cities are awash with the Estelada, the national flag of Catalonia, which declared herself independent of Spain today. Within an hour of that declaration being made the Spanish government announced plans to strip Catalonia of what autonomy she enjoys and send colonial administrators in to run the country at the behest of Madrid.

It is unlikely that we would have reached this crisis had the European Union not thrown its entire weight behind Spain. A more relaxed, neutral stance from Brussels might have given the Neo-Falangistas in Madrid pause for thought, but Brussels has in effect told Madrid to do as it pleases so Spain appears to be about to do just that.

One would have hoped that the British government could have adopted a more hands-off approach, but Theresa May has already pledged full support for Spain. Given that this is a European Union crisis that does not involve us, it might have been a better idea to offer no statement at all and then await events. As it is, London has given up a valuable piece in its own chess match with the EU for no return that is visible to this writer.

What happens next really depends on events on the ground in Iberia. If the Spanish do nothing then Catalonia will become independent by default. If the Spanish send their army into the country and Catalonia does not resist then the country will go back to being a region of Spain. The notion of rights does not enter into the equation: all that matters is the respective willingness of young men in Catalonia and Spain to be willing to die in the cause of one side or the other. 

Given that Spain has an army and Catalonia has to build one from scratch, the advantage is clearly with Madrid at the moment, but Catalonia does have two valuable cards to play.

The first is that one of the causes of the Spanish Civil War which broke out in 1936 was Catalonian independence, an independence that was crushed by the Spanish Republic's defeat in that war. Until 1975 the Catalonian language was suppressed, the country's Estelada flag was banned, and Catalonia was basically run as an occupied country. Post-1975 and no government was willing to make the surviving fascist rebels from 1936 pay their dues, so it is quite likely that one of the issues that motivate today's Catalonians is revenge for those past injustices. If that is the case, then Catalonia might just have a population that is willing to pay any price to achieve independence. 

Secondly, we need to ponder on the reaction of Latin-America to all this. There are rumours swirling around that Venezuela and Bolivia may recognise Catalan independence, so we need to keep an eye on developing attitudes in Caracas and La Paz. If countries do start to recognise Catalonia as an independent republic then that will encourage the country to resist Spain to the utmost of her ability.

Sadly, to reach the stage where countries with issues of their own with Spain give support to Catalonia, an awful lot of young Catalonian men will have to die first to show that the people are serious about this declaration of independence.

Thursday 5 October 2017

The Repression of Catalonia Makes Scotland Less Supportive of the European Union

The Spanish repression of Catalonia has given a boost to Brexiteers in Scotland since it is obvious that the EU has little or no interest in trying to prevent the Neo-Falangistas who currently hold power in Madrid from continuing to turn loose their goon squads. The end result of this is that supporters of Scottish independence are starting to see that the EU is actually a handicap to their aims, rather than a help. 

To be fair, it always seemed to me that Scottish support for the EU was skin deep and tactical, rather than being a deeply held ideological commitment to Brussels. The SNP used the EU during the IndyRef as an argument in favour of the notion that Scotland could leave the UK, but everything would remain the same, via the EU.

During the 2016 Brexit campaign, a lot of Scots were moved to support Brexit having seen what the EU had done to Greece, and more than a few SNP activists defied their party's leadership and campaigned for Leave. However, Catalonia is far more important to the Scottish mindset than Greece will ever be and the sympathy for that occupied country is palpable here in Scotland.

During the 2014 Scottish independence referendum campaign, Edinburgh was awash with Saltires, of course, but running a close second to the Saltire in terms of popularity was the Catalonian Estelada. On the weekend before the vote, central Edinburgh seemed to have more Esteladas than Saltires as thousands of Catalans came over to Scotland to see the country's referendum first hand and make plans for their own.

So close are the two peoples that in 2016 when the Madrid government decided to ban the Estelada from being waved by Catalan supporters of Barcelona football club, the supporters announced that they would carry Scottish Saltires instead. In the end, the Madrid Fascists decided to back down and the Catalan flag was allowed in the Madrid stadium, but the story is illustrative of the strong, warm feelings that exist between the peoples of the two small countries.

At the time of writing, we still do not know what the outcome of the crisis in Catalonia will be. However, we can be pretty sure that Scottish support for the European Union has taken a hit and the SNP is now pretty much unable to use the EU as a club that can be used to beat Westminster with.

That alone is good news for Brexit.

Wednesday 27 September 2017

What Labour Should Do to Help Ensure Brexit, and Win the Next General Election

As the Labour conference ends with a party seemingly more united and optimistic than it has been in many a long year, what should Labour do about the pressing issue of Brexit?

The question was, of course, rhetorical, and Labour should do nothing at all. In fact, it should keep its collective mouth shut and leave the government to continue making mistakes. Let the Tories take us out of the European Union, which is what most Labour voters want, and suffer as much internal damage in the process as possible, which is what Labour as a party should want.

Once we are free of the EU, Labour can then put forward some policy or other at the next general election that aims at closer links with the EU. The aim here would be to keep the Metropolitan, Guardian-reading, wankerati element happy and voting Labour.  Given that politically it is impossible for Labour to ever agree to free movement, the EU can be expected to reject those overtures. For its part, Labour can tell the wankerati that at least it tried and the failure can be placed at the door of Brussels.

Before doing that, of course, Labour will have tiptoed into office over the twitching corpse of the Tory Party, and with a bit of political luck, that corpse will not be able to crawl out of its coffin for many years to come. Labour could be in power for two or even three elections, which is time enough to wrench the political centre of gravity back to 1970s levels - especially if there is no real opposition.

Jeremy Corbyn seems to be following the say nothing much line, certainly if his leader's speech to the 2017 party conference was to be believed. He told the delegates that Labour wanted "unimpeded access to the single market" which is fine as that is also what the Tories want, so there is a broad consensus there.

 Earlier in the conference he had said: “I would also say that we need to look very carefully at the terms of our trade relationship, because at the moment we are a part of the single market and that has within it restrictions on state aid and state spending and pressures on it, through the European Union, to privatise rail and other services.”

In other words, there is plenty of Brexiteering wriggle room in Corbyn's statements and it is all a far cry from what the party's Federast element want which is full membership of the single market. The devil, as always is in those details.

So long as those details remain suitably vague, Labour can remain a Brexit party with a newish membership who are too thick to realise that they are being pulled by the short and curlies towards the exit. By the time that parasitic shower of local government placeholders who now infest the local Labour branches wake up to that fact we should be out of the EU. Then, as I said earlier,  Labour can toss them a bone or two with a pledge to try and improve relations with Brussels, and by the time they discover that Brussels is not interested it will be too late to do anything about it.

The polyocracy will feel like something that a dog has spewed up, but with any luck, by then Labour should have recreated its links to the workers who produce wealth by their labours and the buffoons with their crappy little poly degrees and puerile desire for status can be safely ignored.

Sunday 10 September 2017

Guest Posting: The Federast Assault on the Last Night of the Proms

 Tim Collard was one of our men in Peking for many years before becoming HM Consul-General in Hamburg until his retirement. He is fluent in both German and Mandarin and now forms a part of the Oxford Union in exile which meets up every Wednesday evening in an Edinburgh swill shop to discuss matters of great weight and drink beer.

I have tried, quite sincerely, to keep my participation in Brexit debates civil and non-inflammatory. As regards yesterday's march, such demonstrations are every bit as legitimate as Labour Party rallies after our recent election defeat.

But I do regard the anti-Brexit manifestations at the Last Night of the Proms as fair game. Wave your frigging twelve-star flags somewhere else. (Why doesn't someone start a fashion for cutting out one of the stars as a symbol of Brexit? If I get my hands on an EU flag I certainly will.) 

And some of the crap they talk! From the BBC: "A spokesman for EU Flags Proms Team told The Telegraph: 'During the Age of Enlightenment, Mozart, Handel and Bach all lived and worked for part of their lives in London. Presumably, under the Brexit dark ages, they would not be welcome.'"

Strangely enough, the Treaty of Rome was not in force during the eighteenth century. And that Enlightenment century began with the War of the Spanish Succession, proceeded via the Wars of Jenkins' Ear and the Austrian Succession to the Seven Years' War, throughout much of which, especially the last, Britain sat back rubbing its hands while grabbing colonies left, right and centre. The century ended with the French Revolutionary Wars and the emergence of Napoleon. Meanwhile, Bach, Handel and Mozart were able to sit happily in London doing their thang with no interference from either British immigration or Greater Luxembourg. Sure, they tended not to provoke the natives by whingeing about the right of free movement - they just exercised it.

Out of respect for my many friends who disagree rationally with me on Brexit, I try to refrain from using words like "Remoaners", but it's a bit of a tough call sometimes.

For the record, the Guardian is now having the vapours over the whole idea of the Promenade Concerts, especially the last night. Also for the record, Tim should know that we do not call these scumsuckers "Remoaners," we call them "Federasts."

Saturday 9 September 2017

The Federast March in London Greeted With Indifference

The Federasts had a march in London today and as you can see from this placard, they wanted us to know how diverse they all are.

Except there is nothing diverse about these sexually self-sufficient wallys. What happened today was that a few well-fed, well-clothed, well-paid, White Middle-Class North Londoners went for a stroll. 

There were no counter demonstrations organised, the police were not put on full, thuggish alert as they were during the Poll Tax riots or the miners' strike.

There was no need for any of that as these tossers pose no threat to anyone. On Monday Jeremy will go back to his non-job and Jemima will take the little scrotes to their nurseries before popping off to have lunch with her chums.

As even the Guardian had to admit, this shower was "a largely white, often self-admittedly middle class one" and as such it can be ignored by the bulk of the British people.

Which is as it should be.

Thursday 31 August 2017

How Britain Disgraced Herself When Princess Diana Died

Mexico is six hours behind the UK and pretty much exactly twenty years ago to this very minute I was sitting at a table outside a Veracruz coffee shop drinking cafe con leche and preparing to drive the 300 miles home to Mexico City. My wife bought a copy of el Dictamen, the local newspaper from one of the urchins who hawk in on the street, and the only child I had at the time was three years old and tucking into a plate of chips which he had liberally sprinkled with sugar. I suspect the wife bought the paper to avoid having to watch him munch sugared chips. 

I remember that I had just lit a cigarette when the wife told me that Princess Diana was dead. I grabbed the paper and there was the news agency report, from AP if memory serves me right, reprinted seemingly verbatim in the paper on one of the inside pages. It was an important story, but not so important that el Dictamen felt the need to rejig the front page. Much easier, you can almost hear the editor thinking, to drop something from the foreign news section and then slot the Diana story in to save everyone a lot of trouble.

We drove home and the following day I switched on the TV and tuned into what is today called BBC World, but which back then was the far better sounding BBC World Service Television. Why did I not drive like a bat out of Hell to get home quickly to get the latest updates? For the simple reason that I did not regard it as a very important story. Diana was the ex-wife of the Prince of Wales and had no constitutional role to play in British affairs. Her death was sad for her family, but no concern of the people at large, at least that was my view.

How wrong I was! Over the next few days, I was stunned to see on my TV screen the way in which the people of Britain seemed to be turning the death of that not very bright youngish woman into a Mexican-style soap opera, complete with emoting and lots of wailing.

It must have been worse for the people in London as a friend who lives in Putney reported that the heavy, pungent odour of millions of flowers hung over the city as people seemed to be competing with one another to show how much they cared about a woman that they had never met and never would have done even had she lived.

In those days the British embassy had a club for British and Commonwealth people and the next time I was in there the conversation was dominated by the way in which British people were letting the side down by behaving like a bunch of hysterical natives. 

I do not recall many people from the British diaspora in Mexico going along to the embassy to sign the book of condolences that someone decided had better be put out eventually. Three years later when HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother died we all dutifully trooped along to put our signatures down in the book and then went to a bar to raise a loyal toast to her memory, but Diana? I am sorry, but who cared, really?

It is hard to say why the nation decided to go in for such an embarrassing display of national breast-beating, but it did and as someone remarked to me that is what mob-hysteria looks like and it isn't a pretty sight.

Let us hope that we never see it again.

Wednesday 9 August 2017

EU Free Movement for the British Is a Federast Fantasy

The EU referendum was well over a year ago and still the defeated Federasts trot out the same pathetic whines as they did the day after their defeat. Time for the gloating Brexiteers to give the same answers as we always have, so let's start with one of the biggest and most entertaining whines, which is the one that says that by voting to leave the EU the Brexiteers have somehow deprived the poor ickle snowflakes of their chance to work abroad.

Speaking as someone who is now over sixty and who has managed to spend more than a third of those sixty-odd years abroad, I can say quite clearly that the EU does not help British people to move in any way shape or form. Quite the reverse, in fact, since most of the countries that make it up are either very poor or have a rentier system that prevents British people from taking advantage of the mythical freedom of movement.

It is unlikely that any British person would want to chance his arm in Poland, as the economy can't provide jobs for its own people, hence the numbers of Poles who have blessed Great Britain with their presence over the past couple of decades. Besides, the rentier nature of the economy means that what jobs there are available are handed out on the basis of knowing someone with the political or economic clout needed to slot a candidate into a cushy number.

Even in Germany, a country that cannot be called rentier, regulations ensure that the tasty jobs go to German nationals. For instance, a friend of mine is married to a Chinese woman who practised traditional medicine in China, having graduated in that from a Chinese university.  When that couple lived in Germany, the wife was not allowed to practice her craft because German laws have it that she had to obtain a degree in it from a German university. Here in Britain, by way of contrast, all she had to do was rent a shop and then open it for business.

This is why British people tend to avoid the EU countries, apart from Spain where the elderly go to die and look to the rest of the world, 'cos that's where the tasty numbers are to be found.

A good drinking mate of mine was deputy director of maintenance at Veracruz port. He had left school at the age of 15 to join the Royal Navy back in the 1950s. The skills he acquired stood him in good stead when he left the navy as he ended up working in West Africa and the Arabian Gulf, before fetching up in Mexico.

Obviously, the port's director was a Mexican and equally obviously he was a political appointee who knew little about the work and cared even less, but  my mate was on hand to ensure that the port ran smoothly in return for a whacking great reward that included two first class flights back to the UK every year.

If you are like me and find changing the oil in your car's engine difficult enough then a decent degree from a decent, Russell Group university should see you right. Often you will find that wealthy third worlders quite like having British people on their staff, not to do very much work - perish the thought - but so that they can boast to their cronies that they have an Oxford man or Edinburgh woman at their beck and call. Not that there is much becking or calling since you are there for prestige reasons, but I am sure that you get my drift.

Now then, given that none of this is exactly new information, why are the Federasts using Britain's withdrawal from the EU as an excuse to whinge about how it will mean that they cannot get an easy life abroad?

The answer could very well turn out to be that your average whining Federast is really nothing more than some bovine loser with a pathetic little poly degree and a puerile desire for status who really believes that one day he will leave his local-government non-job behind and wangle himself a top of the range number in the EU. As if even a third world place like Romania would take such people seriously...

In other words, they are like the bloke who plays for a Sunday League team and who tells everyone that one day he is going to turn out for Manchester United. Just as people smile at the Sunday player in the pub, so we should smile at the Federast who believes that any other country anywhere in the world is going to treat him with anything other than derision.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

Why The Brexiteers Should Love Gina Miller

I have a confession to make - I quite like Gina Miller! I know that she is the South-American trophy wife of a multi-millionaire, but she has done more for the Brexit cause than most and when the histories of these times are finally written, Gina, Bob, Eddie and the Guardian's bedwetting finest below the line commentators will all receive their due rewards as the facilitators of Brexit.

In the case of the still just about beddable Gina, I like to think that soon after we finally leave the European Union, Nigel Farage will call a press conference in the garden of his favourite pub. There he will sit, with a pint at his elbow, a tab in his right hand, and Gina Miller sat on his left knee. He will hold her steady with his arm around her waist as he bounces her up and down to make her go all giggly, and then she will confess that actually she was working for us all along.

Think about it, her supposed aim was to subvert the democratic referendum result via tame judges and a subservient Parliament.  However, do you really think that the British people would have sat idly by and allowed that to happen? On the surface, Gina Miller is everything that the average Brexieer hates, so she just had to be a double agent, put forward to subvert the Federast cause.

The sheer anger that this woman created in British hearts ensured that Parliament did not do as she supposedly wished, which is why we are now heading for the exit at full throttle. Just consider what might have happened had a more credible, user-friendly Federast come forward to fight that case, instead of Gina Miller. The coup might very well have succeeded.

Before the vote we were helped immeasurably by Eddie Izzard and Bob Geldof, to name but two. Izzard likes to present himself as the metrosexual voice of the new generation, but to most British people he is just a weird bloke who wears women's clothes. As for Geldof, he is the millionaire scruff who could afford to hire a floating gin palace to mock hard-working British fishermen who want the waters around our country back under national control.

Surely those two had to be working for Brexit all along? I mean, who could believe that ordinary people would not be anything other than revolted by their personalities and their antics?

Finally, we have the hysteria that only the Guardian's diminishing gang of below the line commentators can produce. Let me give you just one example from October 2016 when the Guardian's finest decided to launch a hatefest against the City of Sunderland. The gist of it was that Mackems are thick, wickedly waycist and deserve to be unemployed forever.


In the unlikely event that the Federasts did manage to wangle another referendum, do they really think that we will not turn it into a vote about them, by reporting all their comments over the months since June 2016? They give the impression that they don't realise just how much contempt we have for them and how great is our determination to ensure that we will see Brexit through. We will not allow the Metropolitan wankerati to win the final victory, no matter what the cost.

So, are all those people secret agents for Brexit? It is incredible to think that thousands of Guardian commentators could be mobilised to pretend that they are all bovine members of the polyocracy who are afraid that once we get rid of the Brussels' bureaucracy their local government non-jobs may be next to come under our baleful gaze.

The problem is that if Gina, Bob, Eddie and the Guardianistas really are genuine, card-carrying Federasts then they are so utterly thick that they honestly do not realise just how much their antics help the cause that they want to destroy.

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Scab Labour Is the Issue, Not Immigration

Let's be honest, the left argument against the EU is not an anti-immigration one. Rather, it's about the wholesale importation of scab labour by management to cut British wages and put us in our place, both economically and socially. That is a fact that Jeremy Corbyn made clear when he said that people will still move around after we leave the European Union. However, he then went on to say: "What there wouldn't be is the wholesale importation of underpaid workers from central Europe in order to destroy conditions, particularly in the construction industry.

Corbyn could not have made it clearer than he did with those words that Labour is once again the party that exists to keep the wages up and the management down. The Blairite interregnum is well and truly over, and by and large we have in Labour a party that at least tries to speak for us for the first time in almost a generation.

The owners of capital have always tried to keep the wages down as a matter of course, so historically they were quite happy to pay immigrants at a lower rate than native workers. However, in the past we also had strong unions and a Labour Party that answered to them, so post-war migrant workers could be signed up to union membership and a Labour government then prodded into bringing in the first Race Relations Act which made such practices illegal. Today, encouraged by the EU, we live in a world of hire and fire where management can arrange with an Eastern European gangmaster to bring an army of genuine scab labourers to Britain to keep the wages down.

I can describe them as genuine scab labourers because they come from countries which had the type of economic system that we want for ourselves. One that guaranteed full employment, a functioning health service that was free at the point of use, and two weeks holiday every year at a Black Sea resort. Most important of all was the fact that management were little more than errand boys, with the major economic decisions being taken by the government and the unions.

Sadly, because socialism was introduced courtesy of the Soviet army, it was seen as something imposed on those countries from outside, so we can fully understand why the peoples of Eastern Europe wanted the Soviet Union out of their countries. However, throwing out the socialist baby with the Soviet bathwater has never made any sense to me, nor I suspect would it to any of the British workers who now spend a lifetime doing a crap job for a crap wage for a crap employer.

It is not just about wages because the scab influx has allowed management to pick and choose workers, instead of taking what they can get and liking it. That is doubly important the further down the line you go until you reach the fairly loathsome ranks of the lower middle class, where the attitude of petty management has gone from one of minding their manners, knowing their place and keeping their mouths shut around working people, to one of insufferable insolence.

Many years ago as a young man back in the days when Ted Heath was Prime Minister I was employed as a cinema projectionist. As jobs go it was reasonably skilled, strongly unionised and came with the added bonus that not many men in those days of full employment wanted to work such unsociable hours in a tightly sealed box where temperatures reached oven levels at the end of the day.

Cinema management tended to be not very bright grammar school types with a clutch of not very good O-Levels and a seething resentment toward us. I remember one in particular who liked to talk loudly about the difference between management and workers, but funnily enough types like him were always very quiet if we had done some overtime and had a bulging wage packet that they had to put into our hot little hands. When that happened you could just sense the resentment in their little suburban minds, and oh how we mocked them to their faces. They sucked it up because they had no choice.

We had the skills, you see, and we kept the cinemas going. Managers were interchangeable suits, but the projectionists were the indispensable men without whom the cinemas did not open.

I do not know how cinemas run today, but I would bet that management can call the shots because that is the way it is with most skilled groups of workers. The EU allows management to bring in as many skilled workers as they please and the hit to wages amongst skilled workers is as high as it is amongst the unskilled. Perhaps for the first time ever, the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled really are all in it together, which is why so many of us voted for Brexit.

So, when the Guardian reading bed-wetters accuse us of being anti immigration they have got it wrong. Our objection is not to immigrants, but to the free movement of labour. We object to the two-legged cockroaches known as management having too many options because we know that the more options they have the worse life is for us.

Friday 21 July 2017

The Guardian's Diminishing Readership Still Loses the Plot

What follows is so funny that you might want to put your tea down before reading on...

The comment was simple, concise and to the point, and only an idiot could misread it. Luckily for the Brexit cause, the average Federast is just such an idiot as the replies to the comment will demonstrate:

You see? The Guardian's below the line bovine Federast commentators cannot even read a simple couple of sentences. They mistook the referendum vote for the much more overwhelming parliamentary one, and then responded to what they thought they had read instead of what was actually on the screen in front of them.

In vain did the original commentator try to correct their error, because they ignored his reply and carried on making tits of themselves:

They were still at it the last time I checked. Still voting up idiotic comments in reply to a post that only exists in their pathetic minds.

It may be that the average Federast has imaginary friends who live inside his head and talk to him. It could be that those voices said that something else was written in the original comment and they listened to the voices, instead of reading what was actually right there on the fucking screen in front of their noses.

A more likely explanation is that they do not have much in the way of reading comprehension. It may be that your average Federast really is a sad little fuckwit with a pathetic little poly degree and a local government non-job.

Either way, as we push forward towards the final Brexit, we can take comfort from the fact that our enemies really are so unutterably stupid that whatever they try will only end in failure for them and hilarity for us.

Update: The Guardian's Mrs Grundy has stepped in to delete the thread and save her ickle snowflakes from our mockery. Alas, it was all too late 'cos I had already grabbed the screenshots!

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Guardian Censors Debate About the EU Demand for a Bribe From Britain

The Guardian has a gloating report yesterday about the £60-odd billion or so bung that the EU wishes to extort from the UK as the price for waving them a less than fond farewell. The following comment lasted less than thirty minutes before the Guardian's Mrs Grundy deleted it. Clearly the paper doesn't want obvious parallels being drawn with other payments made by other states:

The point is that in 1919 Germany had to pay an eye-watering sum for the simple reason that she had lost the Great War. The terms were presented by the victors, who had kept alive their blockade of the German ports to ensure that hunger back home concentrated the minds of the German delegation wonderfully.

We have not lost a war and have no legal contractual obligations to the EU after the end of March 2019. Funnily enough that is the centenary anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles, which is the treaty that the Guardian does not want people to refer back to.

The Guardian's writ does not run at this here blog, so we can draw obvious conclusion that Brussels sees itself as the victor and can present any terms it wishes to the defeated British. This is a very foolish attitude to take as all it will achieve is to harden the British national trait of bloody-mindedness and lead us to tell Merkel and her gang not to try and dictate to us until after their armies have finished having their victory parade down Whitehall - and even then we are unlikely to listen.

Uncle Ken's view is that we should pay something in the interests of peace, quiet and getting the fuck out quickly. That something should be presented to the European Union as a bung that we are paying in the same way and for the same reasons that we pay similar bungs to other dodgy types in Latin-America and Eastern Europe. It is all about helping "beezness," so after the amount of the bung has been agreed, there is only one question that we need to ask:

Do they want their bung paid into in Swiss or Panamanian bank accounts, or do they prefer suitcases stuffed full of used fivers?

Tuesday 18 July 2017

The EU Has Poisoned British Politics for Too Long

British involvement in the European Union has now poisoned politics in this country for almost half a century and looks set to do so for many years to come. As I write, it is being reported that David Davis has claimed that Boris Johnson is a "failure" and "toxic to his own sister." Friends of Davis are saying that Philip May wants his wife to resign as Prime Minister, and allies of both Boris and Davis have threatened to kick each other in the balls on more than one occasion. Meanwhile, Philip Hammond is going around saying that he cannot remember claiming that public sector workers were overpaid, but an awful lot of his colleagues can.

Part of me is thoroughly enjoying the sight of the Tories fighting like rats in a sack over which one of them should replace Theresa May, even though they risk weakening Britain's negotiation position with Brussels. However, I then remember that Europe almost destroyed Labour in the 1970s and 80s, that Europe more than anything else led to the party splitting almost down the middle with the SDP schism helping to ensure that Labour stayed out of office from 1979 to 1997.

Europe poisons politics because it cannot be contained within the existing party system. There are just too many Federasts in both Tory and Labour ranks who are loyal to Brussels and not to Britain.

Labour Brexiteers have three glimmers of hope that put together should see us through to the other side when the European Union will be just a memory.

The first is the bloody-minded nature of the British people who have shown throughout history that they will see things through, no matter what the cost. It was that bloody-mindedness at Trafalgar that led the Royal Navy to send two columns of ships straight at the Franco-Spanish line with hardly any wind in their sails until eventually they broke that line and destroyed the enemy fleet. A decade later, at Waterloo, that same bloody-mindedness led a British army at Waterloo to stand with rock-like solidity on a hill and fire volley after volley of musket fire at Napoleon's advancing Old Guard until they broke and fled the field.  The Old Guard had never been defeated before. Many people believed that it was invincible, and it was until it ran up against the British infantry with their Brown Bess muskets and solid determination not to yield the field.

Say what you like about the British, we may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but we certainly make up for it with an almost wilful determination to see things through.

The second glimmer comes from today's Labour leadership, which is clearly determined to follow through with Brexit. Just recently, John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor said that he hoped that Britain can negotiate access to EU markets after Brexit. In other words, we are leaving the single market, just as Labour pledged in its election manifesto, but his words meant that Labour wants to negotiate an access deal that will cover post-Brexit trade, that's all.

That statement looks like a compromise to me or at least a bone that has been thrown to the frightened Federast dogs that Labour has in its parliamentary ranks. Given that only fifty Labour Federasts voted for a pro-Brussels amendment to the recent Queen's Speech, that bone may be enough to keep the bulk of the Parliamentary Labour Party supporting the leader.

Finally, Jeremy Corbyn has a secret weapon at his disposal in Tony Blair, of all people. Every time Blair opens his mouth to speak on behalf of Brussels he cannot resist trying to stick the boot into Corbyn as well. Corbyn can rally support for his soft-Brexit policies just by reminding people of the forces of darkness that sit in the wings and who want to stop not just Brexit, but all of Labour's social policies as well.

It may be true that many Labour voters also voted Remain in June 2016, but Labour is able to offer many of them social policies such as free university tuition in England and Wales that other parties reject. It is quite likely that those voters will put those other Labour policies first and shrug their shoulders at Brexit - certainly, that is what seems to have happened in the June 2017 General Election when Labour's manifesto made it quite clear that the party supports Brexit.

As far as Brexit is concerned, both major parties are now determined to follow this thing through and bind the suppurating wound to our body politic that our membership of the EU has created.

The question the country must ask is quite simple can the Tories put aside their civil war until around April 2019?

Wednesday 28 June 2017

The Edinburgh Brexit Crew Reunited for the First Anniversary of our Great Victory

A good night was had by all last Friday as the group that helped win the Brexit victory met up for the first time since last year to celebrate that magnificent day. This is me, the semi-crippled old fat bastard on the left, sat with Tom, the former group organiser.

Here's the lovely Morven, sat next to her husband, Stefan. At the back the bloke with the beard is Oluf, and Otto stands to the front and on the right. I can't remember the names of the two fellas stood between Otto and Oluf, but they were nice blokes for all that and I hope they forgive me.

Here's Alan Melville, in the American football shirt. Alan is probably the last remaining Kipper in Edinburgh, but he's a great bloke for all that.

Finally, just today I bumped into Ian McGill, the owner of the Harmony Employment Agency at 142a Ferry Road, Edinburgh. As soon as he saw my Labour T-shirt he grabbed his Tory jacket and we had a photo taken. Ian is a good man, a committed Brexiteer, and unusually for a Tory, he has some human DNA in his body. Maybe it's the Scottish air, who knows, but Scottish Tories do seem rather more civilised than their feral counterparts in England.

T'was a great victory and we all have stories to tell our grandchildren: and mighty bored they will be!
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