Friday 10 June 2016

As it all falls apart, the Federasts play the blood and soil card

Further proof that the Federasts have lost the plot came on last night's Question Time when a bloke in women's clothing accused Nigel Farage of betraying his folkish roots: "You are French protestant on one side, you are German from the other side. You should be the champion," screamed Eddie Izzard, the bloke in question.

Actually, I reckon that lines like that are better rendered in the original German, so let's change folkish for völkische, and call Izzard's argument the blut und boden one that it is.

It is stunning to see that the Federasts are now so desperate that they are compelled to argue that racial origins are the key to understanding how people think, behave and vote. Dear God, couldn't they at least go the whole hog and get someone in a black uniform to argue it from first principles?

Eventually an audience member told Izzard the shut up, but I reckon he should have been told to keep his knickers on - he looked like he was wearing a pair.

Increasingly this debate comes down to one that pits the ordinary people of the UK against an oddball collection of rich weirdos who now spout bollocks that should have been discredited in 1945.

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