Friday 18 November 2016

Federast Funnies 5

I know nothing about Jon McNaughton, the artist who painted this rather nice bit of agitprop, but as soon as I read the Guardian's report, and the spittle-flecked comments, I knew that this was a fellow to keep an eye on.

In a nutshell, an American political commentator called Sean Hannity has bought the original and plans to make a gift of it to Donald Trump. Needless to say, the Guardian's sexually self sufficient best have now decided that they are all art experts and are passing judgement on the piece, with the gist of it being that they don't like it.

Staying in our nutshell, I got in touch with McNaughton's sales' manageress, and will order a 16 X 24 inch signed lithograph of the work to decorate my wall and annoy all the right people. I noted this fact in a comment of my own, which led to an exchange between myself and a member of the wankerati:

Needless to say, the last comment was deleted when the precious soul went running to the moderators, having had his feelings hurt.

I shall post again on this theme when I have the lithograph on my wall, but in the meantime, this is all good fun, isn't it?

Thursday 17 November 2016

Why Clinton Lost

There are many reasons why Hillary Clinton lost. She has all the charisma of a lump of wood, she defending her husband's extra-curricular shagging which made it hard for anyone to attack Trump's love for exercising his middle leg, the allegations about corruption go all the way back to her days in Little Rock and she played fast and loose with security by refusing to use a government approved server for her official e-mails.

However, the main reason, the one that puts all the others into the shade, was utter stupidity. Take this killer paragraph from a Huffington Post story as proof of that point:

In politics, much like anything else, victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan. A senior official from Clinton’s campaign noted that they did have a large staff presence in Michigan and Wisconsin (200 and 180 people respectively) while also stressing that one of the reasons they didn’t do more was, in part, because of psychological games they were playing with the Trump campaign. They recognized that Michigan, for example, was a vulnerable state and felt that if they could keep Trump away ― by acting overly confident about their chances ― they would win it by a small margin and with a marginal resource allocation.

Got that? They knew they were weak in Michigan so did not campaign there because they were weak. I can sort of understand Ed Balls not campaigning in his own constituency in 2015 because he did not realise how soft his vote had become, but these idiots knew they were weak, and still did not campaign in the states that lost Clinton the election.

So Clinton lost because she did not deserve to win. It really is as simple as that.

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Federast Funnies 4

Here we are again, folks, with yet more self-loathing from the dear old Guardian.

The topic under debate was "Why Farage and Trump Have Dominated the Media," but it quickly spread into a general chat about immigration, which lets face it is why both Farage and Trump are so popular in their respective countries.

One bloke made the usual mocking comment about who will pick the cabbages if the third world part of Europe is not allowed to bless us with its cheap labour, to which I replied:

 "The same people who used to pick them before. Casual labour was supplied by the mums' army and students of the locality, supplemented by the unemployed who took seasonal work.Farmers, however, prefer to use East Europeans because it means that they can get their labourers via gangmasters at rock bottom rates."

The chat then ran thusly:

So what was my comment that the Guardian found to offensive to allow its precious readers to see? Here ya go, folks:
 Yeah, and I discovered just today that back in 1991 Birmingham Council commissioned an academic to write a report on under-age prostitution by girls in council care. The report found that most of the girls were white, with the rest being either black or mulatta. The men were all Pakistanis who drove private hire cars. The authoress was told to delete all references to ethnicity and taxis, and even then the report was suppressed.  I don't like the middle class as a breed, to be honest, but the lower middle class polyocracy, with their puerile little poly degrees and pathetic desire for status who now dominate the Labour Party really do leave me feeling in need of a bath.
 According to the Graun's censors, the comment was deleted 'cos it was off'-topic, but as you can see from the thread, it was a reply to someone whose comment was allowed to remain, so I'm calling bollocks on that excuse.

This is the Guardian, trying to protect its precious readership, who don't want to know whey they are hated by normal people in this country, so they delete comments that do not fit into the wanky narrative.

And that, boys and girls, is why the Guardian has to have a begging bowl out that takes up a big chunk of the main font page. There are just not enough sexually self sufficient, muesli-munchers to keep the paper alive for much longer!

Sunday 13 November 2016

When Clinton Betrayed Her followers

When a general has to surrender his army then he has one final task to perform: he has to stand in front of his soldiers and tell them that it was not their fault and that he is proud of their service. Throughout history many generals have performed that task with dignity, even though they were being torn up inside. It is the least they can do for the men that they have led to defeat.

On Tuesday the 8th November 2016 Hillary Clinton failed that task. Instead of going out to speak to her anguished followers who had gathered in New York to see her, she sent John Podesta, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, to speak on her behalf.

She had already spoken to Donald Trump and conceded the election to him, she had surrendered in other words, but she did not have the moral courage to face her supporters. Instead, by all accounts, she went into meltdown and cried hysterically backstage.

By the manner of her response to her defeat, she showed that she was unworthy of holding the nation's highest office. 

America has had a narrow miss and can congratulate itself that it does not have to worry about her ever again.

Thursday 10 November 2016

Reflections on the Revolution in America and Free Beer

I didn't have a bet on Brexit, 'cos I didn't think that we would win, but the American vote was too good to miss so I invested a few quid and walked away with sixty spendalucks when Trump strolled to victory.

Was I sure of the victory to come? No, but I figured that if America was in a full Brexit mode then the men in West Virginia who work deep underground digging coal might just turn out in force. That coal is sent to power the Pennsylvania smelting plants, so to succeed my bet needed those workers to haul themselves off to vote. Then the newly smelted steel goes to Detroit to build the muscle cars that America loves, so I had high hopes that the Michigan workers would join the growing throng. They all did, so I got myself some free beer.

Looking ahead, I doubt if Trump will actually build a real bricks and mortar wall on the Mexican border, but he will probably put up an electronic thing and call it the wall. He certainly doesn't give a stuff about all the green bollocks that the middle class wank like chimps over any more than we do, so that is good for coal and other heavy industries. That means support for real jobs that are productive of  the finished goods that come about when labour is applied to raw materials. 

The liberal middle classes are in meltdown just as they were after our Brexit victory, which is an entertainment all in itself. I note that some of them have been smashing windows and trying to riot, so I live in hopes that we will have a replay of 1972 when the Nixon voting hard hats turned out to slap the parents of today's demonstrators down. There could very well be another great wailing and smashing of teeth as those parasitic creatures are put back firmly in their place, which should make for good TV viewing here in the UK.

Finally, of course, the USA has as much a mature, developed polity as we do in the UK, so the sun will continue to shine as the institutions of America continue to function under their new, 45th President. There will then be a 46th in the fullness of time, and four years down the road when they repeat the whole exercise people will look back on the events of the 8th November 2016 and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Yet the Americans made history just like we did on the 23rd June 2016. The ordinary people in both countries did that by taking on a polity and demanding that it start to answer to their demands, rather than merely pandering to those of the parasitic middle classes.

All in all 2016 has been a revolutionary year in its own little way.

Wednesday 9 November 2016

Donald Trump's Victory Represents Brexit on Steroids

As the smoke clears over yesterday's American electoral battlefield three things are clear. First that Donald J. Trump will become the next President of the USA, secondly that the Republicans will control both Houses of Congress as well as all the Southern state legislatures, and finally that I have won £60 off William Hill for my bets on Trump. Of the three I reckon that the last is the most important to me.

For our country, the most important matter is that exactly a month ago, Dan DiMicco, Donald Trump's trade adviser pledged that the UK would be first in line for a trade deal with the USA, at the same time as he rejected the idea of free trade between the USA and the EU. We should remember that Obama said that we would be at the "back of the queue" for any trade deals if we left the EU. We rejected that blackmail in June and now events in the USA show that as far as America is concerned we were right to do that. 

What happened yesterday was a continuation of our Brexit vote, but on steroids.The ordinary people who either work in the private sector or are done over by it, gave a bit of payback to the people who have done so very well out of the new, globalised order. 

So yesterday was a victory for what the Americans call the hard hats. The men who dig deep under the soil of West Virginia to hack out the coal that goes to power a Pennsylvania smelting plant where the steel is produced that goes to build the Detroit muscle cars. All union men to the core, and proud to display their badges to prove it.

The defeated in America are of the same type as those who were defeated in the UK in our Brexit vote back in June. I call them the polyocacy, the parasitic class from the crappier institutions that degrade the name of university. They used to their willingness to sit around in boring meetings to take over both the Democrats in the USA and Labour in the UK, and they made them their parties and not ours.

They implicitly support globalisation as the rulers in both Britain and the USA are willing to allow members of the polyocracy to have plenty of well-paying non-jobs at the public's expense. They love the influx of third worlders because it creates more jobs for the polyocracy, especially in the teaching trade and social work industry. They also deny that this influx is directly responsible for the lack of well-paying, unionised jobs for us.

Yesterday they were schlonged, as the American say, or given a right hard shafting as we put it. Yesterday was in so many ways, a very good day for ordinary people indeed.

Saturday 5 November 2016

Federast Funnies 3

This is not the first time that some Federast has accused me of killing Jo Cox, which leaves me wishing that they would come up with some new insults as the old ones get a bit tiresome after a while.

I said that to him on the Guardian site, and also pointed out that I would not go running to the moderators 'cos I really get off on the hatred that Federasts display. Alas, someone did complain and the exchange was then deleted, but not before good old Uncle Ken had saved this wanker's words for posterity.

They only howl because they are afraid, and the more they howl the harder we laugh.

Friday 4 November 2016

A Very British Brexit Coup

Yesterday we had a coup. It was a very British coup, with no tanks on the street, but it was a coup nonetheless. The coupmongers were headed by a collection of wealthy foreigners, and bankrolled by a gaggle of super-rich expats, but it was still a coup. Three judges said that it really didn't matter that almost seventeen and a half million of us voted to leave the European Union, because it was all just an advisory vote, with Parliament having the final word. Needless to say, Members of Parliament can now be expected to start putting down hundreds of amendments to derail the process, with the aim being to drag the matter out to 2020, in the hope that events take over and a party wins the election that wants to keep us in the EU.

Also needless to say the metropolitan middle class who only woke up to the EU and began campaigning for it on the day after the polls closed, are now whooping with delight at what they fondly imagine is their masters' victory.

The decision demonstrates as nothing else could that our votes are nothing for the rich to worry about, as whatever we want can be overturned by  the state and its agents.

So it is now up to us to make it politically impossible for our voice to be ignored. We should blindside the coupmongers and their stooges by not fighting the coming battles in the way that they expect. They anticipate that we will whine about how the people's verdict has been overturned while they sit back and repeat the mantra that it was all purely advisory. They expect us to get bogged down in the minutia of legal debate, or maybe even just go away, having accepted that those who were born to rule over us know best.

 Let's not play that game. Instead we should talk about a coup, about judicial state agents who act only in the class interests of the rich and not us. The fact that it was men who wear what look like dead mice on their heads, rather than dark glasses and comic opera uniforms does not alter the fact that what they did amounted to a coup and it must be resisted as such.

It is for this reason that I am feeling rather chirpy today. The left are at their best when they are digging in for a long guerilla war against a capitalist state which they regard as illegitimate. The left fails when it loses the battle to persuade the people of the state's illegitimacy, but that battle has now already been half won, thanks to the three judicial stooges. 

We have been presented with an open goal that allows us to put the legitimacy of the state in the centre ground. We are the patriots, fighting for our country, against a foreign army of rootless cosmopolitans and their state hirelings. The fact that they are being cheered on by every big city weirdo in the land is just icing on the cake. We have the perfect cause, the perfect ground on which to fight and a collection of enemies that were almost created by a casting agency that sent out a call for actors who represent everything that normal British people loath.

I do not want to start counting our chickens just yet, but there is a fair wind blowing on our backs, that should enable us to make this about more than just Brexit. We can turn it into a fight about the future of our country, our democracy, and how we want both to be enabled in the future.

The Federasts who now find themselves in the position of cheerleaders for globalised capitalism have no idea of just what is about to hit them.
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