Monday 1 July 2024

The Worst Election Ever Slouches Along


Yesterday, a Reform UK candidate named Liam Booth-Isherwood decided to defect to the Tories in the constituency of Erewash, and no, I don't know where it is, either. He claimed that Reform is a wickedly waycist party or something, but just three days earlier he appeared in a videoed hustings in which he sang Reform's praises. God knows what induced him to go from enthusiastic colour bearer for Reform to defector who now tells people to vote Tory and I suspect that we will never know, because the story seems to have already died a death.

I delayed writing this post as I expected that the defection was part of some Tory plan to take the fight to Reform, but if it is then it is then I can't see anything in the media that is anything other than the mixture as before.

This election seems to have run out of steam, not that it had very much to begin with. Nigel Farage popped up and set the process alight, but even he cannot alter the fact that Labour is going to win and the Tories are going to lose. Yes, we can debate about Corbyn, Galloway and Farage, but their results are not going to alter the fact that the result of the election is fixed-in.

Even the fact that it is quite likely that Labour will win the election with fewer than 40% of the votes cast and that turnout could be down to local election levels is not enough to awaken interest in the election. The lack of legitimacy of a government elected on those figures is a problem that starts next week. Right now, all we are doing is marking time until the count is over sometime on Friday morning.

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