Saturday 11 June 2016

Brexit teams have Edinburgh to themselves as the Federasts do not even try to campaign

The Edinburgh Brexiteers were out again today and the reaction that we got from the shoppers was amazing. People have finally clued into this referendum, taken a hard look at the Federasts and decided that they don't fancy what they are selling. Come to think about it, they don't much like the look of the Federasts, never mind their product, as more than one person commented on Eddie Izzard's performance on Question Time the other day. Seriously, do the Federasts think that normal people are going to be impressed by a middle aged bloke in women's clothing? They must have taken leave of their senses to have thought that, but thank God they did as he must be worth a few thousand votes for us in just over a week's time.

You can sense the mood change amongst the people today, with leaflets flying out of our hands and people coming up to the stall to collect window posters. More than one person told me that he had already voted, but that wasn't going to stop him taking some leaflets to give to his friends.

I even met a bloke who had stood for the Liberals in Liverpool Huyton back in 1974. Given that Harold Wilson was the sitting MP back then it is hardly surprising that he lost, but it was amazing to find that he is now a Brexiteer, and he even took a poster and some leaflets to prove it.

A young mother in her very early twenties who was out and about with her baby told me that she was voting Leave for the sake of the child. She took a stock of leaflets to give out at the mother and baby group that she goes to several times a week.

The Leith crew had a quieter day than us, which is understandable when you remember that the town has a carnival that starts today and lasts for all the coming week. That said, they had a good response from the people who were out and about.

The SNP who tried to campaign the last couple of Saturdays were nowhere to be seen today, and the Federasts could not mount even a single stall anywhere in the whole of Edinburgh. The day was ours and we made the most of it.

As we head into the final full week of the campaign for our country's independence, this fight is coming down to a battle between the normal people of Britain and the freaks that you see on the TV.

Here's hoping that the normal people have a victory to savour next week!


  1. I noticed more interest today too. Definitely more people coming up to chat about the issues raised by the referendum Personally I've seen a few friends and work colleagues who were definitely remain a few months back but are now unsure. Remain seems to be losing...

  2. Where are you campaigning?

    Today was a good day!


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