Tuesday 26 June 2018

Sexiest Fan of the World Cup 2018 up to Now

The thing I like about the World Cup is not just the footie, but the chance it provides for drop-dead gorgeous totties to let their exhibitionist streak shine through, especially when their team wins. This little darling is an example as she flashed her tits for the lads as Argentina secured its place in the next round.

Saturday 23 June 2018

On the Second Anniversary of Our Brexit Victory, the Federasts Still Whine Impotently

Anything up to 50,000 white, middle-class people turned up in central London today to have a walk in the sun in the hope that someone, anyone, would listen to their plaintive calls for yet another Brexit referendum.

Nobody will listen to them, partly because the rest of us are too busy watching the World Cup, but mainly because this shower of whiners just doesn't threaten anyone. The Poll Tax riots in 1990 loosened a lot of bowels, but nobody is the slightest bit interested in today's stroll by former student union types:

Another strategy would be to copy our tactics and unite behind a single party - in our case UKIP so the Lib-Dems would do for them - and then use that party to disrupt the existing party system. It didn't matter that UKIP did not win many seats, what mattered was that it stopped the two main parties from taking seats for granted by threatening to take votes of the sitting party and letting the other lot in.

Alas, the Federasts cannot do that, either, as it involves a level of organisation that is beyond them. To them, politics is what they did back in their poly days and involves nothing more than going on a march in the fond hope that exercise equals political progress. Expecting them to dedicate long decades as we did to achieve a political end is a waste of time as they are not political activists, they are merely political dilettantes.

They are also thick as pigshit, as this meme demonstrates:

If you think that Matt, a self-confessed poly-wallah was the exception then I have to tell you that he is the rule, as this fuckwit demonstrated when he fell for the same ploy:

Just what have the Federasts achieved in two long years? Aside from a few walks in the sun, always on a Saturday because types like Matt and Mark really want to overthrow the system but they have mortgages to pay and have used up all their holiday entitlement this year at whatever local government non-job they have, the answer is not a lot.

Oh, they did eventually come up with Gammon to describe us and they think that we are as insulted by that as they are when we call them Federasts. Alas for their hopes, we don't give a stuff about them, what they think or what they call us.

We are the victors and the pathetic whines of the defeated and disgraced are of interest only to give us something to mock as we head towards our Brexit.

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