Wednesday 28 August 2019

Federast Funnies 11

As Boris announces that Parliament will be prorogued to stop the Federasts from implementing their cunning plan to put some backbencher into Number 10 Downing Street, the Guardian promptly went into a meltdown that is even more entertaining for normal people than the one they had in the aftermath of the People's Vote in 2016.

"Guardian meltdown will commence in three, two, one: meltdown commence now," was my comment, a remark that was quickly deleted by the Guardian's Mrs Grundy.

This comment did not last much longer, but at least I managed to grab a screenshot of it before Mrs Grundy could delete it - she did, by the way.

I have now been put in pre-moderation, thanks to all the precious, weeping Federasts who complained that I have invaded their safe spaces or something. Not that it matters; what matters is that the Guardian's finest feel like shit.

Which is what they are.

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