Wednesday 8 June 2016

With two weeks to go, the Federast campaign seems to be falling apart

When this referendum was called, we all thought that it would follow the pattern of the Scottish plebiscite of two years ago. With two weeks to go in that referendum, the state threw everything up to and including the kitchen sink at the Scottish Yes team. Believe me, it was like being hit by hurricane winds, with even the BBC joining in the Unionist charge.

Nothing like that is happening now. The sun is shining outside, the birds are singing and the Federasts are doing nothing at all that anyone can see. Apart from scream mindless abuse, something which those Federasts who want to pretend that they are on the left, do all the time.

The main problem that the Federasts have is that they are forced to tell people this if we stay in the EU then the shit lives that millions of people endure will stay the same. Across every industrial region in the UK, the people who have been left behind by the forward march of globalised capitalism will have nothing to even dream about if the Federasts win. 

The polyocracy of local government parasites, which is pretty much all that the Labour Party consists of these days, are trying to tell people that the EU can be reformed from within, but it does not take a genius to figure out that these aspirational arsewipes are simply trying to keep the gravy train on the rails for their own benefit. Whatever message they put out will only serve to ensure that yet more votes pile up for the other side as people smile grimly at the thought of sticking the boot into them and their breed.

It doesn't help the Federast cause when so many of their number obviously hate ordinary British people. You can see it in this advert that aimed to get ethnic minorities to vote, which presents the British as thuggish skinheads, but a visit to any Federast supporting Internet site will give you all the information that you need to demonstrate the hatred that is coming our way.

Luckily, they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, so it is easy to get them to show their true colours, and then post the information all over the web for the benefit of the whole country. That's what this blog did the other day when we helped set them up so that they launched a vile rant at a Jewish student from the University of Edinburgh. It was a trap, of course it was, but they fell for it hook, line and sinker, thus demonstrating their real feeling towards the ordinary people whose taxes pay for their cushy little numbers.

They are just so easy to set up that the Brexiteers can do it almost blindfolded. Take this carefully worded comment of mine at a Federast site which claims to support Jeremy Corbyn:

I just knew that they would fall for it, and sure enough they did:

Seemingly all that the Federasts can rely on is a collection of not very bright boys and girls who are employed in local government, who want to keep their first class tickets on the gravy train and who hate us because they know that after Brexit we will be casting a cold eye over them.

Which is why we are not facing a ferocious onslaught from the massed ranks of Federast infantry, because they don't have one. All they have is a collection of chancers who want to keep their nests nicely feathered at our expense. 

You know what to do on the 23rd of this month: vote Leave to stuff 'em all!

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