Thursday 23 June 2016

Today is all about voting for independence

I voted for independence at 11.10 this morning. Unusually for a Scottish polling place there were no placards outside urging people to vote for this or that, and no tellers either. Scottish law is different from English, so in this country you can grab voters on their way into the voting place and give them a final appeal, but neither side seemed to want to bother.

Inside there was only one table, unlike the independence referendum and 2015 General Election when there were two. The place was empty apart from me, with just two people leaving as I walked down the long path to the school that was my polling place. The two officials who gave me my ballot paper told me that turnout had been very high earlier on, and looking at the polling register as they found my details and put a line through them to show that I had voted, I noticed that about ten percent of the electorate on that page had already voted before me. My guess is that most of that early vote went to Brexit, we are just so much more committed than the Federasts, because we believe in our country in a way that they never will.

On my way out I met a neighbour who had complained late last week that he had been given an emergency hospital appointment and feared that he would not be able to vote. That operation was cancelled at the last minute so an elderly man with bladder cancer was able to hobble on his crutches to vote for his country's freedom. 

The Federasts are worried, I hear, about the rain in London that may keep some of their precious voters at home for fear that their expensive hairstyles may be ruined by a drop of water, but we can rely on men who can barely walk as a result of their cancer dragging themselves to the polls.

I suspect that more of the people who read this blog have already voted. Now is the time to take to talk to your neighbours and get them to vote. Take them in your car, if you have one, or just jolly them along if you haven't.

Leave the excuses for not voting to the Federast: we are Brexiteers and our day has dawned!

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