Saturday 17 May 2014

Which party to vote for on Thursday?

Political parties serve all sorts of functions. They allow people to participate without becoming political nerds, they aggregate interests and suppress unpopular policies in favour of those which are electorally more appealing. Parties are usually coalitions, in which policies that we don't like are counterbalanced by those that we do. For instance in the 1960s, many working class people supported capital punishment and were not in favour of the liberalisation of the anti-homosexualist laws, both of which Labour supported. However, there was still more than enough Labourist meat for them to chew on in the form of legislation to improve working conditions, with the result that many people just tolerated the policies that they did not like to get the ones that they did.

The problem is what happens when all the parties have been largely taken over by the same narrow metropolitan elite, and the policies are only those which they find agreeable? That is the situation that we find ourselves in today as far as British politics goes.

It is possible that the middle class will have enough to sup on from existing Tory broth, so even if they do not like the EU they can still console themselves by the knowledge that Britain is a hire and fire economy where workers are expected to dance to the tune played by some nasty little scrote with a National Front haircut and a cheap suit. 

Working class people on the other hand have barely a smidgen of traditional Labour policies to vote for, so they are likely not to vote, or they might just vote for a party which is hated by the people that they hate.

Over the next few days I will post the election broadcasts for An Independence From Europe, the British National Party, UKIP and No2EU, as these seem to me to be the main protest parties at the moment. 

I shall comment on each of them, and hopefully at the end people, including me, will be able to answer the question:

Who do we hate the most? 

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