Tuesday 17 June 2014

The independence referendum is very laid back indeed

Colin and Chris Weir are two lottery winners who scooped £161 million pounds back in 2011 and have used their fabulous wealth to help many charitable causes. On the political front they donated £1 million to aid the Yes Scotland campaign, and in effect bankrolled it for eighty percent of its revenues last year. For that they were attacked as dupes by the Daily Mail, which did one of its celebrated hatchet jobs on the Weirs, and the couple got their revenge by donating another £1 million to the Yes Scotland coffers. Funnily enough, the insults seem to have died down, probably because even the most bone-headed singer of The Sash has realised that the Weirs have more money than Be Tory Together has insults.

The authoress JK Rowling donated £1 million to Better Together, and was attacked for her pains by over enthusiastic nationalists, until adults like Jim Sillars stepped in and told them to stop playing silly buggers. The attacks on JK Rowling were vile in every sense of the word, but not only that they were politically maladroit. Hurling insults at Mother Rowling who has given so much to progressive causes in Scotland is just insane, and it threatened to make the Yes Scotland campaign look like an offshoot of a Trotskyite group at one of the crappier universities.

Given nonsenses like this, you would expect that the London press has a point when it runs the latest invented tale about the evil Cybernats who are threatening retribution against anyone who votes no in September. Alas, whilst there may be a few spotty oiks sat in their bedrooms spewing bile, nobody takes them very seriously, probably because the referendum is not at the top of most people's agendas. Certainly that is the case in Edinburgh's Foot of the Walk, which is my favourite swill shop. There a pint of heavy costs just £1.95 and talk of the Indy-Ref is so muted that it does not disturb that froth on the men's pints.

Sunday 15 June 2014

It's time to accept the fact that nothing can be done about Iraq other than leave it to stew

The pathetic whining of  the great and good that something has to be done about the catastrophe that is present day Iraq is becoming tiresome. What needs to be done is absolutely nothing, other than sit back on the sidelines.

Across the world the state is in decline and as it falls older loyalties that nice Western people thought were long dead are emerging once again. Family, clan, tribe and religion are all blinking in the light of day as people start to cling to old certainties in a world that has gone mad. Many of those entities are tooled-up to the hilt, and the militias that they create will form the basis of the fourth generation conflicts that our children will hopefully only have to watch on television.

In a nutshell, Fourth Generation theory has it that future wars will not be fought between states, as many of them have collapsed. It will be fought by the militias that the emerging cultural entities in those former states throw up. Just over  a decade ago in Iraq the Anglo-Americans were given a taste of the Fourth Generation when they battled to subjugate the clan, tribal and sectarian militias that were created to fight the occupation. They failed, in case anyone has forgotten, which suggests to me that developed states should either wage wars of extermination, as Rome did with Carthage in the Third Punic War, or draw a cordon sanitaire around an infected area and leave the people inside to kill each other until eventually exhaustion forces an end to the fighting.  

Since killing all the men and selling the women and children into slavery is probably not an option, a policy of non-intervention in backward regions strikes me as the only sane policy. The UK should put aside its differences with the Assad regime in Syria and gives thanks that Ed Miliband stood up to the government's desire to once again pander to the American urge for continuous war. We should also be grateful to President Putin in Russia for making it plain to the USA that Moscow would not sit idly by and allow Syria to be destroyed by Anglo-American idiocy. Had America had its way, then I am sure that by now the whole of Syria would be ablaze as well as Iraq.

Given that President Assad's forces seem to have pretty much won the war in Syria, it is to be hoped that an incoming Miliband government will use Russia's good offices to repair relations with Syria, and then work with Assad to contain the chaos inside Iraq. Whatever divides Moscow and London, they are both strong state actors and neither has any interest in non-state actors getting out of hand, so it is to be hoped that the great powers,  can agree on this policy of containment, working with whatever strong, third world  states are willing to help.

Having drawn the lines in the sand, it is vital that the temptation to avoid over meddling in the carnage. The policy should be identical to the one adopted by Rome when she drew a line along the River Rhine and left the tribes east of the river to fight their endless wars over trivia. It may be necessary to supply some weaponry or minor logistics to one tribal faction that appears to be on the brink of defeat, but hopefully even that will not be necessary as Islam has more than enough young men who will want to join one faction or another so that the conflict can be left to drag on for decades.

With that in mind the government should stop actively trying to prevent young British Muslims from joining the conflict. If those young men are fighting and dying in Iraq, then they are by definition not causing trouble in Tower Hamlets. so a policy of turning a blind eye to such volunteers should be adopted.

Finally, we need to accept that refugees will try to flood out of Iraq and most will probably aim to establish themselves in the cushy berths that the West provides. That cannot be allowed to happen for the simple reason that Forth Generation Warfare involves non-state participants by its very nature. In other words, allowing potential fifth columnists into Britain would merely serve to ensure that the conflict spreads to our shores as the various groups carried on their fight on our streets, when the whole aim of the policy that I have outlined is to keep it on theirs.

I expect that the well fed, well paid, liberal middle class will wring their hands at this, but there really is no alternative to the tried and trusted policy of keeping barbarian tribes out of the civilised parts of the world and leaving them to slaughter each other on their home soil.

Friday 13 June 2014

Two Drunks Fighting

In England we call 'em chavs, in the USA they are low-lifes and in Scotland they are called neds, but whatever name is used for them they provide free entertainment when drunk, which they usually are most of the time.

I was sitting in my Edinburgh flat at 6.30pm today when I heard a noise outside. I grabbed my telephone and managed to shoot most of the drink-inspired street action. I'm sorry about the quality, but the zoom is digital not optical, so some of the quality is lost.

Still, it was not a bad bit of neddery for an early evening, and I just loved the way that girl kept screaming "He's your pal!" Not at that moment he wasn't.

Friday 13 June 2014 was unlucky for the loser in this bout, but the girl stayed with him, so he is probably being consoled even as I write.

The Scottish government, unlike the UK version, wants to increase the price of booze but has been prevented from doing so by court actions. I think they have a point, and if Scotland does become independent, then a hike in the price of cheap firewater should be the first item on the agenda.

Thursday 12 June 2014

The JK Rowling abuse: how not to win a referendum

Yesterday, the Edinburgh based authoress JK Rowling came out in favour of the no campaign in the Scottish referendum, and donated a £1,000,000 to the Better Together campaign. Good for her was my attitude, especially since that morning the latest opinion poll has shown the yes campaign coming up on the rails again, so I didn't think it mattered. By early evening the Nationalists had shot themselves in the foot by hurling some pretty loathsome abuse at la Rowling and I would not be surprised to see the growth in the yes vote start to taper off. Thanks, boys and girls: that's the way to lose a referendum.

JK Rowling is everything that a country should be proud of. Born in England she moved to Scotland about twenty years ago, and still lives here, paying her taxes, involving herself in politics, and contributing some of her wealth to charitable causes as well as the Labour Party. The Nationalists should just shrug their shoulders at this intervention, remind people that it is only one vote out of many, and get on with their campaign. 

Instead, JK Rowling has been subjected to some of the vilest abuse imaginable. She has been told that she is a "union cow bag," a "disgrace," as well as being various kinds of bitch. A charity called The Dignity Project may even have gone so far as to tweet this charming message to all its followers:

The Scottish Charity Regulator is quite rightly investigating whether or not that Tweet did come from the charity or whether it is an example of black ops by someone, but the whole hysteria leaves me a with a nasty taste in my mouth. Given that I am a yes supporter, and I feel that way, God knows what the undecided voters will make of it all.

The problem is that the yes team has reached a plateau where its members are really only talking to each other. They have convinced themselves that they are going to win, when all the evidence points to a victory for the Unionists. To make matters worse, JK Rowling is a genuine progressive and such people are expected to automatically support the independence campaign. The intervention of this authoress reminds the Nationalists that not all Unionists are Tories who sing The Sash and eat babies for breakfast.

That is what the Nationalist pure at hearts cannot stomach and that is why they are screaming so hysterically.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Kirsten Farage & Annabelle Fuller catfight video

I am starting to have my doubts about the alleged catfight that is supposed to have taken place on the night of the Euro elections between heavyweight Kirsten Farage and her middleweight opponent, Annabelle Fuller. Don't get me wrong, as I love a good set-to between hysterical females, especially when they are fighting over a man, but it looks as if this one has now entered the realms of urban myth.

The story is that big, beefy Kirsten is supposed to have screamed at the much slimmer Annabelle that if she didn't leave the drinks party then Kisten would call the bouncers over to drag Annabelle out by the hair. Since Annabelle clearly weighs much less than her opponent, she decided to back away just in case Kirsten decided to go all Teutonic and do the job herself. She then took refuge in another bar until Nigel Farage arrived. The story ends with him comforting Annabelle, as any man would with such a full breasted girl like her.

The problem with this story is that we are expected to believe that it happened in front of any number of people, none of whom have gone on the record about it. More importantly, we are expected to believe that none of them had even a mobile 'phone with a camera attachment and did not grab even a single shot of the screaming match, still less some video footage.

It is possible that the Kippers are all Farage loyalists and are defending their leader, but I find it hard to keep a straight face just writing those words. UKIP is famous for its infighting, so it is safe to assume that over half the people at that event hated Farage more than they loathed each other. Even if a miracle had occurred and the Kippers present did put their mutual animosities to one side, surely that does not apply to the waitresses and doormen who were working at the event?

This story is red hot and the press are waiving cheque books around, so anyone with some decent video can pretty much strike a life changing deal with the reptiles of Fleet Street. The story of Annabelle's alleged suicide attempt was obviously added to try and encourage people to come forward, as well as increase the value of any footage that they might have, but nothing has happened.

By the end of the month the story will have been overtaken by a new UKIP scandal, and the value of any photos will start to diminish. The time to strike a deal is now!

That is, unless the whole tale is a work of fiction?

Sunday 8 June 2014

Annabelle Fuller, alleged former mistress of Nigel Farage tried to kill herself after fight with Kirsten Farage

The Sunday Mirror has an explosive exclusive which quotes Annabelle Fuller (32) who is alleged to be Nigel Farage's former lover as saying that she attempted suicide after a public row with Kirsten Farage. By all accounts this followed hard on the heels of a stand up row at a post election party with Kirsten losing the plot completely when she saw that Annabelle had arrived. "If you do not leave, I will have security drag you out by the hair," Kirsten is reported to have screamed at the much younger Annabelle, who then took refuge in another bar to await the arrival of Nigel Farage who spoke to her for some time.

Yesterday a senior source in the Midlands told me that the press were offering large sums of money to anyone who had video footage of the cat fight, but so far nobody is willing to admit that they had their camera out to record the slanging match. The source also reported that nobody believes for a moment that the footage does not exist, but that people are refusing to release it, either out of a residual loyalty to Nigel Farage or because they are waiting for the right offer.

The story of Annabelle Fuller's suicide attempt is probably enough to add a few more noughts to the sums that are already on offer, so we await the airing of a video showing Kirsten Farage in full Hun mode at any moment.

You have to admit that this is all very entertaining.

Saturday 7 June 2014

Identity of the two sexy BA air hostesses revealed

This video was all over the web last year so you've probably seen it a thousand times already. I didn't run it back then because I was trying to have a really serious political blog, but now I've realised that the way to improve the stat-porn is to sleaze things up and slide the politics in through the back door, let's objectify, as the feminists say, these two little lovelies in their British Airways uniforms.

The video was sold to the Sun as featuring two BA stewardesses, but actually it involves Dannii Harwood being soaped by Lucy Zara. Both are models, and yeah, the video is a fake, but it's still enough to provide turbulence in the trouser department. 

When the video first surfaced BA actually thought that they were genuine trolley dollies, and mounted an investigation before a po-faced spokesman admitted that they had been had.

Friday 6 June 2014

Newark marks the beginning of the end for UKIP

Newark probably marks the start of UKIP's decline, but the major parties should not take much comfort from it. The issues that UKIP raised have still not gone away and the traditional parties have shown no enthusiasm to make them their own.

UKIP's hotheads were telling everyone that they were going to win the seat last night, but the few cooler heads that the party has in its ranks were happy to see the party come second with about thirty percent of the vote. Nigel Farage, who has the coolest head of all, seems to have realised that even that was over-optimistic which is why he probably decided to be in Malta on election day. UKIP ended up with just twenty-six percent of the vote, so it looks as if the cool head had it.

Small insurgent parties like UKIP or the BNP a decade ago, rely on enthusiasm to carry their momentum forward. Once the momentum slows down, then the insurgents do not have an efficient party machine that could consolidate the new gains and prepare to carry the party forward when the next momentum comes. They tend to fall apart as the enthusiasm wanes and people begin to fight amongst themselves over the minutia of political matters.

That has already begun to happen with UKIP as the party suffered a major schism before last month's European elections with the creation of An Independence From Europe. We can expect more such breakaways in the months ahead as the egos clash over the correct road road to take. Not only that, but we are already seeing newly elected councillors either walking away from UKIP or being slung out by it. We can expect to see a lot more of this in the months ahead as the momentum grinds to a halt and it becomes obvious to even the hottest Kipper head that the party is not going to win any seats in Westminster next year.

The problem is that the issues raised by these insurgent parties have not gone away, it is just that there is no vehicle that disaffected voters can turn to for representation. Millions of our people have been left behind economically by globalisation, and many of them are revolted by the determination of the metropolitan elite who run all three main parties to push forward a social agenda that leaves ordinary people feeling repulsed.

The most likely outcome now is that Labour will win next year on a lousy turnout with around thirty-five percent of the vote cast, on the back of an electoral system that is only semi-legitimate in the eyes of a sizeable chunk of the population.

Interesting times are ahead.
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