Tuesday 26 November 2019

Can the Tories Make Gains in Scotland?

"You've called for legislation to protect the NHS from Donald Trump. Maybe it needs legislation to protect if from Nicola Sturgeon?" That was the question posed by Andrew Neil when he forensically demolished Scotland's First Minister who heads a completely devolved Scottish National Health Service that allows patients to die due to polluted water.

Yes, the read that right, the water at the brand new Queen Elizabeth hospital in Glasgow was not safe to drink, and twenty-six patients were infected by it of which two later died. That is what happens in third world countries and now it happens in Scotland.

I should point out that if you live in Scotland the bulk of the issues that affect you on a day to day basis, education for your kids, the health service, local government, the police, are all run completely by Holyrood, not Westminster, and all of them are failing.

Let me go on the say that I am a double-leaver: I voted Yes for independence in 2014 and then Leave in the 2016 EU referendum. If I am cheesed-off at Sturgeon's failures then God knows what your average man in the street thinks.

The SNP are running at about 40% in the polls, but the Tories are now on 28% and seem to be gaining ground. Most of it may be coming from Labour and the Liberal-Democrats, but if the Tories can break clear from the pack, say by reaching 30% in the polls, then this will become a genuine two-horse-race.

Nicola Sturgeon is a brilliant campaigner for Scottish independence and well adept at brushing aside the economic arguments against it. However, as First Minister of Scotland, her time in office has been a catastrophe for the bread and butter issues that very many voters are concerned about.

It is on those issues that her party should be judged and the verdict must be that it is not fit for the country's purpose and our votes.

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