Sunday 18 May 2014

Casting a protest vote: UKIP

UKIP are running ahead of the pack in the protest vote stakes, and they will be the obvious choice for very many people who want to give the old two-fingered salute to the old gang in Westminster. If you want to both make a protest and get people elected then UKIP is the game cock in this fight without a doubt.

To make matters even sweeter, the media has thrown everything up to and including the kitchen sink at the purples and all that happens is that their score rises in the opinion polls. That UKIP will win the Euro elections is now pretty much beyond doubt, and just think how pleasant it will be when the results come in and you will almost be able to hear the sphincters clenching amongst all those wallies who not only hate UKIP, but hate you as well.

The problem is that UKIP is a fraud. I don't mean that the party does anything illegal, far from it, but that it's reality is far removed from its image. UKIP is basically a Thatcherite party that is made up of elderly men and a few women who really do believe in the ideal created by the now thankfully dead old slag. 

When I joined UKIP I was also seduced by its public face as a broadly based, anti-EU party, that allowed its candidates to select their polices from a sort of Smorgasbord, and then present them to the electorate. Alas, when Thatcher went off to be toasted by Hell's fires I quickly learned the truth about this gang. If you vote UKIP you really are voting for people who genuinely seek to keep alive the suburban flame that was first lit by the old bitch all those years ago.

With the main parties we have what amounts to a metropolitan elite creating polices which they find agreeable, policies which many of their middle class stooges also tend to accept. In UKIP we have types who wear their ties under their cardigans in the house, as their wives water the aspidistras that are kept behind the lace curtains in the windows. If you decide that you hate the metrosexuals more than you hate the cardigan wearers, then by all means punt a vote the UKIP way. The sound of wailing in North London streets might just be worth a vote for a party of small town tossers.

As I said yesterday: it really all depends on who you hate the most.

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