Monday 31 March 2014

Police hold preacher without food and water

Every now and again the police do something which leaves even me feeling amazed at their repulsiveness. Holding a Manchester preacher for nineteen hours, fifteen of those hours without food, water or medication, is one of those instances.

John Craven was preaching in Manchester in September 2011 when two homosexualists approached him and asked for his views on their particular lifestyle. He replied that God hates the sin, but He loves the sinners, whereupon the two began to kiss each other before simulating sex acts in front of the man. Their aim was obviously to provoke a reaction, but when that did not happen they went and found a copper who arrested Mr Craven for "public order offences."

He was then held for almost a whole day and denied food, water and medication until eventually a friend complained and he was given a microwaved meal. 

"The actions of the police have left me feeling nervous and anxious [and] I found the whole episode extremely distressing," he said.

It should be obvious to anyone that this is what the police wanted with their act of petty harassment - to so scare him that he would never return again to the streets of Manchester. 

Instead, Mr Craven took the matter to law and has just been awarded £13,000 in compensation. That finally came after the police dragged the matter out for almost three years, of course. That is pretty standard practice in the hope that people will get fed up and go away. They have also admitted holding him for far too long, but not that the original arrest was unjust in any way.

Excuse me, but I feel in need of a bath.

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