Tuesday 21 June 2016

Edinburgh Brexiteers thought it was all over and then it started again!

We thought it was all over on Sunday, but we decided to start again today! Several phone calls were made yesterday and people from various groups decided to pool their remaining resources for a bash today and tomorrow. Good job we did as German television turned up to interview us.

Meet Jennie, originally from Kent, now in Edinburgh, after almost thirty years in Colombia. She had been campaigning with a Lexit group that finished on Saturday, but heard about this impromptu final charge and came along to lend a welcome hand. 

The response from most people made it all worth while as we handed out badges and posters willy-nilly. One couple from Whitby told me that their town is awash with Leave posters and driving up to Edinburgh through North Yorkshire and Northumbria they had only seen a very few Federast posters, but hundreds of ours.

As the Federasts feel it all slipping away from them they are becoming more and more insolent. One woman took a leaflet and tore it up and a fellow came along to ask technical questions, but we have resident political geeks who have spent long years fathoming the intricacies of Brussels and its wicked ways, so he was dealt with smoothly and calmly. Eventually he stormed off and we gave him a rousing cheer, 'cos we are nice to everyone, being all warm and cuddly by nature.

On my way home I met the delightful Claire, standing all on her lonesome on the other side of the street. She was campaigning for the other team, but we had a chat for a few minutes. I asked her where the Federast crews had been all this time, and give her credit when she admitted that she didn't know. She went on to tell me that they thought that they had it in the bag until they got a rude awakening just the other day.

I wanted to tell her that some of our crews have been agitating for this vote for decades, and the bulk of my particular team had been out every single Saturday from November of last year, but I didn't want to rub it in.

Sorry that the photo does not do her justice, and where on earth were the men from her group? I'll tell you that if we had Claire in our team the young bucks would have been competing with one another to stand next to her.

There is still time for you to come out of the darkness and into the light, Claire!


  1. Stefan Allison21 June 2016 at 22:42

    Glad to hear that you were out again for one last time Ken. I wish I didn't have work so I could have joined in. One more day to go - Tomorrow I'll be scattering my remaining leaflets on the buses and libraries and I have my vote leave sign to stand with at the polling station for a few hours on the day. Glad to have campaigned with you and the others

  2. Definitely did go well Ken. There are a much higher amount of supporters for our team now. Fingers crossed!


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