Thursday 5 September 2013

Femen is a man's toy!

I've always been a great admirer of Femen, the Ukrainian based feminist group that puts topless pretty girls in front of cameras and then encouraged them to mouth off about something or other. Not that I cared about any of the causes, you understand, but these girls are my kind of feminists, even though the girl on the far right in the photo below looks as if she might want to lay off the cheeseburgers for a couple of months.

I'm not the only cove with a soft spot for these little darlings, just look at these two cops who are clearly nursing a blue veiner each:

As for Vladimir Putin, there is no mistaking his delight as a protester flashes her fun bags in his direction. I don't know about you, but I kind of admire old Putin who comes over as a man who knows what his middle leg is for, unlike the gang of pretty boys that we have running our country.

Even the Guardian ran stories about Femen, usually written by fat women, but I doubt if anyone actually read their turgid prose, as I suspect that it was just added to to make the photos acceptable to the sisterhood - and give the chaps something to smile over. The Sun has its page three and the Guardian has its pieces on Femen and we all get something to perv over. I ask you, what is not to like about this situation?

Well, sadly it has emerged that Femen is little more than a front set up by a Ukrainian man Victor Svyatski to get his leg over. I can see how the strategy panned out, as he chose the girls and always made sure that they were the shag-worthy ones ones. Then he convinced them that they were getting genuine publicity for the cause when in fact all that was happening was that chaps were admiring the tits on display. After that it was really only a matter of deciding which little darling was going to be given the honour of polishing his knob that night, and I am willing to bet that the beauties were fighting each other to get into Vic's bed.

All this leaves me with one question: just how will the Guardian fill its perv quota now that the sisterhood will no longer allow it to be reported seriously, with all those photos just added in to illustrate the story, of course.


  1. You are an ignorant, sexist pig. By the way, I am a male. Get a life.

  2. Tell me, do you reckon that adopting the pussy-whipped attitude gets you more shags or are you genuinely dickless?

  3. Hello Mr Bell. Thank you for posting my comment and thank you for your reply. Ignoring the predictably Americanised nature of your chosen terms of abuse, let me explain to you why I object to some of your postings. You seem to think it is acceptable to comment on women's physical appearance in terms of their attractiveness to you, which is classic male arrogance and sexism. Reducing a feminist political protest to an opportunity to leer lecherously at a photograph of topless women is itself crass. Having the sheer temerity to add comments about the slight variation (from an idealised, male-dictated 'norm') in the body shape of one of the protesters is rude, adolescent and unnecessary. It attempts to reassert the thousands of years of male control of women's bodies which feminism has been challenging for decades. The general tone of your postings on women is a curious combination of 'Carry On' style adolescent leering and misogynistic hatred, neither of which are appropriate in this day and age. Finally, a word about the terms you choose as insults which are, in my view, deeply revealing of the precise natuire of your mysogny. The term 'pussy-whipped' conflates together the vagina and violence. Does this perhaps indicate a deep-seated fear of women in general and their vaginas in particular on your part? The suiggestion that I am 'dickless' is equal;ly interesting as dicklessnes in itself is usually an indication of femaleness. The fact that you actually believe a state of dicklessness is inferior to a state of dickedness indicates that it is noeither certain women nor certain attiutudes that offfend you but women themselves. You are clearly afraid of women and this fear translates into hatred. This is classic mysogny. It may not be your fault that you are a mysogynist (as a social worker I understand that people are largely the products of their environment) but it is unbecoming to flaunt this ugly trait in public.

  4. Feel better after that? I hope so.


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