Tuesday 2 July 2024

The Worst Election Ever Takes a Downturn


Georgia David is a second Reform candidate who has jumped ship to the Tories, having spent the past six weeks campaigning against that party. I know that we are all consenting adults, but does anybody seriously believe that these defections are anything other than a final, desperate throw of the dice by the Tories who are now in a Berlin bunker, April 1945, situation?

What the deal is I have no idea. Richard Tice reckons that many Reform candidates have been offered jobs and money by the Tories, but even if these two are motivated by the purest of desires, it has to be admitted that it all looks very dodgy.

As I look back over the past six weeks I can feel my desire to continue to live ebbing away. If any Tory wants me to throw the might of this blog behind any candidate then a brown envelope stuffed with used fivers and tenners is my price.

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