Saturday 8 June 2019

Why Did The Brexit Party Lose Peterborough?

Why did The Brexit Party lose the Peterborough by-election? There may be lots of reasons, but the main one seems to be the old problem that all insurgent parties have in that they rely on enthusiasm rather than organisation to achieve victory and it seldom works.

Labour's victory was down to good organisation. The constituency was canvassed several times so the party knew where its supporters were. That information was put into a databank so that on election day tellers could be put at every single polling station to collect voter numbers. Those were fed into the database so that in the evening, the party knew more or less which of its supporters had failed to vote. Then cars were sent out to collect the non-voters and ferry them to their polling stations.

This system was invented in Reading and first used in the 1945 election. It helped get Ian Micardo elected and was quickly copied by the rest of the Labour Party before all the other parties copied the Reading system themselves. 

The old Liberal Party excelled at it. Since they lacked much in the way of constituency organisation, the Liberals set up a nationally organised group of activists where were expert in the Reading system and when a by-election was called they were sent out to the constituency to run the local campaign. The local activists were dragooned into acting as foot soldiers by those national organisers and the Liberals quickly acquired a reputation as ferocious by-election campaigners with a string of victories.

The Brexit Party has become an expert at social media, at photo-ops that show Nigel Farage with a man of the people pint in his hand and at getting the mass media to follow its lines. What it failed to do in Peterborough is what it has always failed to do ever since Farage was in UKIP. It cannot organise its election campaigns efficiently and it leaves too much to local enthusiasm and blind luck.

Today, any political party can buy in canvassing tools, so there is no excuse for this cack-handedness. The most popular one is called Nation Builder and the company which sells the software even throws in a free, online set of tutorials that are aimed specifically at first-time candidates and their staffs.

The Brexit Party had a good candidate in Mike Greene who is well-known in Peterborough, a positive message and lots of enthusiasm. It lost against Labour's poor candidate, confusing message over Brexit, but ruthlessly efficient by-election machine.

The Brexiteers need to copy that winning strategy as quickly as possible.

Wednesday 5 June 2019

Siobhan Prigent, a Federast Who Enjoys Watching the Elderly Being Attacked

Meet Siobhan Charlotte Prigent, a graduate of the intellectual powerhouse that is the "University" of Glamorgan and one of the mouthy Federasts who enjoyed demonstrating against Donald Trump yesterday in London. If you can't tell the difference between the two images, Siobhan is the fat ball of lard and the other is the big orange balloon filled with air.

Here's another image from her Twitter page. God knows what the text is supposed to say as I can only read English and Spanish;  Gibberish has never been my strong point.

Here she is screaming "Nazi scum" over and over again at an old man who had to misfortune to find himself surrounded by Siobhan and her unwashed cronies.

Then when someone threw a milkshake over him, she stopped screaming and started to laugh. What a brave fighter for the Progressive ethos she is to be sure.

Or not as the case may be. You see the internet decided that this naughty little girl needed a virtual spanking so set out to administer one to her.

First, she was named as Siobhan Charlotte Prigent by any number of Twitter feeds and websites.

Then her company, an off-the-shelf outfit based in Manchester called Vlek Ltd received an enormous amount of unwanted comments which will do wonders for its future profitability I am sure. Not that she will care, I suspect, since she only set it up last September, and still spends most of her time in London doing various short-term clerical non-jobs in the public sector.

Faced with this, Siobhan did what the middle class always do when things go wrong, she went into full arse-crawling apology mode:

When that was not enough, because by then the whole internet was in full payback mode, she deleted her Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and went to ground.

Normally, I would not bother about such a lump of lard, except to note that Siobhan is about half my age and twice as fat. However, this illustrates the important truth that the middle class are either snarling at our throats or crawling at our feet. Siobhan, like all of her tribe, is only brave when she thinks that her actions do not have any consequences.

When they learn that they do, especially when it relates to their desire to arsecrawl up the bureaucratic or corporate ladder, then they run like kicked curs. 

Since all we do is regard bastard fucking work as the price we pay for our money, we are pretty much invulnerable in that area and can do as we please in our own time.

As Siobhan found out just recently, that does not apply to her and her kind. That makes them vulnerable and that is another factor that will help ensure the final victory for the Brexiteers.
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