Thursday 26 January 2017

UKIP Strides Forward in Stoke as Labour Selects a Federast Candidate

In a determined effort to lose Stoke Central, Labour has chosen Gareth Snell as its candidate. Snell is a councillor who likes to pretend that he is a local man, whereas actually he is from Stowmarket, a delightful little town in leafy Suffolk and only came to the area to attend the University of Keele.

After graduating from that intellectual powerhouse, he became a professional politician who changed seats to avoid a fight with the up and coming UKIP. The good people of Chesterton Ward, in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, decided that this was not to their liking, so voted the carpetbagger off the council in 2014, but he managed to slither back in a 2016 by-election. His attempt to win a county council seat also failed, with victory going in that election to UKIP, as you will have probably guessed.

He has never had a real job, but did earn a decent crust as an aide to the former MP, the Hunt known as Tristram. Needless to say he is also a Federast, and never had the wit to try and hide the fact, something which is now all over the web. He is also on record as someone who sang the praises of "The excellent Eddie Izzard," and now wants to be the MP for a town that probably regards Izzard as a member of a freak show.

For their part, the Tories are reported to be running a paper candidate, leaving UKIP to have a clear run, something which Labour have now allowed to happen by their choice of candidate.

All Labour had to do was select a local man, who was also a Brexiteer who shared the social conservatism of the town. A candidate who believed in the old Labour values of strong unions, protectionism and nationalised industries. Had they chosen such a candidate then the party would have walked to victory, but instead they have gone for yet another identikit chancer from the middle class, with the result that UKIP are now the odds-on favourite to take the seat.

What a disaster this is going to be.

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