Monday 24 March 2014

Why the English object to Scotland's social welfare

I found out yesterday that Education Maintenance Allowance was never abolished in Scotland, and it also continues in Northern Ireland and Wales. Only England took the poorest people in the country who had children in further education and deprived those young people of the £30 a week that made their lives a bit easier. I can remember when Tory scum wrote that EMA was used to provide students with beer money, which may very well have been true but it also paid their bus fares and bought them a few books. More importantly than that, in England, it is the parents who have to find the money for beer, buses and books out of their capped benefits or low wages.

It is interesting how many people in England complain about these goodies that the people in the rest of the country enjoy. So, the English pay student university fees, prescription charges, and their children do not receive EMA. They have no chance of getting a council house because they are no longer being built and the few that remain can still be sold off at knock-down prices. In Scotland the sale of council houses has now been banned by the government, and Scots do not pay either university fees or prescription charges. 

The people of England could demand the same for themselves, but instead far too many Englishmen adopt an attitude of sullen resentment, and seem to say that if they cannot have these goodies then neither should anyone else. It is as if having bit down on the shit sarnie which capitalism has served up to them they then feel that everyone else should swallow it as well.

The fact that the Scots, Welsh and Ulster peoples have refused to chomp on that rancid offering only serves to remind the English of what utter cowards they are for refusing to demand the same level of social provision that the rest of us enjoy. That is why they complain at the level of services which exist outside England: they don't like being reminded of what mugs they were to give it all up.


  1. yes and when the Scots go independent you will be reminded who was paying for it. At the end of the day it all has to pad for no mater how morale it is

  2. As I said, the dickless dwarfs bit down on the shit sarnie and now resent the fact that other people enjoy goodies which they do not on account of being cowardly dogs. Then along comes a perfectly formed representative of the group and proves the point - wonderful! Not only that, but he is almost illiterate to boot, so he's hardly likely to pay much tax anyway.


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