Friday 10 June 2016

Leave won the TV debate and the Federasts resort to yet more abuse

Nicola Sturgeon tried to attack Leave for the claim that we send £350 a week to Brussels  for the pleasure of being in the circus, but rather spoiled her own point by then saying that EU membership costs less than a quid a day per person. Given that there are 60 million of us in the UK that works out at £420 million a week, but she did say less than a pound a day, so let's knock a bit off and call it £350 million, which is what Brexit has been saying all along.

Sturgeon also rather blotted her copybook by talking about the benefits that supposedly accrue to the UK as a whole from the EU. Given that she has spent her political life trying to tear the UK apart, I doubt if that line will go down very well with the SNP rank and file, many of whom are already campaigning for Brexit. We can expect a lot more volunteers after Nicola's gaff last night.

Amber Rudd told us that immigration is "a complex problem" which it really isn't because if you are a Remainian then what you really want to see are lots more Romanians in the country.

Other than that, it was just pure personal abuse from the Federast side, and that, depressingly, is pretty much all they are capable of as we head towards voting day. Whatever arguments they had originally are being forgotten as the British people shrug their shoulders and come to the conclusion that voting Remain to keep a collection of chancers on the gravy train is too much to bear.

This vitriol goes right down the line to the Federast foot soldiers, which brings me rather nicely back to Facebook where they all gather in their supposedly secret groups, there to hurl abuse at anyone who disagrees with them.

A nice young lady asked a nice question, and after a short exchange the Federasts resorted to doing what they do best, which is screaming abuse:

Come on, people, do you really want to be in the same company as this shower?

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