Friday 17 June 2016

Federasts ignore campaign suspensions and seek to use Jo Cox murder for their own ends

The brutal murder of Jo Cox, the Labour MP for Batley and Spen has stunned and sickened all right thinking people. Quite properly the campaigns both for and against the UK's continuing subordination to the European Union have been suspended until tomorrow, Saturday.

A man named Tommy Mair has been arrested and charged with the crime, which means that all speculation as to his guilt or innocence must stop pending a full trial of the facts. 

All that we know about Tommy Mair is that he has been described by his neighbours as "a loner," who had no interest in politics. He is alleged to have screamed "Britain first," or "Put Britain first" as he allegedly attacked Jo Cox, and he is supposed to have subscribed to a pro - White South African newsletter up to about a decade ago. The other thing we know about him is that he has admitted to suffering from mental health problems.

The Britain First political grouplet has no connection to any Brexit group, besides which it is more concerned with flogging its apparel to young hooligans. Inasmuch as it has an ideology it is one of anti-Islam, rather than pro-Brexit. The claim that he subscribed to a newsletter is really neither here nor there, and is based on a call that the editor of that newsletter put out a decade ago for a Tommy Mair, who had moved house without giving a forwarding address. Given that the Tommy Mair who is presently in custody has lived at his current address for at least 40 years, that suggests that they are not even one and the same man.

In spite of the fact that the official campaigns have been suspended until Saturday, the supporters of the Federast cause are currently working themselves into a lather as they try to equate the Brexiteers with the murder, via Britain First and a subscription to a newsletter. In their minds we are all the same, wicked, and waycist and wrong.

Maria Eagle MP was one of the first to forget that the campaigns had been suspended when she tweeted this charmer:

Someone must have told her that it was a bad idea, as the tweet was later deleted, but not before the world and his wife had grabbed screen shots of it.

Then the Federast deluge began:

I could reproduce more of this vileness, but what's the point? I know what I want to say in reply to these pathetic attempts to equate the idea of British independence with with one mentally disturbed individual who had no connection to it that anyone can see. I won't say it because we Brexiteers are British and we are just better than that. We shall not sink to the level of desperation that the Federasts are displaying now as they see their tickets on the gravy train about to be taken away from them.

On Saturday I shall be out in Central Edinburgh with the Brexit team that I have now worked with since May. We shall hand out leaflets, discuss our country's independence, and express sorrow at the tragic death of a young MP who was also a wife and mother.

We shall not seek to use a tragedy to gain more votes, because we are just not like that. We are better than that.

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