Sunday 31 December 2017

Faye Brookes of Coronation Street and Her Sex Tape

Actually, it has been around online for about six months, but it didn't get any publicity because it isn't all that good and Faye is not all that well known. Don't get me wrong, the girl can sort of deep throat but her cupping the balls and working the shaft technique needs a lot more work, as you will see if you click this link to watch the video.

Kim Marsh is another Coronation Street starlet who also made a sex tape that by an amazing coincidence also leaked at the same time as Faye's. That one got more publicity at the time 'cos Kim knows how to handle a cock far better than Faye, as you will see if you watch her video. Go on, you know you want to.

So why did the Faye Brooke's sex tape story suddenly emerge today? Probably because it is New Year's Eve and the press and blogosphere need an easy cut and paste story that will get lots of hits for a minimum of effort.

Saturday 23 December 2017

Britain Gets an Early Christmas Present With News of the New Passports

British people have been given an early Christmas present with the news that we are getting our passports back, starting in April 2019. From that month, until October of that year, the existing design will be used under the current contract, but without the words "European Union" which deface the top of the front cover. Passports already issued which have the wording on them will no longer be recognised as EU documents from 11.00pm, British time, on the 29th March 2019.

Then, in October 2019, the new passports, with a new design and navy blue cover will be issued by whichever company gets the contract for the next five years.

The old passport was blue, albeit of such a dark hue that it looked black. They were also larger than present passports and had a stiff cover. I always found them too big for my trouser pocket so had to wear a jacket to carry mine, which was a pain in the tropical heat of whichever part of Africa or Latin-America I happened to be in at that moment.

So I prefer the size of the existing passport and its soft cover, and I don't really care what colour it is. However, this is a symbol of our victory and every time some bedwetting Federast travels abroad he will look at his new passport and be reminded not only of his defeat but also of the fact that in the great scheme of things he does not count for shit.

So for that reason, the colour of the passport has to be navy blue! 

Needless to say, various scum-sucking types are now claiming that we will then have to queue up to get through passport control, having completely forgotten that most of us only travel to places like Schiphol and Charles de Gaulle to change aircraft. Thus we never leave the international section of the airport and do not go anywhere near passport control until we get to our final destination, thousands of miles beyond the EU.

They also forget that under the new system we can have a dedicated UK and Irish section at our airports to deal with our people when they return home. Thus we will not have to queue up with an army of Europeans and get home quickly. Our Commonwealth friends, plus the USA if we are feeling generous, can have their section and the people from Upper Volta, Germany, Guatemala and France can fuck off to the end of the hall to line up in the rest of the world bit.

All that, plus thousands of wanky little snowflakes melting every time they travel abroad. Seriously, people, what's not to like about any of this?

Monday 4 December 2017

Why we Have to Defend Damian Green

Far be it from me to ever defend any Tory, but since the Damian Green scandal involves attacks on him by people who are lower than any Tory since they come from both New Labour and the Metropolitan Police, I feel obliged to take up the cudgels on his behalf. 

Back in 2009, the New Labour regime was rocked by a series of leaks, so they turned the police loose on the recipient of those leaks, who was Damian Green. The leaks, which showed any number of irregularities in British immigration policy were especially embarrassing for Jaqueline Smith, the then Home Secretary who was widely regarded by many in political life as having a bra size larger than her IQ.

Rather than sacking Smith, Downing Street preferred to act in the best traditions of Latin-American banana republics and turned the state's boot-boys loose against the main opposition party. Needless to say, all Hell broke loose in Westminster.

Since nothing could be found to tie Green to any criminal acts, he was released, and that is when the matter becomes even more disturbing. The police who carried out the raid were ordered by their superiors, so we are told, to delete all the scans that had been taken of Green's computers, but they didn't do that. Instead, they kept them for almost a decade until such a time came up when they could be used to embarrass a government.

Again, what we have here are actions that have more in common with banana republics than they have with mature, developed democracies.

If we are talking about thumbnails then pretty much all computers have porn thumbnails on them. The engagingly cynical Rule 34 of the Internet states quite clearly that whatever exists on the web has a porn version as well. Since the web is porn driven, pretty much any search will bring up the porn version of those search terms. The computer will then save whatever thumbnail images come up and slot them into temporary folders, which will later be deleted automatically by that same computer.

However, and here is the key to the matter, as when a computer deletes something it does not remove it completely. What it does is tell itself that the space occupied by that material can be written over and unless it is actually written over the data can be recovered fairly easily

The plods involved in this fairly odious attempt at what seems to be a coup know this, but they rely on you not knowing it. That is why they talk about "thumbnails," rather than "images." They seem to want to muddy the waters and hope that you cannot tell the difference between the two or how they are obtained. Put simply, images are usually downloaded by someone deliberately, whereas thumbnails are often picked up by a computer of its own accord.

If the police can go after a cabinet minister then they can go after anyone and none of us is safe. If they can hold material that they were supposedly ordered to destroy then what material are they holding on the rest of us just on the off chance that they may decide to attack us one fine day just for jollies? 

We have to defend Damian Green because to throw him to the wolves means that the police have got away with doing in a senior member of the government. If they can do that to him then doing it to the rest of us is something that they will start to do as a matter of casual routine.
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