Sunday 24 November 2019

Why Labour Leavers Must Vote Conservative

Boris is on target to win a historic victory of monumental proportions that could even put the landslides of 1945 and 1983 in the shade. The Tories are making great strides in Northern and Midlands England and look set to take over thirty seats in that region. Wales is a longstanding Labour fiefdom that could fall next month to the blue wave, so what can stop Boris' army now?

If we ignore unforeseen events that tend to crop up when nobody expects them and blindside one side or the other, the major danger that Boris faces come from Jo Swinson, her Liberal-Democrats and the unwilling help that they could give to Labour.

The Lib-Dems are a party that has not made any headway in this election and are now stuck on about 15% in the polls. If just 5% of that total decides that since the Lib-Dems are going nowhere and Jezza's Labour gang are the second-placed horse to back then they could put Labour back into contention for the top spot.

Swinson appeals to the real hardline Federasts who support an immediate revocation of Article 50 with no Losers' Vote to cover up that act. It may very well be that since Swinson is a Scottish Unionist who represents a Scottish seat her objection to another EU referendum is directly related to her hardline opposition to another vote on Scottish independence which the SNP are demanding. If you think about it, opposition to one is intellectually incoherent without opposition to the other. Swinson's seat is under threat from the SNP so she has to bolster her Unionist credentials to try and save her seat on the Westminster gravy train.

However, the 15% or so of the population who support the Lib-Dems almost certainly do not share her desire to save the Union first and foremost. It is quite likely that they put the EU first and as Boris rises in the polls they may just decide to cut their Lib-Dem losses and take a chance with Jezza and his idea of another referendum, or a Losers' Vote as I call it.

What can Boris do under those circumstances? There is not much left to squeeze out of The Brexit Party who are now down to about 3% in the polls, so the only obvious target is to try and make a play for Labour Leavers.

Funnily enough, that is exactly what the Scottish Tories are doing right now, although their target is the SNP:

This Tweet from Annie Wells, a Tory MSP went live on Saturday. It is a brutally honest and totally cynical appeal to Scottish voters who may even hate the Tories to vote for Boris's party to stop the SNP forcing another independence referendum on us and then Labour doing the same with their Losers' Vote wheeze. People in Scotland are as entitled to a quiet life as people in the rest of the country so a vote for the Tories is the best way to get it - even if we loathe the party.

If Labour starts to climb in the polls, with an obvious decline in the Lib-Dem vote, then Boris is just the man to issue an appeal to what is left of the Labour Leave vote to rally behind him to get Brexit over and done with by the end of January 2020.

Brexit cuts across all other loyalties and that is why all sound Brexiteers must line up and vote for the one party that will deliver Brexit to us, and that party is the Conservative one with Boris Johnson at its head.

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