Thursday 8 May 2014

Making Norman Tebbit feel a fool

There was not much doubt about winner of the prize for the nastiest, most spiteful and rancid post of the week. It just has to go to Ken Bell, who described me, among other things, as "a spokesman for lower middle class fascism". He really should go back and read about Mussolini.

I would just like to thank Norman Tebbit for that comment, which you can read on his Telegraph blog. I really do feel that I have achieved something when  the scummiest of all Tories feels constrained to mention little old me by name. 

Tebbit wrote some nonsense about how unfair it was that Scots in England could not vote in the independence referendum, and then made a fatuous remark about England's side of Hadrian's Wall. That was when I stepped in to point out that English and Scottish nationalities do not actually exist, as we are all still British. Thus the people who will vote in September are those British people who live in Scotland and are registered to vote here. I also gave him a lesson in political geography by pointing out that Hadrian's Wall is several miles inside England.

In another comment I said that I would fail any Norman McTebbit test when it came to sport as I will be cheering for England in next month's world cup. "This is not about blood and soil nationalism. It really is about keeping the best of Britain that I remember prior to 1979, and making sure that the likes of Tebbitt never ever again have any hold over me or my sons," I concluded.

Tebbitt could have chosen to answer those points, but instead he dug around and found this comment that I made to another poster: "...By the way, I realise that Tebbit is the spokesman for lower middle class saloon bar fascism, but what's your motivation?"

Is it too fanciful to suggest that Tebbit, white faced with anger at the humiliation he felt because I had demonstrated his political illiteracy, to say nothing about having his own "cricket test" thrown back at him, banged out that paragraph about me because that was the best he could manage?

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  1. Tebbitt has been dodging terminal cancer for years. But hopefully this is the year it will nail the cunt.


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