Tuesday 20 May 2014

When the fake Romanians came to London

This is comedy fucking gold: a bunch of pretty girls, pretending to be Romanians, protesting at a black UKIP candidate. Watch what happens as Fleet Street's finest catch them out:


OK, so they are not Romanian, they are just pretending that they are. The one in the red does speak with a foreign accent, so maybe the Trotscum behind this bit of wankery thought that they would get away with it since all foreigners speak funny?

The girl in the black outfit starts off speaking funny, but then seems to slip into a middle class English accent right at the end when she says: "Yes, you are," to Michael Crick. Maybe they are all pretty good English actresses?

Look what the little filly in black did next:

Is it just me, or is there something inherently risible about a nice little English gel telling a middle aged black man that he is a wicked racist?

I could end this with a strong condemnation of these silly young madams and the fuckwitted organisers who set this stunt up, but what's the point? All they have done is to increase the total number of votes that UKIP will get on Thursday, and that should be condemnation enough.

Nice work, retards.

1 comment:

  1. orchestrated idiocy, they do not like free speech.


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