Tuesday 20 May 2014

Thoughts on the lack of a Lee Rigby memorial

It's official: the powers that be have refused to countenance a memorial to Fusilier Lee Rigby who was murdered in a Woolwich street last year by two feral types who ran him over in their car and then got out and stabbed him to death.

Back in February, the Daily Mirror reported this fact, only to see it denied by the Greenwich city fathers who assured all and sundry that they were working with the army to erect a monument. However, it emerged a few days ago that this was a lie and no memorial will be erected.

Funnily enough, Greenwich had no qualms about a memorial to Stephen Lawrence, the black teenager who was also murdered on one of their streets, but then again, the Lawrence murder allowed the white, liberal middle class to engage in one of its periodic bouts of self-flagellation about how wicked this country is. Lee Rigby had the misfortune to be white, working class and a soldier, which provides three good reasons for middle class types to want to see him forgotten about as quickly as possible.

So, when his family went to the Woolwich area of Greenwich to mourn their loss they were told by Chris Roberts, the leader of Greenwich Council that: "We do not want you here." The local MP, Nick Raynsford, is also opposed to any monument to this young man, saying: "It would not in my view be helpful."

When people tried to leave flowers near the murder scene, their gesture was disrupted by the Unite against Fascism front of the Soggy Wankers' Party and some Muslim groups:

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