Thursday 12 December 2019

Two Votes for Boris From a Father and His Son

To the airport this morning to pick up my son's Mexican mother who flew in to watch her darling 19-year-old boy cast his first-ever vote in a British general election. This photo was taken as we left the polling place at about 9.15 am and as you can see, she is a very proud mother indeed.

I have campaigned for Brexit for about forty years now, and since Brexit is the top issue in this election, I broke the habit of a lifetime and voted Tory - to get Brexit done I had no choice.

The lad resents the fact that his mother can be asked damn fool questions whenever she flies in, but the mothers of the Spaniards who bless Edinburgh with their presence can swan in and out as if they own the damned place.

He does not want special treatment for his mother, he just wants all foreigners to be treated the same, and so do I.

So, that was two more votes for Boris and Brexit in Edinburgh West from this father and his son.

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