Tuesday 10 January 2017

Federast Funnies 7: When a Federast Met Some Real people

Today was the day when even the Guardian had to implicitly admit that Brussels' dogs really are just cowardly curs. Just read The Brexit Resistance from John Harris, who I must admit is one of the saner Guardian writers, if you had any doubts.

Harris went to Manchester to interview Eoin Ward, who as you might expect is a student. He helps pay for his course by giving English lessons to EU nationals, and as someone who was once in the teaching trade I can tell you that every single penny of his wages will have come from the public purse. There may have been cutbacks in other further education areas, but teaching English to those who enrich our culture by the presence is still easy money for the lecturers.  

They met at a Pret a Manger, naturally, and Ward tried to big himself up by telling the reporter that he was a real live activist who had done “a bit of leafleting” for Brussels during the campaign. Just a bit, mind you...

In August Ward even organised a street stall in city centre Manchester, and guess what happened? No, don't guess, since we can let Ward take up the tale:

“At least 20 quite scary-looking people turned up with bandanas over their faces, holding up St George’s flags and filming everything. I don’t know what group they were from but, to me, they looked a bit kind of neo-Nazi, white supremacist – that sort of ilk. They were giving us a lot of grief, telling us we didn’t respect democracy.”

Got that? A counter demonstration of about twenty people turned up and this Federast almost shit his load. God knows what will happen if the tame judges ever do manage to subvert our vote because then there will be a lot more than twenty people on the street to make their feelings clear. Best buy some adult nappies now.

Ward went on to say that campaigning on-line is easier than on the street: "It’s much scarier in real life,” he said. Yes, you precious little snowflake, it damn well is, and it will get a lot worse if Brexit is subverted by the wealthy that you pander too.

Let's look on the bright side: if this is the best that the Federasts can muster then they are fucked, they really are.

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