Tuesday 31 January 2017

Snowflakes Melt at the Thought of Trump's Visit to Britain

Over a million people signed a petition which demanded that the government rescind its invitation to President Donald Trump to pay a state visit to the country. Unfortunately, of the top twenty constituencies which provided votes for this nonsense, fifteen of them are in London, and the other five are centres of student posturing.

Then they had a demonstration, but unfortunately, a fair few of the marchers looked like refugees from a freak show.

Meanwhile the rest of the country decided that it didn't really give a fuck, as you can see from the above reading, taken from a genuine meter which checks all and any fucks that are ever given in real time.

Nevertheless, being warm, wonderful human beings, we are willing to let the freaks know what they can do with their opinions of Trump, and Brexit, which is what we reckon this is really about.

The snowflakes will melt at this news, but the freakshow will move on, and soon there will be something else for them to whine about.

As for us, we shall get on with our lives, secure in the knowledge that we don't have to give a fuck about the whining losers: we are the majority of the country!

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