Wednesday 19 July 2017

Guardian Censors Debate About the EU Demand for a Bribe From Britain

The Guardian has a gloating report yesterday about the £60-odd billion or so bung that the EU wishes to extort from the UK as the price for waving them a less than fond farewell. The following comment lasted less than thirty minutes before the Guardian's Mrs Grundy deleted it. Clearly the paper doesn't want obvious parallels being drawn with other payments made by other states:

The point is that in 1919 Germany had to pay an eye-watering sum for the simple reason that she had lost the Great War. The terms were presented by the victors, who had kept alive their blockade of the German ports to ensure that hunger back home concentrated the minds of the German delegation wonderfully.

We have not lost a war and have no legal contractual obligations to the EU after the end of March 2019. Funnily enough that is the centenary anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles, which is the treaty that the Guardian does not want people to refer back to.

The Guardian's writ does not run at this here blog, so we can draw obvious conclusion that Brussels sees itself as the victor and can present any terms it wishes to the defeated British. This is a very foolish attitude to take as all it will achieve is to harden the British national trait of bloody-mindedness and lead us to tell Merkel and her gang not to try and dictate to us until after their armies have finished having their victory parade down Whitehall - and even then we are unlikely to listen.

Uncle Ken's view is that we should pay something in the interests of peace, quiet and getting the fuck out quickly. That something should be presented to the European Union as a bung that we are paying in the same way and for the same reasons that we pay similar bungs to other dodgy types in Latin-America and Eastern Europe. It is all about helping "beezness," so after the amount of the bung has been agreed, there is only one question that we need to ask:

Do they want their bung paid into in Swiss or Panamanian bank accounts, or do they prefer suitcases stuffed full of used fivers?

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