Monday 26 May 2014

Pictures of Princess Kate's bare bottom emerge to amuse us all and increase our hit counts.

Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humour? It's thanks to Bild magazine that we have this delightfully amusing upskirt shot of Princess Katie, accompanied by dear old balding Billy on a commando expedition in Australia last month.

It's not the first time that Katie has been spotted without knickers, as this photo taken in Canada last year shows.

What a delight she is when it comes to increasing the old hit count for web sites everywhere. The Daily Mail, never one to pass up a chance to increase its site traffic, ran the story with the interesting bit of Kate's anatomy pixelled out, but here you get the full uncensored shots of Katie's bare rump for your delectation and delight.


  1. The British TV news people get so outraged by this sort of thing. But what's the big deal? If you don't want people to see something, then you don't display it in public with legions of paparazzi ready to click photos. And all the excuses about the wind - no one could have known there would be wind! Yes, the British have had a top-notch Navy for hundreds of years, yet they don't know anything at all about the wind ...right! Actually, I think she looks extremely cute, and the more she reveals the cuter she looks! It is her choice not to wear panties, and in addition to exposing her lovely bottom, this might also reveal just a bit of a naughty side to the ever so beautiful and charming princess - which is a VERY good thing IMHO!
    In the old days there were several people assigned to observe each and every sex act between king and queen, with notes taken about every detail you can imagine (lest there be any questions about the paternity of an heir to the throne). Compared to that, this is pretty tame stuff.

  2. Naah, nobody is really outraged - it's just an excuse to boost circulation. They pretend to be shocked so that the readers can tut-tut as they drool over whatever story is being presented.


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