Sunday 10 September 2017

Guest Posting: The Federast Assault on the Last Night of the Proms

 Tim Collard was one of our men in Peking for many years before becoming HM Consul-General in Hamburg until his retirement. He is fluent in both German and Mandarin and now forms a part of the Oxford Union in exile which meets up every Wednesday evening in an Edinburgh swill shop to discuss matters of great weight and drink beer.

I have tried, quite sincerely, to keep my participation in Brexit debates civil and non-inflammatory. As regards yesterday's march, such demonstrations are every bit as legitimate as Labour Party rallies after our recent election defeat.

But I do regard the anti-Brexit manifestations at the Last Night of the Proms as fair game. Wave your frigging twelve-star flags somewhere else. (Why doesn't someone start a fashion for cutting out one of the stars as a symbol of Brexit? If I get my hands on an EU flag I certainly will.) 

And some of the crap they talk! From the BBC: "A spokesman for EU Flags Proms Team told The Telegraph: 'During the Age of Enlightenment, Mozart, Handel and Bach all lived and worked for part of their lives in London. Presumably, under the Brexit dark ages, they would not be welcome.'"

Strangely enough, the Treaty of Rome was not in force during the eighteenth century. And that Enlightenment century began with the War of the Spanish Succession, proceeded via the Wars of Jenkins' Ear and the Austrian Succession to the Seven Years' War, throughout much of which, especially the last, Britain sat back rubbing its hands while grabbing colonies left, right and centre. The century ended with the French Revolutionary Wars and the emergence of Napoleon. Meanwhile, Bach, Handel and Mozart were able to sit happily in London doing their thang with no interference from either British immigration or Greater Luxembourg. Sure, they tended not to provoke the natives by whingeing about the right of free movement - they just exercised it.

Out of respect for my many friends who disagree rationally with me on Brexit, I try to refrain from using words like "Remoaners", but it's a bit of a tough call sometimes.

For the record, the Guardian is now having the vapours over the whole idea of the Promenade Concerts, especially the last night. Also for the record, Tim should know that we do not call these scumsuckers "Remoaners," we call them "Federasts."

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