Tuesday 20 May 2014

Casting a protest vote: Green Party

I decide to include the Green Party in this round-up of protest vehicles, even though they are actually nothing of the kind. People who belong to the Greens are just as much a part of that metropolitan elite and its odious gang of middle class stooges as any Tory, Labour or Liberal-Democrat.

Greens may talk about this issue or that, but they are really just a collection of parasites who feed off a wealthy, developed economy, thanks to their cushy numbers in the media, education and the like. A Green activist will pontificate at length about the importance of cutting carbon emissions, and emote about the need to use bicycles as a form of transport. Then he will get on a bicycle that needs a second mortgage to buy and cycle off in his pretty Lycra outfit, not forgetting to fit  the risible spaz hat on his noggin before he takes off.

Needless to say, if the economy ever did tank to the extent that people could not afford cars, the first people to moan would be the Greens, because they more than anyone else need that technologically advanced economy that is Britain today to maintain their lifestyle. Put another way, Green politics are really nothing more than a middle class lifestyle posture, and there is nothing that I can see in the party that is worthy of anything other than contempt.

When deciding who you hate the most on Thursday, I suspect that the Greens will feature highly on most normal people's lists.

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