Thursday 23 June 2016

If you have not voted Leave yet, here is why you should

This is what Remainers think about England. This dipstick went into a social club that had been rented for the day to act as a polling station and decided that the English flags that bedecked the place were fascist symbols! Got that? As far as the Federasts are concerned, a national symbol that has been used for centuries really only represents a political ideology that was only thought up less than a century ago.

It never entered his mind that with England playing in the European Finals, and with the Queen's official birthday having just taken place, most social clubs in England will be flying the flag. He never thought of that because he is a Federast and what untes these people is a hatred for us, the ordinary people of the UK, whether we are English, Northern Irish, Scottish or Welsh.

Neeless to say, other dipsitcks are getting in on the act over at Facebook:

Now the flags were not put up this morning, they had been there for some time, but this Federast could avoid adding her spin to the mix, could she? Now look at the replies to her Facebook posting:

Sure, a few sane people tried to stand against the odious tide, but they were swept away by the deluge of loathsomeness  that only the Federasts can spurt forth.

Just remember, this morning when I voted I met a neighbour who was taken into hospital to have an operation for bladder cancer which was cancelled at the last minute. Instead of whining he dragged himself to the polls to vote Leave.

That is the difference between Brexiteer and Federast: we represent the best of Britain and they are its detritus.

You must vote Leave! You owe it to your country!

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