Sunday 11 May 2014

More video of the Edinburgh anti-UKIP demonstration

Following right along from my posting of yesterday about the Friday anti-UKIP demonstration at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange, more video has now emerged. What we can now see is just what an unmitigated disaster the demonstration was for the Trots and their unwashed hangers-on. The only saving grace for the whole anti-UKIP crowd is that the students outnumbered the wallies, and things remained peaceful.

As I saw it at the time, the students who were on the same bus as me joined a small group of about fifty demonstrators who were already in front of the Corn Exchange and then both groups together marched to the bottom of the street. As this video shows, the Trots and Great Unwashed were marching down the road already when the students joined them:

I have no idea why they did that, but they are little better than Orcs so who cares? What is clear is that the students just tagged along. What is also clear is that I was right to think that the fellow sat on my bus with his loud hailer was going to be a noisy young bugger as there he is at the 50 second mark, being just that. My comments about the seriously tasty nature of the female talent that arrived as part of the student crowd is also confirmed by this video.

Moving along, here is a video that starts inside the housing estate that is at the end of the vehicular tunnel where I was standing to shoot my video. I don't know about you but the people milling around do not look like skinheads to me, they come over as normal people probably from the estate who are wondering what was going on. Anyway, I will bet that UKIP will pick up a fair few votes from those houses:

Finally, rumours are going around the web that members of a wedding reception were roundly abused by the demonstrators. I did not see that happen, so if it did then it must have occurred before the bus carrying me and the students arrived. In other words there's another triumph for mouth breathing Trots and yet more votes for UKIP.

Congratulations to the followers of St. Leon the Loser for keeping alive their record of utter and total failure.

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