Thursday 30 June 2016

Here's my take on why people voted as they did

By the end of the referendum campaign you could pretty much tell how a person was going to vote by their accents and clothes. In elections you will always get some middle class types voting for a left party, or working class people going Tory, but here the class divide was as stark as possible.

Speaking only for myself, I stopped taking the Federasts seriously and started laughing at them on the Saturday before the vote. That was the day when the Brexit stall in central Edinburgh that I helped to man was blessed by the presence of a buffoonish individual  who walked up and began to scream that we were dishonouring the memory of Jo Cox, the MP who had been murdered two days previously. He went on to state, in full spittle-flecked lips and finger jabbing mode mode, that we were betraying the international working class by this failure to show solidarity with the oppressed of Europe, and so on and so forth.

When the tirade ended I pointed out the simple truth that the last time I had held a job in the UK that was full time, with holiday pay and the rest, it had ended in October 1981, to which he screamed: "That just proves how unemployable you are!"

Now, coming from a Tory that would be an expected response, but this bloke had just spent a good few minutes telling us all about working class solidarity, so to say that the response was off the wall is putting it mildly. Our crew were stunned, and I could see several mouths hanging open at the sheer inanity of the fool and his comments. As he opened his cake hole to start the next rant, I rather spoiled his intentions by bursting out in raucous laughter, raising my hand in the air and giving the international gesture of what a wanker, whereupon he stamped his foot like a petulant little girl and stormed off.

The real workers either voted for Brexit or didn't vote at all. The middle class voted Remain, and turned out in large numbers to do it, which is why Edinburgh showed such a large majority for the Federasts. 

This trend became clear very early on in the campaign when an electrician called at my house and told me that at the age of 50 he had never voted in his life, not even in the 2014 independence referendum, but that he had damn well registered for this one and intended to vote for Brexit.

By the end taxi drivers were double parking to dart over to our stall and grab leaflets to hand out to their passengers, whether they wanted them or not, bus drivers were sounding their horns as they drove past us, and building workers, complete with bags of tools and hard hats were arriving to state that they had just had enough of the EU and all its devilish ways.

They were joined by the poor with their pinched faces and uniform of grey tracksuits and cheap trainers, who often did not come to the stall, but who would take a leaflet. Then they would talk to us and explain to us in bewildered tones that it was wrong, quite wrong, that most of  the jobs had all vanished, and the ones that were left were being taken by Eastern Europeans.

Early in the campaign I would reply that giving management the option to pick and choose workers is just a very bad idea from our point of view, as it is far better if the bastards have as few options as possible. However, by the end there were so many plaintive people that the best our small group could do was just urge them to please turn out to vote. Sadly, few of them did, probably because after so many decades of political parties that just pander to globalised capitalism, the stuffing had just been knocked out of them, along with whatever enthusiasm they had once had for life.

So the Brexit voters tended to be people who had a direct relationship with capitalism, either because they worked in the private sector, or were prevented from working by it. It looks as if what united the skilled Bexiteeers was a hankering for more regulation of capitalism, so taxi drivers would complain about Uber taking work away from them, and electricians would moan about foreign competition. As for the unskilled, their longing was for the pre-1979 world of corporatism, with its big government, big business and big unions, all in the context of a nation state that built council houses, the NHS and ensured a decent life for all.

Facing us in the massed ranks of the bovine Remainer, who seemed to be drawn disproportionately from the ranks of government sinecure holders. It is impossible to over-generalise, but certainly the Federasts that I spoke to were by and large men and women who spoke with that cod-English accent that the Edinburgh middle class puts on, and as we saw at the start of this piece, they also tended to trot out the student union line about international proletarian solidarity, at least until they were put on the spot, when all their real lower middle class prejudices came out with a vengeance. Given that Scotland employs far too many people in pen-pushing non-jobs that are not productive of any finished good it is probably safe to bet that the Federasts ranks were chock full of timeservers and jobsworths who may have been worried that if the EU gravy train came off the rails, then their local government numbers would be next in line for scrutiny.

Of course, and needless to say, being middle class and parasitical on the economy, they had to cover their self interest with sanctimonious, self-righteous waffle, to try and pretend that they were not actually just trying to keep their own seats of the gravy train, but that it what it amounted to in the end.

So, the referendum was fought between people who had real jobs, or no jobs at all, and people who didn't, but who were doing very nicely, thank you, out of the labours and miseries of others.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Why the Brexiteers are right to exult in our victory and mock the shame of the defeated

I have not been blogging for a while, as I've been rather busy tasting a fine new liqueur, made from the tears of the defeated, mixed with the most precious of snowflakes. The over 17 million who voted to free our country from the claws of Brussels will long sip this heady concoction, so long as the defeated continue to disgrace themselves by their reactions to that defeat.

To be defeated is not to be disgraced, of course. My father stood on Luneburg Heath in 1945 and saw the German army streaming in to surrender, but he told me years later that he and his mates had given cigarettes to their opposite numbers on the other team. The Germans were in good order to the end, and they didn't whine or plead, but kept their heads held high and thus earned the sympathy of men like my dad all those years ago.

In 1985 the British miners marched back to work behind their banners and  similarly in good order. Defeated, yes, but never disgraced, they were the Brigade of Guards of the British working class, and even in defeat they were magnificent.

Can anybody have any respect for the pathetic whiners who were handed their arses on a plate last Thursday? I think not, and that is why we now call them snowflakes, because they melt so engagingly in the heat of the political sun.

We can understand their anger, because it is understandable. They had everything going for them, from the backing of the state machine, the support of the international machinery of globalised capitalism, a sizeable chunk of the press and an eager percentage of the population who preferred cheap mobile 'phone calls when abroad to freedom. Sadly they all forgot that a people who would trade mobile phone calls for liberty deserve neither the calls nor the liberty.

However, what we cannot understand is the whining. They can hardly whimper about the elderly betraying the young when so few of the young actually bothered to vote in the referendum. The argument that the vote coincided with university vacations and the poor snowflakes were thus disenfranchised is not a reason, it is a pathetic excuse. They could have made a simple telephone call and in five minutes changed their voting addresses, but they could not be bothered. My next door neighbour was cursing that he had been called into hospital at short notice and that it was too late to arrange a postal vote, however he was discharged on voting day as his operation was cancelled, so he went straight from the hospital to the polling booth to vote Leave. He suffers from bladder cancer, by the way, but he doesn't whine about that.

The claim that by these snowflakes that we have somehow ruined their chances of getting jobs in the EU is similarly pathetic. Just how many of this bunch have the language skills needed to take a tasty position in Germany, or the degree from a decent, Russell Group university that would allow for that, anyway? Here's the thing: people with good language skills and a reasonable degree from Oxford, Manchester or Edinburgh will always find a cushy number abroad if that is what they want. People who have to go to institutions that disgrace the very name university, and who find the tying of their own shoelaces an intellectual challenge, are probably never destined for anything other than a local government sinecure. 

The whine that I enjoy the most is the one that has it that we baby boomers had it all when we were young and now we  are ruining it for Generation Snowflake. The problem is that we are the generation that left school at 15, fought tooth and nail to ensure that management scum knew their place, and just at the moment when the final victory against capitalism itself seemed imminent, were voted onto the dole by the parents of today's snowflakes. 

Speaking for myself alone, I went from the dole to university when I was pushing thirty in 1983, and five years later was told that I needed some post-graduate degree to even get an interview. So I spent a year back on the dole and then went off and got a post-graduate something or other. Then I was told that I was too old to apply for any decent job and too well qualified for the lesser ones. So I bought myself a catering wagon and sold burgers and hot dogs to drunks before cutting my losses and going to live in Mexico. If you are destined to be poor, then trust me when I say that it is better in a warm climate. Luckily I had a diploma from Ruskin College, Oxford, a degree from the University of Manchester and the wit to teach myself Spanish, so I accept that this may be out of reach for the average poly wallah, but at least they can become social workers or something equally useless and parasitical.

Let me conclude by saying that people who could not be bothered to vote are now telling people like me who have had a lifetime of being done over by the state which their parents supported, that we have somehow wrecked their life chances. Can you blame us for sipping the fine liqueur made up of the tears of pathetic snowflakery when all they can come up with is such a total whining response to their well merited defeat?

Sunday 26 June 2016

Edinburgh's Brexiteers enjoy their well earned victory celebration

Quite rightly the Edinburgh Brexiteer group had its victory celebrations in a Wetherspoons pub. Given that the chain had done so much to help the cause with its publicity on every table, we thought it only right and proper that we meet up for the last time in one of their hostelries, so we did.

Not everyone who had turned out for us over the past months was able to make it, but there were enough of us there to celebrate this momentous victory.

By the time I took this photo I was too well oiled to even notice that I had somehow managed to switch the flash off. The later photographs are even worse as I could barely hold the camera straight.

One by one the former members of the group said their goodbyes and wandered off to restart their lives. A very small group of us had one for the road, and then another to chase it down, and then the pub closed at midnight and that was that.

It is still hard to believe that an ad-hoc group of people who had only come together with the common aim of freeing our country, a group that was largely ignored by the official Leave campaign and from whom we had to pretty much scrounge materials, could have played such a major role in so momentous an event. 

We were the only group in the whole city that campaigned for Brexit, so a sizeable chunk of the vote that went to Brexit here came out as a result of our efforts.

We did it - we won - after all those decades, it is finally over.

Friday 24 June 2016

Thoughts on the day after the Brexit storm

As the Brexit storm dies down and a new day dawns over this country, I want to reflect, briefly, on the momentous events of yesterday. We, the people, took one look at just about every vested interest that was ranged against us, be it the City of London, the CBI,  to say nothing of all the senior politicians and serious political parties, and we decided that we didn't really care about them anymore. We decided that we would make up our own minds, thank you very much, and by God we did. The Brexit winds then blew, and today the country is becalmed as we all come to terms with the magnificence of yesterday's achievement.

My role was minimal, arguing the cause in Edinburgh, a city that, sadly, voted overwhelmingly to remain under the control of Brussels. Luckily for us, the Scottish government campaigned on a pan-British platform with senior figures even going to London to argue the doomed Federast cause, so they can hardly complain when a national vote goes against them. They will of course, but it does make them look rather ridiculous.

I was roped into becoming one of the scrutineers for Leave at yesterday's Edinburgh count, which was a pity as the heat in the three rooms where it took place was such that I could barely stay upright. My body was protesting even before I entered the halls, so I made my excuses and left at about 1.00am, which was over two hours before the city result was declared.

No that there was any doubt as to what that result was going to be. We tried our best, but were losing so heavily from the very start that the mood amongst the few Brexiteers who were there was sombre in the extreme.  

The Federasts were out in force, all trying to be important with their little clipboards, trying to do sample counts of the results. I was the only Brexiteer in the Edinburgh North and Leith hall and I didn't need a bloody clipboard to work out that we would be lucky to get thirty percent of the vote. Still, I suppose they had to at least try and pretend that they were doing something important, because they sure as hell did nothing during the campaign. The only people who did were the Brexiteers so the honours of war go to us, and as many people have said since the result was declared, our tallies when added to the rest of the country, gave us the victory that all can now enjoy.

Arriving home I switched on the TV and started to chat on the 'phone to an old friend in Southern England. Slowly but surely it became clear that overall the people of Britain had voted for freedom, and that vote was led by Wales and Northern England. Then Southern England outside London joined in, and it seemed as if a great tidal surge was heading freedom's way. I could not believe it, but it became clearer as the dawn began to light up the new day that we had just done what nobody ever thought possible. We had overturned over half a century of British state policy, and were demanding that the politicians listen to us, the people of Britain, for once.

Great civilisations are remembered for their artefacts and the actions of their people, not their bank rates. Yesterday, the people of this country showed that they are as worthy to inherit the responsibility of keeping  the national flame alive as any who came before.

Thursday 23 June 2016

If you have not voted Leave yet, here is why you should

This is what Remainers think about England. This dipstick went into a social club that had been rented for the day to act as a polling station and decided that the English flags that bedecked the place were fascist symbols! Got that? As far as the Federasts are concerned, a national symbol that has been used for centuries really only represents a political ideology that was only thought up less than a century ago.

It never entered his mind that with England playing in the European Finals, and with the Queen's official birthday having just taken place, most social clubs in England will be flying the flag. He never thought of that because he is a Federast and what untes these people is a hatred for us, the ordinary people of the UK, whether we are English, Northern Irish, Scottish or Welsh.

Neeless to say, other dipsitcks are getting in on the act over at Facebook:

Now the flags were not put up this morning, they had been there for some time, but this Federast could avoid adding her spin to the mix, could she? Now look at the replies to her Facebook posting:

Sure, a few sane people tried to stand against the odious tide, but they were swept away by the deluge of loathsomeness  that only the Federasts can spurt forth.

Just remember, this morning when I voted I met a neighbour who was taken into hospital to have an operation for bladder cancer which was cancelled at the last minute. Instead of whining he dragged himself to the polls to vote Leave.

That is the difference between Brexiteer and Federast: we represent the best of Britain and they are its detritus.

You must vote Leave! You owe it to your country!

Today is all about voting for independence

I voted for independence at 11.10 this morning. Unusually for a Scottish polling place there were no placards outside urging people to vote for this or that, and no tellers either. Scottish law is different from English, so in this country you can grab voters on their way into the voting place and give them a final appeal, but neither side seemed to want to bother.

Inside there was only one table, unlike the independence referendum and 2015 General Election when there were two. The place was empty apart from me, with just two people leaving as I walked down the long path to the school that was my polling place. The two officials who gave me my ballot paper told me that turnout had been very high earlier on, and looking at the polling register as they found my details and put a line through them to show that I had voted, I noticed that about ten percent of the electorate on that page had already voted before me. My guess is that most of that early vote went to Brexit, we are just so much more committed than the Federasts, because we believe in our country in a way that they never will.

On my way out I met a neighbour who had complained late last week that he had been given an emergency hospital appointment and feared that he would not be able to vote. That operation was cancelled at the last minute so an elderly man with bladder cancer was able to hobble on his crutches to vote for his country's freedom. 

The Federasts are worried, I hear, about the rain in London that may keep some of their precious voters at home for fear that their expensive hairstyles may be ruined by a drop of water, but we can rely on men who can barely walk as a result of their cancer dragging themselves to the polls.

I suspect that more of the people who read this blog have already voted. Now is the time to take to talk to your neighbours and get them to vote. Take them in your car, if you have one, or just jolly them along if you haven't.

Leave the excuses for not voting to the Federast: we are Brexiteers and our day has dawned!

Wednesday 22 June 2016

The Edinburgh Brexiteers make their final stand

Today was positively, definitely, the last hurrah for our ad-hoc group of Brexiteers. We were joined by people from Glasgow who decided to have a day out in the capital as well as just about every member from every Edinburgh group that ever existed. All in all we filled over a hundred yards of Princess Street pavement starting right outside Waverley Station. As you can see, we had the press asking questions, as well as the TV crews from both the BBC and Reuters.

We had the youngsters from the University of Edinburgh.

And we had old blokes named Billy. Trust me, in Scotland you cannot have any event that wants to be taken seriously unless it involves at least one bloke called Billy. This one is ours and he has worked his heart out for this most noble cause of ours.

The Federasts managed to turn out five, yes, I counted 'em, five people to hand out their poorly produced drivel, but the day belonged to us, the weary, defiant, battling Brexiteers of Edinburgh.

Taxi drivers were sounding their horns and taking stacks of leaflets to hand out to their passengers, whether they wanted them or not. Badges were being given away to all and sundry, along with posters and what few remaining T-shirts we had.

Then it began to rain at just after 6.00pm and people from our team began to roll their eyes in exasperation. I reminded them that it had rained cats and dogs on the night before Waterloo and that this was a good omen for tomorrow.

The enemies of this country have thrown everything they can at us and we have withstood it all. Tomorrow is actually the easy part - the whole line must advance, every Brexiteer in line facing the front and together the people of this country will win the day.

Do your duty: the generations that went before you are with you at this hour and the generations that are as yet unborn will praise you for it.

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Edinburgh Brexiteers thought it was all over and then it started again!

We thought it was all over on Sunday, but we decided to start again today! Several phone calls were made yesterday and people from various groups decided to pool their remaining resources for a bash today and tomorrow. Good job we did as German television turned up to interview us.

Meet Jennie, originally from Kent, now in Edinburgh, after almost thirty years in Colombia. She had been campaigning with a Lexit group that finished on Saturday, but heard about this impromptu final charge and came along to lend a welcome hand. 

The response from most people made it all worth while as we handed out badges and posters willy-nilly. One couple from Whitby told me that their town is awash with Leave posters and driving up to Edinburgh through North Yorkshire and Northumbria they had only seen a very few Federast posters, but hundreds of ours.

As the Federasts feel it all slipping away from them they are becoming more and more insolent. One woman took a leaflet and tore it up and a fellow came along to ask technical questions, but we have resident political geeks who have spent long years fathoming the intricacies of Brussels and its wicked ways, so he was dealt with smoothly and calmly. Eventually he stormed off and we gave him a rousing cheer, 'cos we are nice to everyone, being all warm and cuddly by nature.

On my way home I met the delightful Claire, standing all on her lonesome on the other side of the street. She was campaigning for the other team, but we had a chat for a few minutes. I asked her where the Federast crews had been all this time, and give her credit when she admitted that she didn't know. She went on to tell me that they thought that they had it in the bag until they got a rude awakening just the other day.

I wanted to tell her that some of our crews have been agitating for this vote for decades, and the bulk of my particular team had been out every single Saturday from November of last year, but I didn't want to rub it in.

Sorry that the photo does not do her justice, and where on earth were the men from her group? I'll tell you that if we had Claire in our team the young bucks would have been competing with one another to stand next to her.

There is still time for you to come out of the darkness and into the light, Claire!

Official Remain campaign strategy is to use the Jo Cox murder for political gain

That didn't take long did it? I mean for the Federasts to start using Jo Cox's murder as an emotional blackmailing tool. If you want to know when Cllr Anne Lee's post went up on Facebook, the answer is Saturday, 18th June, which was just two days after the murder. The day when other Federasts got on their high horses with our Brexit stalls in Edinburgh, in other words. Sure, she has since apologised for the comment, but that was only after a petition was got up demanding her resignation

One councillor is neither here nor there, but the strategy of waving Jo Cox's shroud seems to have become a tactic that has the approval of the Federast high command.

Will Straw, the son of the former Home Secretary, Jack Straw of cursed memory, sent an e-mail out to his troops which runs in part: “Jo Cox was a friend of mine – and a passionate voice in our campaign to remain in Europe. Her death was an unimaginable tragedy – but we won’t let her voice be silenced.” Straw Jr then went on to enclose the text of Cox's last article which was a hymn of praise to immigration and asked his footsoldiers to pass it along to any wavering voters that they might know.

Now here's the thing, on our Brexit stall over the weekend we had a small tribute to Jo Cox on display:

Just a photograph, the eulogy that was written by her widower, and a rose, but it was there on our stall. Nobody forced us to put it there, because our group was autonomous and we did as we pleased, but we had it because we are normal people who were as stunned, shocked and sickened by her hideous murder as every other normal person was.

In other words, we are not a collection of loathsome political chancers who seek to use a tragedy for their own political ends.

Monday 20 June 2016

Why did I campaign so hard for Brexit?

Why did I campaign so heavily for Brexit? The campaign is not yet over, but most of mine ended yesterday when the group that  I attached myself to mounted its last street stall. Some individuals from the group have taken leaflets to deliver themselves, but I can barely walk at the best of times, so that option is out for me.

If you want to understand what motivated me then you first need to know that a son of mine was born on the 7 June 2000 in Mexico City, and sixteen years later to the very day, on the 7 June 2016, he finally received his British nationality. The reason for that is partly due to the fact that unlike his half-brothers, I am not married to his Mexican mother, but mainly it is because successive British governments have tried to pretend that they have immigration under control, when actually they haven't. So the children of men like me who have non-EU offspring have had their lives made difficult whilst almost every European and his offspring could just wander in at will. 

When this young fellow was born back in 2000 the rule was that a British mother could obtain a consular birth certificate for her child born abroad, but a father could only do it for children born legitimately. That was fine and dandy for my two legitimate sons, but not so good for the other one. I promised his mother that I would keep abreast of any changes in the legislation, and even though I have not seen the woman in many a long year, I kept that promise.

In about 2006 the law was changed to allow fathers to register their children irrespective of marital status, but it was not made retrospective, so it only applied to children born after that date. I then got in touch with old cronies from university days who had by then become senior state functionaries and politicians, to see what could be done.

More than one told me that the reason behind it all was that the government had made the minimum concession that it thought that it could away with under British equality legislation, and fathers like me would just have to wait our sweat until it was politically possible to admit our children to their rights.

That change happened just a  few months ago, and my son's mother and I then went through the complicated ritual that led to my son's registration as a British national. 

On one level the EU has nothing to do with this, but actually it really has everything to do with it.

If the country was not being inundated with Europe's flotsam and jetsam then this legislation would not have been controversial. However, and quite rightly in my view, all governments after the 2008 financial crisis had to be seen to at least try to control the influx, and the only way that they could think of to do it was to discriminate against people born outside the EU.

What the Federasts who want this situation to continue do not realise is that there is a whole, wide world out there that British people have settled down the centuries and many of us have left offspring in those distant lands. Those children should have more rights over this, the land of their fathers, than any European.

As I look back on the campaign for independence that ended for me yesterday, I reflect that had this issue of my son's pending British nationality not come to the fore in spring this year, I probably would not have wrecked my health campaigning for Brexit. I would have blogged about it, probably written my two e-pamphlets Brexit: For a New Country and Why Scotland Should Leave The EU, and certainly voted for it, but that would  have been enough. 

I did it for my sons, all three of them, if you want to know the truth. That their generation may inherit this land as is their right.

Sunday 19 June 2016

Edinburgh Brexiteers mount their final street appeal

Edinburgh's very own battling band of Brexiteers met for the final time today to hand out leaflets to anyone who wanted them.

We met a family from Wigan who had already voted - for Leave, naturally - and they reported that their town is chock full of Leave posters in almost every window. A couple from Buckingham who were up here with their dog took badges to wear, and had also voted before leaving home. I forgot to ask what the mut's opinion was, but I suspect he was just along for the extra walkies.

All in all it was a good day to talk to people, young and old, tourist and local, and encourage them to vote for independence on Thursday.

Needless to say, a couple of Federasts arrived and began to give it mouth, saying that the campaigns are suspended and we should have respect for Jo Cox.

A pity they left before the In crew arrived and set up their stall!

Theirs seemed to be a massive team until you realise that they had been dragooned out to pose for the Herald's photographer who was also in attendance. The guy in the flash git suit on the left of this photo seemed to be giving them orders, but most of the younger element wandered off as soon as the photo shoot was over, and most of the rest seemed a bit lost, I must say.

A very few were clearly old hands at the standing on street corners, trying to talk to people schtick, and came over to us to swap wars stories of old fights, that we could all proudly remember. This guy is as much an old hand as me, and it was great to have a photograph taken of us together:

A pity he held our leaflet upside down, but never mind, as it's the thought that counts. I should also thank him for holding me steady, as the arthritic pains in my legs were shooting up into my back and made today one of downright agony for me. I don't know his name, but if he reads this, then thanks mate.

I wandered off to grab a coffee and got talking to another old warhorse from the same Federast crew who likewise had sloped off because we get tired easily these days, at our age, with our lousy health.

This is as it should be amongst men who have made their bones in campaigns that long ago past into history, and who are now in the winter of their political lives.

The sanctimonious, self-righteous kiddies that the Federasts are using to give it mouth to our crews are an irritation, but probably no more than us calling them Federasts. We old hands know that there is nothing personal here, it's just politics. 

And we have more tales to tell in a few days time when this is all over and the bevvying can begin.

Saturday 18 June 2016

Edinburgh Brexiteers get a massive turnout and incredible public response on the final Saturday of the freedom campaign

Turnout today was so massive that we had to break the crew down into four sections, so three other stalls were set up in other parts of the city. This is the main one at Waterloo Place, with about three-quarters of our activists pictured - the rest were too busy handing out leaflets to even think about stopping for a photograph.

Meet half the crew who were sent off to Leith to set up their stall there.

Here is the other half of the Leith crew who went off to grab tables for everyone at pub o'clock time

About half the team then made their weary way to the pub to have their photograph taken and get a few pints down their necks when the bevvying hour arrived.

The reaction on the street was fantastic. A few Federasts came up to us and said that campaigning was supposed to be suspended, but we told 'em quite simply that the suspension was lifted as of today. So they became shouty and we just laughed and eventually they took their hooks, and life went on as normal.

The ordinary people of Edinburgh, the ones who speak with the local accent, and go drinking in the same places that we do, amazed us with their enthusiasm. Now we are getting the Yes voters from 2014 coming onside, especially the ones who live on the council schemes in Leith. 

If you want to see working class unity in action, just look at the enthusiastic reaction to our campaign for British independence amongst both the Billy Boys, and those who sing the Broad Black Brimmer. Even at the height of the independence campaign two years ago we never managed that level of unity.

If they turn out to vote mob-handed on Thursday then we have Edinburgh in the bag!

The ordinary people of Britain must prepare for a hard pounding from the Federasts

Two hundred and one years ago today a mainly British army was preparing for battle at Waterloo. As the battle began, and the French artillery shots began to hit the British lines, Wellington is reported to have said to his officers: "Hard pounding, gentlemen. Let's see who can pound the hardest." By the end of the day the field was drenched in blood, but Wellington's exhausted men had pounded the hardest and were triumphant. These two magnificent French eagles were taken on that field, and they accompanied Wellington's dispatch to London that gave notice of the great victory.  

Today, the ordinary people of Britain stand ready to receive another hard pounding. The forces of Federast reaction have tried everything to break our will, and it has all failed. Now the only shots they have left are lies, smears and innuendo. The horrible murder of Jo Cox MP on Thursday will be used to smear every Brexiteer as an ally of the lunatic who has been accused of killing her. We must be ready for that pounding, which will be vicious in the extreme.

As we hold our lines - and the lines must be held for our country's sake - we can take comfort from the knowledge that these are the final shots that the opposing forces have at their disposal. We must stand up to this cannonade and not flinch, because we are sure that right is on our side.

We can take comfort from the final order that Wellington gave on that day as he saw the French turn back from their final, doomed assault on his army.

"The whole line will advance," he ordered.

"In which direct, my lord?" asked an aide, disoriented by the smoke.

"Why, straight ahead, to be sure," said the Duke.

On the 23rd June 2016 the people of Britain will advance straight ahead towards a victory that many of us could only dream about a few short years ago.

Think how sweet that moment will be as you endure the hard pounding that will begin today.

Friday 17 June 2016

Federasts ignore campaign suspensions and seek to use Jo Cox murder for their own ends

The brutal murder of Jo Cox, the Labour MP for Batley and Spen has stunned and sickened all right thinking people. Quite properly the campaigns both for and against the UK's continuing subordination to the European Union have been suspended until tomorrow, Saturday.

A man named Tommy Mair has been arrested and charged with the crime, which means that all speculation as to his guilt or innocence must stop pending a full trial of the facts. 

All that we know about Tommy Mair is that he has been described by his neighbours as "a loner," who had no interest in politics. He is alleged to have screamed "Britain first," or "Put Britain first" as he allegedly attacked Jo Cox, and he is supposed to have subscribed to a pro - White South African newsletter up to about a decade ago. The other thing we know about him is that he has admitted to suffering from mental health problems.

The Britain First political grouplet has no connection to any Brexit group, besides which it is more concerned with flogging its apparel to young hooligans. Inasmuch as it has an ideology it is one of anti-Islam, rather than pro-Brexit. The claim that he subscribed to a newsletter is really neither here nor there, and is based on a call that the editor of that newsletter put out a decade ago for a Tommy Mair, who had moved house without giving a forwarding address. Given that the Tommy Mair who is presently in custody has lived at his current address for at least 40 years, that suggests that they are not even one and the same man.

In spite of the fact that the official campaigns have been suspended until Saturday, the supporters of the Federast cause are currently working themselves into a lather as they try to equate the Brexiteers with the murder, via Britain First and a subscription to a newsletter. In their minds we are all the same, wicked, and waycist and wrong.

Maria Eagle MP was one of the first to forget that the campaigns had been suspended when she tweeted this charmer:

Someone must have told her that it was a bad idea, as the tweet was later deleted, but not before the world and his wife had grabbed screen shots of it.

Then the Federast deluge began:

I could reproduce more of this vileness, but what's the point? I know what I want to say in reply to these pathetic attempts to equate the idea of British independence with with one mentally disturbed individual who had no connection to it that anyone can see. I won't say it because we Brexiteers are British and we are just better than that. We shall not sink to the level of desperation that the Federasts are displaying now as they see their tickets on the gravy train about to be taken away from them.

On Saturday I shall be out in Central Edinburgh with the Brexit team that I have now worked with since May. We shall hand out leaflets, discuss our country's independence, and express sorrow at the tragic death of a young MP who was also a wife and mother.

We shall not seek to use a tragedy to gain more votes, because we are just not like that. We are better than that.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

British fishermen supporting Brexit are mocked by wealthy Federasts on a Thames pleasure cruiser

A flotilla of over thirty small working fishing boats sailed into London today to demand that Britain leave the EU. They were greeted by a collection of millionaire dilettantes aboard a floating gin palace who made their views towards the working people of Britain who have had their livelihood destroyed by the EU very clear indeed:

Others decided to hire small dingies and then go out on the water for a spot of jolly japery at the expense of the real people who actually have to work for a living:

Eventually a fishing boat decided that the gin palace needed a hose down to demonstrate the contempt that the ordinary people have for the antics of the posturing ninnies aboard her:

Nigel Farage, of all people, summed up what a lot of people will be thinking as they look back on today's events:

And so as we head into the final days of the campaign to free our country, it all comes down to this. It is not a battle between the old left and the old right: it is a fight  between the people of Britain, and the wealthy establishment parasites who want to keep their plush berths on the gravy train.

Desperate Federasts provide yet more free entertainment to the people of Britain

As the Federast cause runs deeper and deeper into the electoral mire, it's proponents are forced to resort to even more mindless rants which only show to the rest of us just how desperate they are becoming. Take the Guardian's reaction to this cartoon as a case in point. The cartoon is not exactly brilliant, but it has not been lifted from a Nazi publication circa 1936. All it does is make the point that the EU is going down into the abyss as the UK sails away to freedom. However, for the Graun this is all evidence of waycism, Nazism, and God knows what else.

Coming hard on the heels of Owen Jones and his Kevin the teenager strop the other day, or Eddie Izzard's entertaining loss of the plot on Question Time, the reaction to this cartoon is nothing to write home about, but it is amusing none the less.

Not as amusing as the reaction will be from types like this when the votes are counted next week, we hope, but it all gives normal people something to smile about as we buckle down for the final week of campaigning for independence.

Sunday 12 June 2016

Sam Gould and the Caerphilly Brexiteers face police intimidation

Meet Sam Gould, a Brexiteer who has been campaigning in Caerphilly for several months without anybody in authority bothering about him, his activists or their stall. Now watch the video and see what the council and police did to him and his crew on Saturday, 11 June 2016:

I think that Sam and his mates should be very happy with this. It shows that the Federasts are so afraid of losing this contest that they will go to almost any lengths to prevent the Brexiteers from spreading the word.

Let's give 'em something to be really afraid about on the 23rd - vote Leave, for your country, for yourself, for your children. Vote it also to give two fingers to the Federasts who want to betray everything we hold dear, including the right to peacefully assemble.

Saturday 11 June 2016

Brexit teams have Edinburgh to themselves as the Federasts do not even try to campaign

The Edinburgh Brexiteers were out again today and the reaction that we got from the shoppers was amazing. People have finally clued into this referendum, taken a hard look at the Federasts and decided that they don't fancy what they are selling. Come to think about it, they don't much like the look of the Federasts, never mind their product, as more than one person commented on Eddie Izzard's performance on Question Time the other day. Seriously, do the Federasts think that normal people are going to be impressed by a middle aged bloke in women's clothing? They must have taken leave of their senses to have thought that, but thank God they did as he must be worth a few thousand votes for us in just over a week's time.

You can sense the mood change amongst the people today, with leaflets flying out of our hands and people coming up to the stall to collect window posters. More than one person told me that he had already voted, but that wasn't going to stop him taking some leaflets to give to his friends.

I even met a bloke who had stood for the Liberals in Liverpool Huyton back in 1974. Given that Harold Wilson was the sitting MP back then it is hardly surprising that he lost, but it was amazing to find that he is now a Brexiteer, and he even took a poster and some leaflets to prove it.

A young mother in her very early twenties who was out and about with her baby told me that she was voting Leave for the sake of the child. She took a stock of leaflets to give out at the mother and baby group that she goes to several times a week.

The Leith crew had a quieter day than us, which is understandable when you remember that the town has a carnival that starts today and lasts for all the coming week. That said, they had a good response from the people who were out and about.

The SNP who tried to campaign the last couple of Saturdays were nowhere to be seen today, and the Federasts could not mount even a single stall anywhere in the whole of Edinburgh. The day was ours and we made the most of it.

As we head into the final full week of the campaign for our country's independence, this fight is coming down to a battle between the normal people of Britain and the freaks that you see on the TV.

Here's hoping that the normal people have a victory to savour next week!

Friday 10 June 2016

As it all falls apart, the Federasts play the blood and soil card

Further proof that the Federasts have lost the plot came on last night's Question Time when a bloke in women's clothing accused Nigel Farage of betraying his folkish roots: "You are French protestant on one side, you are German from the other side. You should be the champion," screamed Eddie Izzard, the bloke in question.

Actually, I reckon that lines like that are better rendered in the original German, so let's change folkish for völkische, and call Izzard's argument the blut und boden one that it is.

It is stunning to see that the Federasts are now so desperate that they are compelled to argue that racial origins are the key to understanding how people think, behave and vote. Dear God, couldn't they at least go the whole hog and get someone in a black uniform to argue it from first principles?

Eventually an audience member told Izzard the shut up, but I reckon he should have been told to keep his knickers on - he looked like he was wearing a pair.

Increasingly this debate comes down to one that pits the ordinary people of the UK against an oddball collection of rich weirdos who now spout bollocks that should have been discredited in 1945.

Leave won the TV debate and the Federasts resort to yet more abuse

Nicola Sturgeon tried to attack Leave for the claim that we send £350 a week to Brussels  for the pleasure of being in the circus, but rather spoiled her own point by then saying that EU membership costs less than a quid a day per person. Given that there are 60 million of us in the UK that works out at £420 million a week, but she did say less than a pound a day, so let's knock a bit off and call it £350 million, which is what Brexit has been saying all along.

Sturgeon also rather blotted her copybook by talking about the benefits that supposedly accrue to the UK as a whole from the EU. Given that she has spent her political life trying to tear the UK apart, I doubt if that line will go down very well with the SNP rank and file, many of whom are already campaigning for Brexit. We can expect a lot more volunteers after Nicola's gaff last night.

Amber Rudd told us that immigration is "a complex problem" which it really isn't because if you are a Remainian then what you really want to see are lots more Romanians in the country.

Other than that, it was just pure personal abuse from the Federast side, and that, depressingly, is pretty much all they are capable of as we head towards voting day. Whatever arguments they had originally are being forgotten as the British people shrug their shoulders and come to the conclusion that voting Remain to keep a collection of chancers on the gravy train is too much to bear.

This vitriol goes right down the line to the Federast foot soldiers, which brings me rather nicely back to Facebook where they all gather in their supposedly secret groups, there to hurl abuse at anyone who disagrees with them.

A nice young lady asked a nice question, and after a short exchange the Federasts resorted to doing what they do best, which is screaming abuse:

Come on, people, do you really want to be in the same company as this shower?

Wednesday 8 June 2016

With two weeks to go, the Federast campaign seems to be falling apart

When this referendum was called, we all thought that it would follow the pattern of the Scottish plebiscite of two years ago. With two weeks to go in that referendum, the state threw everything up to and including the kitchen sink at the Scottish Yes team. Believe me, it was like being hit by hurricane winds, with even the BBC joining in the Unionist charge.

Nothing like that is happening now. The sun is shining outside, the birds are singing and the Federasts are doing nothing at all that anyone can see. Apart from scream mindless abuse, something which those Federasts who want to pretend that they are on the left, do all the time.

The main problem that the Federasts have is that they are forced to tell people this if we stay in the EU then the shit lives that millions of people endure will stay the same. Across every industrial region in the UK, the people who have been left behind by the forward march of globalised capitalism will have nothing to even dream about if the Federasts win. 

The polyocracy of local government parasites, which is pretty much all that the Labour Party consists of these days, are trying to tell people that the EU can be reformed from within, but it does not take a genius to figure out that these aspirational arsewipes are simply trying to keep the gravy train on the rails for their own benefit. Whatever message they put out will only serve to ensure that yet more votes pile up for the other side as people smile grimly at the thought of sticking the boot into them and their breed.

It doesn't help the Federast cause when so many of their number obviously hate ordinary British people. You can see it in this advert that aimed to get ethnic minorities to vote, which presents the British as thuggish skinheads, but a visit to any Federast supporting Internet site will give you all the information that you need to demonstrate the hatred that is coming our way.

Luckily, they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, so it is easy to get them to show their true colours, and then post the information all over the web for the benefit of the whole country. That's what this blog did the other day when we helped set them up so that they launched a vile rant at a Jewish student from the University of Edinburgh. It was a trap, of course it was, but they fell for it hook, line and sinker, thus demonstrating their real feeling towards the ordinary people whose taxes pay for their cushy little numbers.

They are just so easy to set up that the Brexiteers can do it almost blindfolded. Take this carefully worded comment of mine at a Federast site which claims to support Jeremy Corbyn:

I just knew that they would fall for it, and sure enough they did:

Seemingly all that the Federasts can rely on is a collection of not very bright boys and girls who are employed in local government, who want to keep their first class tickets on the gravy train and who hate us because they know that after Brexit we will be casting a cold eye over them.

Which is why we are not facing a ferocious onslaught from the massed ranks of Federast infantry, because they don't have one. All they have is a collection of chancers who want to keep their nests nicely feathered at our expense. 

You know what to do on the 23rd of this month: vote Leave to stuff 'em all!
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