Saturday 31 May 2014

The day Scout Willis went topless for some reason or other

Scout Willis, daughter to Bruce in case you were wondering, wanted to protest about something or other, so she walked around New York flashing her fun bags around. That's OK, because I can't figure it out either, but what the hell, she has a nice pair so let's give em an airing.

Now, I am hoping that someone can come along and tell me exactly why the girlies think that by getting their tits out they are making some kind of statement. We had this nonsense with a group called Femen who turned out to be nothing more than a stooge outfit set up by a certain Victor Svyatski as a way to get his leg over. Victor managed to persuade several sweet little hamster brains  that providing entertainment for men on the street was the way to go politically. Before anyone knew it, Victor had his very own harem and Femen were in all the papers.

Sorry, but stunts like this from Scout Willis are nothing more than an excuse for a girl to allow her exhibitionist streak to break free and for us to have a nice pair to admire.

Oh, and for the hits on this blog to continue climbing.

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