Friday 23 October 2015

How Michelle Dorrell was shafted by the Tories

Michelle Dorrell was in all the headlines last Friday, but the press is now trying desperately to forget about her as they run their latest Corbyn bad story. It's up to social media to keep the story alive and remind people of just how scummy the Tories are.

The point is that Michelle got a double shafting. Firstly she was promised by Cameron that he would not cut working tax credits. That was an election pledge that has just been unceremoniously dumped, leaving Michelle and thousands like her up shit creek. She voted for the Cameroonians on the basis of a pledge that has turned out to be a downright lie.

Secondly, and this may not apply directly to Michelle, but it applies to plenty of others who bought into the Tory shtick of demonising claimants as scroungers and exalting people in employment as hard working taxpayers. 

That line came with a particularly nasty sleight of hand trick whereby the unemployed were encouraged to set themselves up as self employed, even if the so-called businesses that they were running did not make any money. They were told by the joke shops that working tax credits would pay them a wage, in effect, and the beauty of this wheeze was that overnight they went from being benefit scrounging scum to hard working family taxpayers. As far as the Tory regime was concerned it was all about getting the official unemployment figures down, until this year when they decided to reverse the policy.

A couple of years ago I met  fellow who was supposedly a copywriter. Over a pint or three he told me that what he actually did was give Amazon book reviews for a couple of quid a throw to anyone who wanted them. He confessed that he only earned a few quid a month, but that his tax credits gave him something approaching an income.

Sorry, but you cannot blame the unemployed for doing as the Tories wanted by becoming self employed. It isn't their fault that in July this year those same Tories decided to include them in the category of scroungers rather than hard working taxpayers.

Friday 16 October 2015

Michelle Dorrell was gullible, but the left needs to bring her back into the tent

On last night's Question Time, Michelle Dorrell (35), a single mother of four children, broke down as she accused the government of preparing to give her a right Torying by cutting her working tax credits. Here's the clip that is going all round the web today:

As you can see, Missy Dorrell is a self confessed Tory voter who is only whining because she is now about to get done over. She didn't seem to care when other claimants had their benefits cut by the regime; she seems to have ignored all that because it did not impinge on her or her family. On one level it is hard to say that you would need a heart of stone not to laugh at her distress, which is probably why jibes such as this are also going viral all over the web:

The problem is that Michelle is the victim of a Tory scam that has been running for years. She runs her own nail salon from home, a business which does not make any money, so she relies on tax credits as her main source of income.

If this sounds crazy to you, then remember that the unemployed are pressured to go on courses by the local job centre, or joke shop as they are called in the vernacular. Those courses are run by spiv-like private companies and the aim is to get people off the unemployment statistics by hook or by crook. One way is to encourage the unemployed to become self-employed, and then to rely on tax credits for their income. Back in Thatcher's day every GP was given the nod and wink to sign the long term unemployed onto disability benefit, and now under Cameron they are being moved into self-employment, but the wheeze is still the same: get the unemployment figures down by fiddling them.

Viewed in that light, it is hard not to have some sympathy for Michelle Dorrell, who has clearly been duped by Tory scum. That she now feels that Jeremy Corbyn is a better representative of her interests than David Cameron is a bonus that cannot be denied.

Politics is about self-interest, which is why I am a socialist. If I had been born the son of Sir Charles Bell, landowner, instead of Charlie Bell, factory labourer, I am sure that I would be a hard-arsed Tory who believed in working people to death and paying them a pittance. I am not, so I don't.

Owen Jones, of all people, has it right when he said that Michelle and people like her need to be "love-bombed." This prodigal daughter must be welcomed back inside the tribe and encouraged to tell her story to anyone who will listen: the Tories are scum who aim to impoverish the masses so that the few can become even richer. 

That is not to say that we cannot tease her for being gullible and believing Tory lies, but we have to bring the likes of Michelle back on board the collectivist bandwagon. If we can do that then the Tories can be shut out of office forever.

Monday 5 October 2015

Tories get eggstatic welcome to Manchester

Manchester is infested with Tories at the moment, which is terrible for a city that does not have a single councillor from that scummy collection of two-legged cockroaches. That said, I reckon that yesterday's incident when the head of one of the party's prettier little boys got in the way of a flying egg was a bit of a yolk.

Think about it, the Tories sent out four contestants in the upper class twit of the year contest to stand outside the massive steel barricades that have been erected to protect such creatures from the people's distaste.

The four stooges seem to have been egged on by a rather tasty bit of blonde totty until eventually the inevitable happened, whereupon they all took their hooks back inside the barricaded security zone.

You can watch the whole, daft, put-up job if you want by clicking this link. The blonde piece appears at about the twenty second mark and was not too happy about about being filmed, by the way.

Enough of this merry banter: the city centre rooftops are now covered with sniper positions just to make sure that nobody throws any more eggs:

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