Friday 24 February 2017

The Brexit Collection: Now at Amazon and All Good Bookshops

The Brexit Collection is now available from Amazon and can be ordered from your favourite bookshop as well. Amazon claim that it is out of stock, but all that means is that there will be a delay of two or three days over their normal delivery time. The more people who order it now, the quicker that irritating notice will disappear.

If you are a Brexiteer then this book deserves a place on your bookshelf, not only so that you can relive the days of glory last year, but to annoy the shit out of any Federast who decides to bless you with his sanctimonious presence. If he sees The Brexit Collection in your house he may very well decide never to visit you again, which means that this paperback is a steal at just £6.99!

Remember: if you want a signed copy, all you have to do is drop me a line, and one will be yours for just a tenner.

Copeland Marks Another Milestone In Labour's Decline

The conclusion that can be drawn from yesterday's by-elections in Stoke and Copeland is that the Labour electoral coalition of bourgeois radicalism and working class labourism has reached the end of the road. It survived for over a century, which is not bad going when you think about it, but it has now run against the buffers.

So long as both sides took something out of the alliance, both were happy with it. The middle class could pontificate about internationalism and they could see their social policies enacted into law, whilst the working class had a party that kept the wages up and the management down. So long as there was a balance of forces both Labour wings kept each other more or less in check,  and the party shuffled on.

That balance has been upset by changes within the party which led to it becoming the voice of the local government employed polyocracy over the past few decades, a trend that accelerated as Labour in government did nothing to ensure that traditional working class jobs were protected.  

What Labour was good at was defending welfare, which is great if you are as disabled and elderly as I am, but most people are neither elderly nor disabled and they will not vote for a one-issue welfare party. Working people want jobs, and they do not want McJobs, either, no matter how well paid those jobs are. That is why McDonald's pays above minimum wage, but still cannot retain workers for very long.

Neither do they want jobs that involve them changing their culture, which is what Labour wants them to do. They want skilled industrial jobs that the wimps in suits cannot do, or unskilled jobs that involve heavy physical effort, which again the wimps in suits cannot do.

Neither wing of today's Labour speaks for the people who want such jobs, as they are both two cheeks of the same middle class arse. The so-called right which we call Blairite for short is the voice of those who are comfortable with the globalised world, but so is the Corbynite left. The difference is that the latter wants to spend more on foreign aid abroad and welfare at home, but neither appeal particularly to the millions who want the well-paid industrial work that they can take pride in doing.

Looking across the Atlantic, Donald Trump has probably set the stage for Britain's future as well as that of his own country. Nobody believed that the old industrial states could ever ever vote anything other than Democrat until Trump scooped them up in November 2016. The Democrats, like Labour in this country, wanted people to change, to become middle class, to get more money. Trump told the industrial working class that they could stay industrial working class and have more jobs to choose from as well as money in their pockets.

His protectionist policies are basically a watered-down version of the Alternative Economic Strategy that Labour's left argued for in the 1970s. Across the English Channel, Marine le Pen is advocating a souped-up version of those same policies: protectionism, an end to free movement of labour and state direction of large parts of the economy. 

Labour could move quickly and reinvent itself as a similar party - when all is said and done, a sizeable chunk of what Trump and le Pen advocate is actually old Labour left policy as well - but they won't. What Labour will do is scream fascist and waycist and do nothing that will get the party out of the hole that it has dig for itself.

The Tories under Theresa May could very well do that, and if that happens then Copeland will be the first of a whole slew of Northern English seats that will fall to the newly reinvented Tory Workers' Party.

Tuesday 14 February 2017

The Brexit Collection Paperback Is Now available: Get a Signed Copy

The Brexit Collection is now available as a paperback at the very reasonable price of £6.99 plus postage. At the moment it is only available from the publisher's website, but Amazon and the other main booksellers will have it by the end of the month.

If you would like a signed copy then drop me a line and one will be yours for just a tenner, including postage. You can pay via cheque or PayPal.

I reckon that a copy of The Brexit Collection would look great on your bookshelf, and would be guaranteed to drive any Federast loser who sees it back into his safe space, where he can howl like a dog about how unfair life is.

Why Labour Should Win Stoke Central and Copeland

With just over a week to go until both Stoke Central and Copeland elect their new MPs, I am going to stick my neck out and say that Labour will hold both seats on the 23 February. Of course, that prediction could go tits up with the Tories taking Copeland and UKIP grabbing Stoke, but my call is that I don't think they will.

Copeland is that rarity in today's politics of a working class seat where the people actually have jobs. A lot of them are employed at Old Leaky, as the Sellafield nuclear plant is called by cynics everywhere, which means that there are strong unions that are affiliated to Labour, with shop stewards and conveners who will help get the vote out.

Thanks to that the local Labour party has a sizeable membership that consists of people who do real jobs, rather then working in the teaching trade or social work industry. The party can be expected to have its finger on the local pulse, which is probably why Jeremy Corbyn has decided to stay away. 

Given that Labour has a fully functioning machine in Copeland, we can expect that the postal voters have already been contacted and jollied along into returning their ballots already. Canvassers will be knocking on the doors of people who have voted Labour in the past, and reminded that it is time to turn out for the old cause once again.

Luckily, Labour has some ready made issues in Copeland that it can use to attack the Tories. Chief amongst them is the scandal involving the government's desire to close down part of the local hospital, a matter that Labour has a track-record of opposing.

Stoke Central is a seat that Labour does not deserve to hold, and the fact that it probably will is proof positive that there is no justice in the political world.

The Labour candidate Gareth Snell is appalling, with one Stoke source telling me that he not only looks like a potato, but has the intellect of one as well. Snell campaigned actively for Brussels in the referendum in a division that gave almost seventy percent of its vote to leave. All in all this is a seat that UKIP should walk, but thanks to their stupidity, it looks like they will fail yet again.

To be fair to UKIP, they have probably fulfilled their historic mission of getting us out of the European Union. There is no need for UKIP to act as anything other than a pressure group now that both main parties are united in their desire to wave goodbye to the EU.

Gareth Snell has enough common sense to realise that trying to refight the battle is a waste of time and has made his peace with the Brexiteers. He has also been seen walking in the constituency with Jeremy Corbyn, so nobody can accuse him of not being a loyal party man.

As I write, what is left of the Labour machine in Stoke will have cranked itself into action to ensure that loyal voters either turn out on the day or send in their postal ballots.

None of that would be enough to win a seat that Labour has treated with such utter contempt down the years had it none been for the fact that UKIP really has proved that it is the Dad's Army of British politics.

It is not just the dubious claims that their candidate and leader Paul Nuttall has supposedly made about holding a PhD, playing professional football, being at Hillsborough when so many Liverpool fans died or living at an address in Stoke that he didn't. All of them can be explained away as the actions of enthusiastic amateur volunteers, but the fact that more and more of these old claims are seeing the light of day suggests to a lot of people that Nuttall is a fantasist or that UKIP are run by rank incompetents.

A party that is so incompetent cannot be expected to run an efficient campaign, and sure enough, UKIP's campaign looks as if Fred Karno is heading it. Kippers do not want to knock on doors, what they want to do is write letters to the press, presumably in green ink, concerning their latest hobby horse. The party cannot send in trained organisers to knock heads together because, I am assured by sources in UKIP, those organisers were all loyal to Nigel Farage and left with him. 

Put everything together, UKIP stupidity, Tory vileness, and local Labour parties in both Copeland and Stoke that are determined to win, and my guess is that Labour will hold both seats next week.

Friday 10 February 2017

The Brexit Collection is now Available on Kindle

The Brexit Collection contains Brexit: For a New Country, Why Scotland Should Leave the EU and One Man's Brexit: three pamphlets that were originally published in 2016 as part of the campaign to free the United Kingdom from the clutches of the European Union. Now available in one volume, with a new introduction and afterword, as a reminder of a glorious victory that will never be forgotten.

The afterword looks at pretty much all the pathetic, whining complaints that the Federasts still come out with as they desperately try to delegitimise the vote, and then provides a caustic answer to all those charges.

At just £1.99 this e-book is a perfect memento of a day that will live in our hearts forever.

The paperback version will be out by the end of this month!

Wednesday 8 February 2017

The Commons Votes for Brexit

The House of Commons has just voted by a massive 494 to 122 to pass the Brexit Bill with no amendments, thus ratifying the will of the people as expressed on the 23 June 2016.

As MPs trooped through the lobbies, some of Federasts who were still in the chamber began to sing what sounded like the old Rhodesian national anthem to me, which is amusing since the Rhodesians were a bunch of losers as well.

It is unlikely that the Lords will now have the temerity to oppose both the people and the Commons by putting down amendments of their own, so all being well, we can begin to say with great glee:

Brexit Means Brexit!

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Paul Nuttall & UKIP Seem Determined to Lose Stoke

The UKIP campaign to get Paul Nuttall elected in Stoke Central is probably the best hope that Labour has to hold the seat.

As I reported yesterday, UKIP's campaign seems to consist of idiots saying idiotic things which they think we cannot check. UKIP could argue that these are the antics of enthusiastic amateurs, but the scandals surrounding party leader Paul Nuttall show that amateurism goes right to the top.

Take the fake CV which seems to show that Nuttall once played professional football for Tranmere Rovers and holds a PhD from Liverpool Hope University. These have sort of been explained away as errors made by aides, which may very well be true, but not the point. Errors like that are not made by serious political parties: even the Greens don't make those embarrassing mistakes so there is no excuse for UKIP.

Then we had the strange case of Nuttall's address. He gave a Stoke address on his nomination papers, so a TV crew was sent to the house only to find that it was empty. Nuttall was then interviewed and the fool said that he was about to move in to the property.

That may very well have been the case, but he wasn't living there when his nomination papers were signed. Nutall then chose to argue the toss with the crew by saying that since he was moving in, that is somehow the same as actually having moved in earlier when the papers were signed.

On one level this is all trivial, tiresome and probably will not impinge on the local conciousness, but it also suggests a level of incompetence that is breathtaking to put it mildly. When the circus clowns of UKIP come up against the Labour election machine, you should normally put money on the machine, not the clowns.

Monday 6 February 2017

UKIP's Stupidity Could Give Labour Victory in Stoke

If you are gonna do a smear, then do it properly, that's what I say. Do not do as UKIP are currently doing and fuck it up so that people then laugh at you rather than take notice of your smear. 

Take the above image as a case in point. The original photo is on the left, and then some fucktard decided to Photoshop an English flag on it, which is the image on the right. However, being fucktards they forgot that if they can find the original photo on the web, then so can we. 

They also managed to balls up the fake by failing to reproduce the flag properly. Just look at the cross and see how the downward line is broken by the horizontal one. An obvious Photoshop error, which is repeated in the small flag on the far house, which means they used the same image twice.

Then we have this puerile example, with the genuine photo on the top, and the UKIP fake beneath it. Again, easy to find the original, and why in the name of God's left bollock did the Kipper smear team not learn how to blend the inserted image of the bird in the black bin liner seamlessly into the original photo? I mean, everything about this screams fake, doesn't it?

Finally, let's consider the smear which isn't, but UKIP are too stupid to realise that. They have started telling people that back in 2010, Gareth Snell described the aspirational capitalist arsewipes who appear on shows like The Apprentice as "rancid twat bags."

In a one-class town like Stoke, where the only people hated more than the employers are those who arselick the employers, how is that going to help UKIP? 

All it does is make Labour's candidate more agreeable to the voters that Labour used to ignore.

UKIP had an open goal in Stoke, but all they are doing is ballsing it up. If Labour holds this seat it will be because the UKIP opposition are so God awful.
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