Sunday 18 December 2016

Federast Funnies 6

In case you are wondering, yeah, I am having a break from the blog, but today's load of Federast old wank was just too good to miss.

The Guardian has a piece by Nick Cohen which looks suspiciously like something that appeared in the Spectator or somewhere a month or so ago, so I left the following comment:

Needless to say, various Federast types then piled in:

It was at that point, less than 30 minutes after my original comment was posted, that the Guardian's Mrs Grundy stepped in and censored the whole thread. In the past they would send me an email which contained the post that Mother Grundy or her minions disliked, but they have stopped doing that, probably because they know that I repost them here. Luckily I am now in the habit of saving all my Brexit comments, and the replies, so that trick isn't gonna wash.

Remember, folks, where the Guardian is concerned, keep your ad-blocker up to date, and don't fall for the trap of giving the buggers a penny, no matter how much they beg. If there are as many Federasts in the country as they believe, then they don't need any Brexiteering brass. If there aren't, then they will go bust sooner rather than later.

Either way we still get the laughs.
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