Friday 3 June 2016

Federasts accuse Jewish student of being a Nazi

Meet Oluf Marshall, who has two appealing qualities in my book.

The first is that two weeks ago he finished his finals at the University of Edinburgh, got pissed as a fiddler's bitch, tried to leapfrog over a bollard and ended up breaking his arm. I must say that it is good to see today's university men following in the traditions of centuries by doing daft things after finals.

However, the main one is that he posted a piece by me on a  Jeremy Corbyn Facebook page and the assortment of supposed Corbyn fans there decided to dedicate the whole of today to launching some pretty vile attacks on him:

Now, Oluf may call himself half-Jewish, but the men who once wore Freikorp uniforms would not have been interested in such nuances, as we all know. Neither are these supposed Corbyn fans, because in spite of Oluf's quite reasonable protest at such a vile slur, instead of apologising to him, this was their response, in a thread dedicated just to him:

It then went on and on and on. Ream after ream of insults, a kind of virtual Kristallnacht,  directed at one 22 year old student. Eventually, Oluf gave up and left them to their cesspit. Another member who wishes to remain anonymous then sent the scans to me, with the request that I post them here so that the whole world can see just how loathsome many Federasts are. 

As for Oluf, the funny thing is that he only made the posting  that linked to this blog because he knows that I am on the left and he figured that a lefty group my be interested in it. Ah well...

A young woman then tried to reason with the mob, and so they turned on her. And on it went, with insult after insult directed at her. As far as I know they may still be at it.

Now, most traditional socialists have long ago given up on this group, which has been taken over by some pretty nasty characters, but that is not the point.

The point is that if you have half a mind to vote to stay in the European Union then probably that is all you need. It puts you into the same category as these people.

Now if that doesn't leave you feeling in need of a bath I don't know what will.

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