Sunday 25 May 2014

Manchester police arrest a man for satirising them

I reported recently on the case of a street preacher who was arrested on ludicrous and trumped up charges by the Manchester police, and now they have done it again, by arresting a bloke in a comic outfit and holding him for eight hours on a charge of impersonating a police officer!

Political activist Steven Peers now joins the longish list of preachers, political candidates and now satirists who have had their collars felt by the state's agents for doing not very much. 

I argued back in April that these arrests reflect a view on the part of our great and good that the people of Britain do not share the values that the elite consensus propounds. Thus they need to be intimidated into silence because the state is afraid that it is losing control of the people. I see nothing to change that view as far as this latest arrest is concerned.

The problem is that by arresting satirists, the police make themselves look utterly ridiculous. When people laugh at the state, they are well on the way to losing their fear of it.

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