Sunday 1 December 2019

What You Can Do to Help Boris and Brexit

As we enter December, polling day becomes something that will happen next week and it is the time in the election cycle when the bulk of the population wake up to the fact that they can no longer ignore all that background noise about politics as it is decision time.

A poll published in the Times by YouGov seemed to give comfort to the Tories as it predicted that they would have a good majority. Alas for them it seems to have given aid and comfort to the opposition parties who have obviously dug through the data and realised that disaster can be averted if they change some of their policies, sharpish.

First to do so were the Liberal-Democrats who dropped their policy of unilaterally revoking Article 50 in favour of giving the losers in 2016 another bite at the cherry. This Losers' Vote idea has been Labour policy for some time, and by accepting it the Lib-Dems have conceded that they are not going to win the election. They now hope to hold onto a many of their 2017 gains as possible, grab a few seats from the Tories in those parts of the leafy South where Brussels' Loyalism is strongest and hope for the best.

Labour for its part seems to have stopped its offensive campaign to gain seats from the Tories in favour of a purely defensive strategy to stop the Tories making major inroads in the English North and Midlands.

In theory, all this should mean that the Tories can continue to cruise on easy steam towards an easy victory next week. However, what has happened is that their lead over Labour has been reduced as Lib-Dem voters decide to dump their first choice in favour of Labour, the party that is more likely to halt the Tory juggernaut. 

It is highly unlikely that Labour can win the election, but it is now possible that the Tories could lose it by not getting an overall majority of seats. If that happens we will be back to the nonsense and buffoonery that typified the last Parliament, and Brexit itself could be under threat if Labour, Lib-Dem and even the SNP can put together a clunky coalition. The only way to avoid that is for the Tories to fire up their boilers to full steam and then turn their ferociously efficient election machine loose against their opponents.

Dominic Cummings was first out of the traps when he told people that the election was closer than it looked - a point he made before the polls confirmed that trend. He made the point that if a losers' coalition can be cobbled together, the franchise will be extended to include all the EU nationals who are currently blessing our country with their presence so as to rig the referendum that will then follow. 

I believe him, and for that reason, I urge all good Brexiteers to put aside your dislike of the Tories and vote for Boris next week. Not only that but please tell the blokes you go drinking with or the women you chat with at the shops to do the same. It is time for all Brexiteers to become canvassers for Brexit.

We can win this thing if we vote and if we make sure that as many of our family and friends also vote for Boris and Brexit.

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