Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Why Tonight's Debate Could Backfire Against Boris.

I am very dubious about the Boris versus Jezza head to head debate that will take place tonight. There is a good reason why sitting Prime Ministers do not take part in these stunts and someone should have had a quiet word with Boris and told him that this was not one of his better ideas.

The Tories are ahead of Labour by at least ten points so what does Boris hope to gain from this event? It is unlikely that his margin will increase but the danger is there that Jezza may score enough hits to increase his level of support.

Boris is the better speaker of the two, but as those of us who remember him from the Oxford Union will testify, he is also bone-idle and relies on his wit to carry the day and get him out of the trouble that his lack of knowledge of a subject has caused him.

It must also be said that Jezza has one advantage over Boris in that he actually believes what he says. Boris, on the other hand, comes over as the cove who says whatever he has to in the hope of getting the votes.

Even if Boris does not implode - and I do not think that he will - then the possibility that the debate will lead to an increase in support for Jezza is still high. Consider the possibility that the Leader of the Opposition will leave the audience realising that the Liberal-Democrats are going nowhere and thus persuade a big chunk of their 14% in the polls to switch to Labour. If that happens then Boris' ten-point lead could be halved pretty quickly and that puts us back into hung parliament territory once again.

Finally, and most serious of all, could a Boris victory in the debate leave Brexiteers feeling that he has it in the bag? If enough start to think that then Nigel Farage's five per cent in the polls could turn out to be on the low side. We need to remember that votes for The Brexit Party come overwhelmingly from the Tories, not Labour. 

All in all, tonight's performance is a bad idea for the Brexiteers, and we all will pray mightily that not too much damage is done by it.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Nigel Farage Gifts the Tories Another 42 Seats

It is impossible not to admire Nigel Farage. I felt that way when I met the man about six years ago and I still retain all my admiration for his work over the past two decades to free the UK from the tentacles of the EU. I just wish that he was more astute as a strategist, that's all. As a campaigner he is great, but he does seem to have forgotten of late that Brexit is not about any single man it really is about leaving the EU.

His unilateral decision to stand down his candidates in 317 Tory seats will certainly help Boris, but almost as important was the failure to find candidates - or have them resign rather than split the Brexit vote - in 42 more. Most of them are in Scotland where The Brexit Party has collapsed to all intents and purposes as I reported recently, but there are a few others in ultra marginals that the Tories need to win if they are to stay in office. 

Farage has gifted those seats to Boris, albeit as a result of The Brexit Party's incompetence, rather than by any design on Nigel Farage's part. Still, Boris needs good luck as well as good management, and Lady Luck has just smiled on him 42 times.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Brexit Party Will Not Contest Edinburgh West

Following on from yesterday's posting, now that nominations for the elections have now closed, The Brexit Party will not stand a candidate in Edinburgh West. Michael Boyd was due to be the sacrificial lamb to Nigel Farage's ego but following representations from any number of people, including me, he decided to stand down. His replacement happens to be a friend of mine and as soon as I told him what the situation was in this constituency he decided not to bother as well.

Sadly, The Brexit Party has managed to find two people who will stand in this city, one in Edinburgh North & Leith and the other in Edinburgh South-West. Neither has any hope of saving his deposit and neither will get any support from a party that has basically collapsed as an electoral force.

Both were chosen at the panic-stricken meeting that was called at the Marriott Hotel on Tuesday when pretty much anyone who had 500 quid in his pocket to pay his election deposit was allowed to stand.

Across the whole of Great Britain, the press is reporting that the clownish buffoonery that we have seen in Scotland is being repeated, with candidates standing down and being replaced by anyone who is willing to put his name forward and stump up the deposit. God knows who these people are, but I expect that more than a few will come into the category of headbangers and the press should have a field day reporting on their weird and wonderful views.

All good fun, but I just wish that Farage had taken his victory and left the field wide open for Boris to get a thumping majority.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Exclusive: The Brexit Party Has Collapsed in Scotland

The Brexit Party appears to be falling apart in Scotland, which is good news for those of us who have decided that Boris' way is pretty much the only way to get Brexit done.

Nigel Farage pulled all his senior people out of Scotland a week ago, including the National Organiser. Louis Stedman-Bryce, the party's sole MEP in Scotland was then appointed as the new National Organiser, but given no support or help whatsoever. He was due to stand as the candidate in Glasgow North but resigned using Farage's decision to pull over 300 candidates from the line as his excuse. Actually, I suspect he realised that he would be left carrying the can for the looming catastrophe and decided to get our sharpish.

Edinburgh West had a candidate named Michael Boyd, a man I wrote to yesterday to urge him not to stay with the Brexit Party's sinking ship. Just today, I got an email from an old friend telling me that he had been asked to stand in this division, so it looks as if Michael Boyd took my advice.

I answered my old friend's email and pleaded with him not to take this poisoned chalice, and I am pleased to report that he will not now be standing for The Brexit Party.

This afternoon, a meeting was called at the Marriot Hotel in Edinburgh's Old Town and pretty much all the attendees were begged to stand in next month's elections, so it looks as if Boyd and Stedman-Bryce are not the only people who have called it a day. By the way, that meeting was only called yesterday, which suggests to me that bowels are liquifying nicely in what is left of the senior reaches of The Brexit Party.

Finally, people are getting text messages begging them to stay at home tomorrow to receive visitors who will ask them to sign candidates' nomination forms. Given that these forms have to be in by 4.00 pm on the dot, and that ten signatures are needed for each one, I think this is a bit of a forlorn hope but never mind. As I understand it one woman who was asked to waste a day indoors told the caller that she was going to the hairdresser's and would be out of touch all day.

What is going on? Basically, Farage is brilliant as the leader of a pressure group and appalling as a party political leader. He only trusts his close friends and anyone who is not a mate of Nigel is kept out of the inner-sanctum. 

The sensible thing for Farage to do would be to pull all his candidates and give Boris a clear run to the Brexit prize, but his ego will not allow him to do that. He must know that candidates that have been chosen the day before nominations close have no chance of even saving their deposits - deposits that they have to find themselves, by the way - but he needs 300 of them to ensure that he gets a free television party election address. Besides that, he has announced that he will have 300 candidates, and his ego means that wants that number.

I do not know what is happening in the rest of the country but in Scotland, The Brexit Party is pretty much finished as a serious political force. 

The field is now wide open for Boris and his gang!

Monday, 30 September 2019

A Caserolazo Is One Way to Resist a Very British Junta

As the various quislings who seem to make up the bulk of the opposition in the House of Commons talk about their plans for a so-called Government of National Unity, it might be a good idea to use original Spanish terms for what is rapidly becoming a very Hispanic type of politics. While we are at it, we can also look at some effective means of popular resistance.

First of all, we will not legitimise this constitutional coup by adopting the name given to it by its members and supporters. For us it is a junta; a gang of treasonous buffoons who may lack the comic opera uniforms found in the Hispanic world but who are just as unconstitutional.

There is talk of John Bercow being installed as jefe de la junta, but I find that idea as risible as Bercow. Most coup leaders end up as figures of fun, but they never start out that way and that is Bercow's lot, I'm afraid. At 5' 5" tall the most he could do is threaten to headbutt someone on his kneecap, but I doubt if he could even manage that threat and make it credible. Not when he knows that his own wife puts the horns on him with his brother. He must also know that we know as well and find his inability to control his own household an endless source of amusement. We suspect that the family dog ignores him as well. 

The fact that the putative coup mongers have not ruled Bercow out suggests that they are short of talent, but assuming that they find someone, then manage to remove the government and install this caudillo in Downing Street, how shall we respond?

The classic Latin-American response to a coup has become the international standard: it is called the caserolazo, and it is very effective. Basically, you take a casserole dish and a big spoon from the kitchen, go outside and then use the dish as a drum to create, along with thousands of other women, a cacophony of noise.

We don't know who came up with this idea, but it seems to have been a Chilian, probably during their period of rule by the junta. That a woman came up with this idea in the first place strikes me as axiomatic: how many men do you know who even have a dim awareness of where the kitchen is, still less what the pots are stored in it?

One person banging one dish is just local noise, but a thousand people doing the same is guaranteed to put the shits up the local bizzies, especially if the demonstrators are stood in their own backyards and the boys in blue can't see them so don't know exactly how many people are involved.

In 1980s Chile they had to print leaflets such as the one reproduced above to get people to engage in a caserolazo, but we have the internet and mobile phones that can be used to spread our agitprop quickly and cheaply. If the Chileans could get tens of thousands to join in the demonstrations then we should be able to get the whole of the Brexitland to create a feeling of blind terror in the hearts of all the quislings.

The coup is coming, so let's be ready to meet it!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Federast Funnies 12

Well, another one of my comments at the Guardian that did not last very long. Needless to say, more than a few Guardianistas were having the vapours when they read it, but it is a fair point - how can a man like Bercow be expected to have the respect of anyone when he cannot even command it from his own wife?

The General Election is gonna be fun, you mark my words.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Federast Funnies 11

As Boris announces that Parliament will be prorogued to stop the Federasts from implementing their cunning plan to put some backbencher into Number 10 Downing Street, the Guardian promptly went into a meltdown that is even more entertaining for normal people than the one they had in the aftermath of the People's Vote in 2016.

"Guardian meltdown will commence in three, two, one: meltdown commence now," was my comment, a remark that was quickly deleted by the Guardian's Mrs Grundy.

This comment did not last much longer, but at least I managed to grab a screenshot of it before Mrs Grundy could delete it - she did, by the way.

I have now been put in pre-moderation, thanks to all the precious, weeping Federasts who complained that I have invaded their safe spaces or something. Not that it matters; what matters is that the Guardian's finest feel like shit.

Which is what they are.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Federast Funnies 10

I haven't created a Federast Funny for over a year which is far too long, especially when the Guardian gives me such an open net to score in. Today, one of their hacks came up with an interesting piece which drew lessons from history to illustrate its pro-EU point. Fair enough thought avuncular old Uncle Ken, who then proceeded to do the same with this comment:

Now, I wasn't being entirely 100% serious with this quick comment, but I don't think that it is too bad and it is certainly in keeping with the piece that I was commenting on, so who could complain?

Well, It seems that an awful lot of Guardian webmongs did not agree and the little retards began by missing entirely that fact that we were supposed to be drawing lessons from  history:

I was tempted to ask Marcel which war he wanted me to get over since I did discuss about three in my comment and I was also tempted to tell Herman that I was gonna call him Arminius whether he liked it or not just for giggles.

Alas, the Guardian's Mrs Grundy responded to all the Federasts whining and deleted my comment and its very engaging replies before I could do any of that. However, that was not before I had grabbed the screenshots to provide you with some free entertainment this fine Sunday afternoon.

All good fun, people, all good fun.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Titania McGrath is Brought to Life at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Titania McGrath was created by the satirist Andrew Doyle as a series of tweets, which then grew into a book and has now been brought to life on the stage by Alice Marshall. If you hurry you can see it as I did last night as it runs up to and including Sunday. Tickets cost just over a tenner, which as Titania says is only the price of a decent flat latte.

So who is Titania McGrath? Well, she is everything that normal people hate, but according to her, she is a typical Kensington girl, with a modest trust find and a burning desire for social justice. In other words, she is a parasite who wants to make the lives of the rest of as difficult as possible. The Titania's of the country have been riding the cultural wave for several decades now and as anyone who has ever read the Guardian will know, the Brexit vote has created terror in their ranks as they contemplate what the plebs who outnumber them could do if they set their minds to it. 

Andrew Doyle's creation is the start of the process that will hopefully end with the real-life woke warriors back in their boxes having learned the meaning of the word defeat. We have a long way to go yet, but the book and now the one-woman performance can be said to mark the start of that process.

How good is the play? Well, it is good, but it still needs a script that has been tightened up some more, since it tends to wander from one thing to another until it ended up as a mixture of stand up comedy with some vignettes added. I liked the running joke about Titania's plans to set up a new political party called Shame UK, and it might have been a good idea to make the whole 45-minute performance the introduction of the new party. 

That said, when you look at the way that the Federasts are behaving both inside and outside the Commons, you might argue that it is impossible to parody the parody of British life that they have already created. That is doubly so when you consider that some of them blame Dad's Army for Brexit and others hold that air-conditioning is inherently sexist. Only then can you consider just how difficult it is to parody people who are so lacking in self-awareness that they do not realise how risible they are to normal people.

I was also dubious about interspersing Titiana's execrable poetry into the play, but that might just be me: I tend to the view that poetry by its very nature is pretty bloody execrable.

The Edinburgh fringe is the place where new works get their first outing before the changes are made that lead to their successful transfer to the London stage and given what I saw last night, this one should be odds-on the make the transfer very soon. Especially if the producers keep Alice Marshall in the title role.

She really did bring the character to life, and everything about her performance reeked of the privilege that the metropolitan woke generation regard as their right to impose on the rest of us. Sadly, the audience lacked a few members of the pure at heart who can be expected to make a loud exit half-way through a performance such as this and provide easy laughs for the rest of us. I believe that on other nights there have been such disruptions and that Alice Marshall is now pretty adept at making sure that they exit the theatre with their tails between their legs which is the way it should be. Alas, none of them was in the almost full house yesterday.

At the end of the play, I asked her to sign my copy of Woke, which she did. She was also, I thought, pleased that I called her Miss Marshall and not Miss McGrath, which leads me to wonder if some people do not believe that the actress really is the character. If they do, then I think she should take that as a complement to her theatrical presence, as she really did allow Titania McGrath to shine, in all her loathsome splendour.  

Friday, 16 August 2019

My Family and Peterloo

Today is the 200th anniversary of Peterloo and in the 1880s a photograph was taken of a group of people which was published as The Failsworth Veterans of Peterloo, and the first time I saw it I damn near choked on my tea. Sitting at the front of the group the fat man on the left is Thomas Schofield, with Alice, his wife who is dressed all in black on the right. When I showed this photograph to my parents in the 1980s my dad remarked ruefully that you expect buggers like the Schofields to have been involved in events like that.

My mother's family rented 29 Old Road, Failsworth, Manchester, from the Schofield family from before the Great War to about 1960 when we moved into number 31 right next door. My mother told people that we had the gipsy in us, you see...

No matter which house it was the Schofield's owned the whole block and every time it rained the tenants had to put buckets in the bedrooms to catch the water. If we had a typical British summer then my dad got very little sleep as those buckets filled very quickly and needed regular emptying. In winter the back yard became a skating rink, which made a trip to the bog an interesting experience.

A descendant of the Peterloo couple was Redfern Schofield who was the head of the family when I was a very small boy. He became a conscientious objector in the Great War and was always called Old Conchie by my time. 

On my wall today I have the above photo of my mother's maternal uncle, Fred Burden, his wife Maggie and their daughter. When my maternal grandmother died in 1920 her three brothers met up, in a pub of course, and decided what to do with her three children. Fred Burden got Rose, my mother, and she joined his family as one of Old Conchie's tenants. The photo was taken in about 1916 and shows Fred Burden proudly wearing his army uniform as one of Kitchener's Volunteers. He died in 1926 at the age of 40...

Fast forward to 1939 and Dick Schofield, Redfern's son, was also a conchie, and he was known as Young Conchie to differentiate him from his dad. My father, who married my mother just after the war ended, served in the Royal Artillery and helped lug a 25-pounder around Europe. My mother worked six 12-hour shifts a week at the Avro-Roe factory that built the Lancaster bombers that did so much to dehouse the population of Germany during the 1940s.

This photo shows the whole block that was owned by the Schofield family. On the far left you can just see the Schofield's shoe shop at number 27 Old Road and across the street and opposite was their furniture warehouse, since demolished. One night in the 1950s some blokes were hard at work breaking into the warehouse and my mum woke dad up to tell him. He told her to go back to sleep and ignore it, which she did.

The Schofield family was made up of Nonconformist, Liberal, teetotal, sanctimonious, anally-retentive, self-righteous gits. My father was a labourer, my mother a dressmaker and they were both low-Anglicans who voted Tory because you don't vote for the landlord's party, do you?

Just over a decade after Peterloo the Great Reform Act was passed which enfranchised the Schofield men and their ilk. They became the local petty capitalists which was the sum total of their desires. I suspect they were like Thatcher's family and people like that are always loathed by the bulk of the local population who would make a point of adopting a political view contrary to theirs because their interests are invariably not ours. It is probably why when the bulk of working men got the vote in the 1880s many voted Tory; my family certainly did and the first time my parents ever voted Labour was in 1983. They recognised in Thatcher a creature so loathsomely typical of the petty capitalist class that she forced them to break the habits of a lifetime.

So, when looking at Peterloo, you need to remember that many of the demonstrators were not proto-Leninists who battled to overthrow the existing order. They were aspirational arsewipes who wanted to enjoy their place within that order and pretty soon after 1819 that is exactly what they did.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Why Did The Brexit Party Lose Peterborough?

Why did The Brexit Party lose the Peterborough by-election? There may be lots of reasons, but the main one seems to be the old problem that all insurgent parties have in that they rely on enthusiasm rather than organisation to achieve victory and it seldom works.

Labour's victory was down to good organisation. The constituency was canvassed several times so the party knew where its supporters were. That information was put into a databank so that on election day tellers could be put at every single polling station to collect voter numbers. Those were fed into the database so that in the evening, the party knew more or less which of its supporters had failed to vote. Then cars were sent out to collect the non-voters and ferry them to their polling stations.

This system was invented in Reading and first used in the 1945 election. It helped get Ian Micardo elected and was quickly copied by the rest of the Labour Party before all the other parties copied the Reading system themselves. 

The old Liberal Party excelled at it. Since they lacked much in the way of constituency organisation, the Liberals set up a nationally organised group of activists where were expert in the Reading system and when a by-election was called they were sent out to the constituency to run the local campaign. The local activists were dragooned into acting as foot soldiers by those national organisers and the Liberals quickly acquired a reputation as ferocious by-election campaigners with a string of victories.

The Brexit Party has become an expert at social media, at photo-ops that show Nigel Farage with a man of the people pint in his hand and at getting the mass media to follow its lines. What it failed to do in Peterborough is what it has always failed to do ever since Farage was in UKIP. It cannot organise its election campaigns efficiently and it leaves too much to local enthusiasm and blind luck.

Today, any political party can buy in canvassing tools, so there is no excuse for this cack-handedness. The most popular one is called Nation Builder and the company which sells the software even throws in a free, online set of tutorials that are aimed specifically at first-time candidates and their staffs.

The Brexit Party had a good candidate in Mike Greene who is well-known in Peterborough, a positive message and lots of enthusiasm. It lost against Labour's poor candidate, confusing message over Brexit, but ruthlessly efficient by-election machine.

The Brexiteers need to copy that winning strategy as quickly as possible.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Siobhan Prigent, a Federast Who Enjoys Watching the Elderly Being Attacked

Meet Siobhan Charlotte Prigent, a graduate of the intellectual powerhouse that is the "University" of Glamorgan and one of the mouthy Federasts who enjoyed demonstrating against Donald Trump yesterday in London. If you can't tell the difference between the two images, Siobhan is the fat ball of lard and the other is the big orange balloon filled with air.

Here's another image from her Twitter page. God knows what the text is supposed to say as I can only read English and Spanish;  Gibberish has never been my strong point.

Here she is screaming "Nazi scum" over and over again at an old man who had to misfortune to find himself surrounded by Siobhan and her unwashed cronies.

Then when someone threw a milkshake over him, she stopped screaming and started to laugh. What a brave fighter for the Progressive ethos she is to be sure.

Or not as the case may be. You see the internet decided that this naughty little girl needed a virtual spanking so set out to administer one to her.

First, she was named as Siobhan Charlotte Prigent by any number of Twitter feeds and websites.

Then her company, an off-the-shelf outfit based in Manchester called Vlek Ltd received an enormous amount of unwanted comments which will do wonders for its future profitability I am sure. Not that she will care, I suspect, since she only set it up last September, and still spends most of her time in London doing various short-term clerical non-jobs in the public sector.

Faced with this, Siobhan did what the middle class always do when things go wrong, she went into full arse-crawling apology mode:

When that was not enough, because by then the whole internet was in full payback mode, she deleted her Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and went to ground.

Normally, I would not bother about such a lump of lard, except to note that Siobhan is about half my age and twice as fat. However, this illustrates the important truth that the middle class are either snarling at our throats or crawling at our feet. Siobhan, like all of her tribe, is only brave when she thinks that her actions do not have any consequences.

When they learn that they do, especially when it relates to their desire to arsecrawl up the bureaucratic or corporate ladder, then they run like kicked curs. 

Since all we do is regard bastard fucking work as the price we pay for our money, we are pretty much invulnerable in that area and can do as we please in our own time.

As Siobhan found out just recently, that does not apply to her and her kind. That makes them vulnerable and that is another factor that will help ensure the final victory for the Brexiteers.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Have You Voted for the Brexit Party Yet?

Have you voted yet? If you have half a mind to vote for anyone other than The Brexit Party, don't worry, that's all you need. If you don't believe me, just look what happened to 82-year-old, ex-soldier Don McNaughton who was telling for The Brexit Party outside a polling station in Aldershot:

Don reported that a poncy millennial type gave him the middle finger and then went away to return with a milkshake which he threw all over him. As far as I know, Don has refused to go home to get changed, instead, he is manning his polling station and letting everyone see just what the Federasts are like.

The Neo-Quislings are doing this because they are scared. Actually, they are more than scared, they are shitting their loads at the thought of the stuffing that they are going to get in these elections.

Your duty if you have not already voted is to go and cast your ballot against these tossers. Vote Brexit Party to put them firmly back in their boxes with the raucous, contemptuous cries of the British people ringing in their ears.

Vote Brexit Party Today

Today the British people have a duty to stand up for their democracy by voting for The Brexit Party. This is not about sending men and women to ride the Brussels' gravy train; quite simply it is about telling Westminster that we voted to leave the European Union in 2016 and we damn well expect them to carry out our wishes and get us out.

All we know is that The Brexit Party is ahead in the opinion polls, but we cannot be sure how far in front the party is. That is why it is vital that every man and woman who is entitled to vote drags themselves along to their polling station and votes.

The message has to go out that we are sick and tired of the delay. We no longer care who is responsible for that delay as we now hold the whole House of Commons collectively responsible for it.

Vote Brexit Party to tell them again that leave means leave!

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Tommy Robinson Looks Likely to Win a Seat in the Euro Elections

Political activist Tommy Robinson is standing as an independent candidate for the North West region in the Euro elections. I have to be honest and say that I didn't take his candidacy all that seriously until fairly recently when word reached me that there was a reasonable chance that he might be elected.

Digging a bit deeper you can start to see why. Just have a look at this very entertaining video and see the people who are demonstrating against him:

Have you ever seen such a bunch of freaks, weirdoes and general soap dodgers in your life? Such creatures only serve to discredit socialism by claiming that they are socialists. 

If Tommy Robinson is elected on Thursday you can be sure that his electorate were just as much negatively voting against the freakshow as they were voting positively for him.

Monday, 20 May 2019

The Guardian's Readers Show Their Real Hatred for Democracy and the British People

The screaming, hysterical attitude of the anti-democratic element is yet another reason why The Brexit Party will sweep the board on Thursday.

Lisa Nandy, the Labour MP for Wigan has a piece in the Guardian today where she makes the obvious points that to win a general election, Labour has to win back all those seats that abandoned the party in years gone by. Most of those seats are in Brexit supporting areas, so the party needs to rethink its pro-EU policies.

I thought that it was a decent piece, so I left a comment. Best click on the photo to enlarge it:

Within minutes of my comment going live, the hardline, bedwetting Federasts were out and screaming abuse:

Yes, I know, the Guardian's Mrs Grundy quickly moved in and deleted one of the comments, but not before I had grabbed the screenshot in anticipation of that happening. It is one thing for Guardian people to think like that, but such thoughts must only be expressed over dinner party tables in the swisher parts of the country, not announced far and wide where proles may read them.

Yet another good reason, I would have thought, for people to vote for The Brexit Party this coming Thursday. We are not only voting to save democracy against its enemies, but we are also standing firm against people who believe that their votes count for more than ours. We must put them back into their boxes: if we don't they will come after our right to vote next.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Bollocks to Britain say the Lib-Dems: Bollocks to Them Must be Britain's Reply

The Lib-Dem manifesto - and my Brexiteering reaction to it - shows that the possibility of compromise between Brexiteer and Federast has shrunk to next to nothing. Bollocks to Brexit is the title of the Lib-Dem manifesto, and my only objection to it is that it should have read Bollocks to Democracy, for that is what it means as the engaging reply to it shows below:

It is now no use complaining about the failure of the politicians to pass Theresa May's withdrawal agreement because that is history, now. We are where we are and a major political party has said bollocks to a majority of the people of this country who do not count as far as they are concerned when added up against the minority who are loyal to Brussels and not to Britain. 

Very well, we shall reply in kind to the country's internal enemies by outvoting them at every opportunity. We can start this coming Thursday by giving a lesson in electoral power to the Federasts and then we must go on next month to do it again in the Peterborough by-election.

Eventually, when they stare into the pit of electoral doom, the collection of sexually self-sufficient Quislings who infest both sides of the Commons will come to heel and vote the country out of the EU.

If they don't, then we, the British people, will vote them out of office and choose men who will.

We are the majority: now onward to final victory!

Saturday, 18 May 2019

A Large Crowd Gathered to Hear Nigel Farage at the Brexit Edinburgh Rally

The Nigel Farage roadshow swept into Edinburgh yesterday, and about 500 people turned out to cheer him on.

Outside the venue, a hundred or so members of Edinburgh's unwashed gathered to protest, but they were easily outnumbered by the McPlods who were out in force, with their truncheon fingers twitching in eager anticipation.

The police do seem to have engaged in a bit of overkill by asking the local McDonalds not to sell milkshakes since none of the unwashed was able to get into the all-ticket event. Had they done so the army of doormen who were on hand inside would have quickly sent them flying arse over tit out the doors into the eager hands of McPlod.

I should also point out that blocking one entrance to the hall and forcing people to walk all the way around the square to get in was not exactly helpful to the disabled, like me, to say nothing of the rather attractive women in high heels nor the elderly, but luckily a party figure was around to point out that when he had said to block the entrance it didn't actually apply to people who couldn't walk for whatever reason, so could the McPlods please use their common sense?

Once the police had remembered where their common sense was stored, the barrier was pushed to one side and yours truly was able to hobble in to await the start of the show.

The event then passed off without a hitch, with Nigel Farage throwing caution to the wind and making a play for SNP voters to come over to our side and lend The Brexit Party its vote to get the whole UK out of the clutches of Brussels.

It is intellectually incoherent to want independence from England only to see Scotland become a province of Brussels. Time was when the SNP knew that and campaigned against the European Union, but now, like Labour, it appeals only to the Federast element in society.

I must be honest and say that if I had been in his shoes I would have gone for the low-hanging fruit in the Conservative and Labour votes, but Farage decided to ignore them and placed The Brexit Party squarely on the SNP's front lawn with his appeal. We will know in a few days when the votes are counted if the strategy has worked.

Leaving the Corn Exchange I noticed that all the barriers had been removed, the police were in their vans drinking coffee and the unwashed had gone off, hopefully, to be introduced to soap and water.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Cucks Flop in Birmingham & Scotland

You would need a heart of stone not to laugh at this Cuck rally in Birmingham held on 14th of May with nine people booked to speak, a cameraman hired to record the event and just five people in the audience. 

Meanwhile, in Scotland David Macdonald who was top of the Cuck list has advised the very few people who had ever heard of him to vote for the Liberal-Democrats since the aptly nicknamed Cucks really are going to live up to that monicker and be treated with derision by the good people of Scotland.

Now you know why members of the Change-UK party, are called Cucks - it really suits them so well.

Monday, 13 May 2019

The Edinburgh Brexit Campaign Still Grows

The Brexit Party's volunteers are growing in number as we head towards Judgement Day for the old parties that have refused to listen to the people. Here is the main team yesterday in Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.

And here is the other team that campaigned in Leith, including yours truly, sat in a chair, wishing that my legs worked better than they do. Still, at least I kept the leaflets from blowing away in the Edinburgh breeze.

Thinking back to 2016 we now have more campaigners for elections that we don't want to take part in than we did in the referendum campaign. It really is marvellous to see the enthusiasm growing to deliver a stuffing to both Brussels and to those who support it.

You get the odd bedwetting Federast telling us how wicked and waycist we are, but they are outnumbered by people who voted Remain three years ago and are now outraged that our democracy is under the threat that is from the Westminster gang. 

We told them in 2016 that we wanted to leave the European Union and they have refused to listen to us so we have to tell them again. And we will carry on telling them until they do listen.

Then the sun will rise on a newly independent, sovereign, fully-democratic United Kingdom.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Cuck Event Flops in Stirling

Change UK, the main Federast party that seeks to keep us in the EU in defiance of the freely expressed wishes of the people decided to have a street event in Stirling today, and, well, just look at the result.

Today, of course, is World Buckfast Day and it may be that the good people of Stirling were busy partaking of the tipple that Scotland has taken to its heart, but it's more likely that they just decided to ignore this collection of life's little losers.

How sad, too bad, never mind.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

The Federast Campaign Starts to Fall Apart

We must beware of hubris but it does look as if the Federast campaigns are starting to fall apart, so let's have a look at their wankery, shall we? Well, a look and a laugh, as there is no need to take these space invaders too seriously.

First up is the wonderfully inaptly surnamed Andy Adonis who is number two on the Labour South West list. Andy is on record as telling people that if they voted for Brexit they should not vote Labour on 23rd May 2019. Thanks, Andy, 'cos The Brexit Party really wants the votes of Labour Brexiteers.

Then we had the sight of Gavin Esler, a former BBC hack who is also standing for election as a Cuck who put forward the notion that Brexiteers are "village idiots". Thanks, Gavin, and we will make sure that as many Brexiteers as possible know what you and types like you think about us.

Staying with hacks we have a hackette, one Carole Cadwalladr, who does not seem to know that all election agents in every election are given a copy of the electoral register for their area. That's the full register, not the edited one that is sold to companies for marketing purposes.

Finally for today, as one can have too much of a good thing, we have Richard Bentall, of the University of Sheffield, a Federast who has complained to the Electoral Commission because The Brexit Party logo is too good! I kid you not: he thinks that having a good logo gives a party an unfair advantage!

It really isn't our fault that Change UK, or Cuck as we call them, is made up of people so utterly retarded that they cannot even sort out a decent party logo for themselves, which is why that joke of a party does not have one on the ballot papers.

It is also not our fault that the dipsticks decided to change their Twitter handle and left the old one for a bright Brexiteer to grab and then turn that old feed into a new Brexit one. The fact that most Federasts haven't cottoned onto this yet and are still lining to the old feed is just icing on the cake.

So, the Federasts are falling apart and have started to lash out at all and sundry. Soon, with any luck, they will start shouting at each other as they try to aportion the blame for the shagging that they will hopefully receive two weeks today.

Onward the Brexiteers!

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Thousands Attend The Brexit Party Rallies

This is a photo of today's Brexit Party rally in Peterborough. When was the last time you saw a political rally with that number of attendees? Then remember that each one paid £2.50 to enter the rally and that three such rallies are taking place every single week.

Here are some of the 2,000 strong crowds that crammed into the AFC Fylde football ground just outside Blackpool on Saturday, 4th May.

By way of contrast, and just for devilment, here is Conference Room One at the King's Conference Centre in Norwich, that has a maximum capacity of 130, which is probably the number that turned up on Saturday for the Cuck rally.

Yes, I know, rallies and marches don't mean very much, especially not when compared to real people casting real votes on an election day. However, when several thousand people turn up for a brand new party at rallies several times a week and pay £2.50 each for the privilege, then something new and exciting is about to happen.

That something is Storm Brexit which is about to break over the whole UK in just two weeks!

Saturday, 4 May 2019

The Edinburgh Euro Election Campaign Started Today

The first 2019 outing for the Brexit crew that helped win the 2016 victory took place in central Edinburgh today and I wandered along to take some photos. It's a pity that we have to take part in an election for a body, the European Parliament, that we do not regard as legitimate, but as our own Westminster Parliament is infested with members whose loyalty is to Brussels and not to Britain, we have no choice. Our democracy is under threat and we must defend it.

The young fellow on the right wanted to vote for the Brexit Party, but he is from Northern Ireland where the party is not standing. However, he was pleased to learn that UKIP will stand in the province and went away pledging to vote for them. Our team are all going to vote for the Brexit Party, but we are not sectarians. This is not about winning seats, it is about maximising the Brexit vote.

This man voted Remain in 2016 but is now so thoroughly disgusted at the antics of the Federasts that he has "converted" to the side of light. At least one other person said the same, using the same terminology: it is almost as if people are undergoing a religious revival. He took some leaflets and is here shown grabbing a lapel badge to wear to show his commitment to the Brexit Party and freedom.

A tourist who came up to the stall to express his disgust at the antics of our politicians. He voted Leave in 2016 but was not a hardliner until the vote was betrayed. Now he is a convinced Brexiteer.
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