Saturday 3 May 2014

The social work industry is out of control

The social work industry appears to be out of control. First they preyed on the very young, with the press full of stories of them circling like hyenas around new born babes, seeking to grab them from their parents on spurious and trumped up charges. Now they are going after the elderly...

A 94 year old retired midwife has been banned from speaking to the press for the rest of her life because these creatures do not like what she was telling them. She had moved a married couple into her house, but Redbridge social work industry wanted to put her into a workhouse so that they could grab her valuable house, presumably to help balance their books, and then forget about her. The old woman fought back so the social workers essentially raided her property 12 times in nine months, always accompanied by police, presumably to protect them from the wrath of an angry old woman who just wanted to be left alone.

In court she raised herself out of the wheelchair and defiantly told the judge: "They think I am a stupid old woman and can do what they like and I want them out of my life." That does not sound like a mental defective to me.

Needless to say, the judge declared her unfit and she has been gagged for life. Presumably her house will now be seized once the council has got her into the home. Given all that the social workers have done to this woman, I think she will be lucky to survive until the end of the year - or maybe death will be a blessing for her.

Over in Swindon, 88 year old army veteran Allan Thipthorpe enjoyed nothing more than bringing a whore into his sheltered accommodation, only to have social workers object. They said that the trollop was stealing from him, only to have Allan tell them that she wasn't, and it was his money, anyway, and if he wanted to spend it by paying someone to polish his knob that was his affair.

Needless to say, Alan appears to have lost that battle as well, although he did punch a council pen pusher, which is not bad going for an old fart.

When my late father was almost Alan's age, 20 years ago, the Oldham social work cockroaches tried to force him into a workhouse and I took up the cudgels on his behalf. Using every councillor that I could think of as well as the local press I managed to get them to back off, and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process. Sadly, for the last six months of his life, dad was in one of those homes where the elderly are sent to die, but the council had to agree to foot the bill, and dad for his part agreed to go in until I could return to the UK and get him out. Sadly, he died a few days after I flew into the UK to keep my side of the deal.

Would I get away with that today? Probably not, as all that happened before New Labour were elected in 1997. They gave the social work industry more powers, and as we have seen with the old midwife and soldier, if you give the state powers, then it will abuse those powers.

It's easy to blame overpaid, undereducated social work rabble with their pathetic polytechnic degrees and puerile desire for status, but they would not last five minutes if parliament was to vote to strip away their powers. Then they could go away and flip burgers and the rest of us could live our lives in peace.

We need to change the laws in this country of ours.


  1. I was most amused to read your blog entry Ken. This must have hit home somewhere, judging by your tetchy response & your insecurity about your CV - any decent blogger would have just laughed it off and moved on or more likely been open to some form of genuine debate. Instead, as you appear unable to engage in any form of dialogue, you chose to add a further instalment to your endless recycling of the same hateful and superficial nonsense. Nowhere, in any of your 'writings' on Social Work have you made any meaningful contribution. I might add that if I had any fear from your viewpoints I wouldn't have sent you a message in the first place. I've been interested to read through the rest of your sexist diatribe, also known as a blog, and it seems you are happy, among other things, to condone prostitution but appear unable to comprehend the idea of protecting vulnerable children.

  2. I have never tried to "engage" with you, or any other lump of scum like you. Why is that so hard for your little hamster brain to understand?

    By the way, your wank gets caught in a spam trap since this post is over two weeks old.

    1. Wow, you sound really angry Mr Bell. Can't you just talk to him without resorting to abuse? I'm with Gav on this one :-)

  3. Thanks for your support anon. Ken I see you have no coherent response to anon either. Your style of debate would not stand the test in a playground.

  4. Naah, I don't dance to tunes played by scum. I have been dealing with cockroaches like you since before you were even a little tadpole, swimming around in your father's bollocks. Once you were the foremen and chargehands, now you call yourselves social workers, but monickers aside, you are the pissants of society, desperate to have an ant hill to piss from.

  5. Ken, thanks for proving my earlier point.

  6. Up early aren't you, Tucks? Shit the bed or something? Yeah, I can sort of imagine you thinking that a fart was on its way so you decided to let it rip. Oops, big mistake.

  7. Jesus H. Christ, Ken. I have just stumbled onto your blog via your contributions to the Guardian website. You need some serious help, my friend. Good luck to you.

  8. Cheers mate, but don't worry as I know how to deal with crap like this. They think they are so important and get so very upset when I mock them. If there is one thing that your lower middle class type cannot take it's mockery. I know how to put 'em in their proper place.

    Sorry your comment was caught in the spam trap - it applies to all comments on postings over two weeks old.


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