Tuesday 10 June 2014

Kirsten Farage & Annabelle Fuller catfight video

I am starting to have my doubts about the alleged catfight that is supposed to have taken place on the night of the Euro elections between heavyweight Kirsten Farage and her middleweight opponent, Annabelle Fuller. Don't get me wrong, as I love a good set-to between hysterical females, especially when they are fighting over a man, but it looks as if this one has now entered the realms of urban myth.

The story is that big, beefy Kirsten is supposed to have screamed at the much slimmer Annabelle that if she didn't leave the drinks party then Kisten would call the bouncers over to drag Annabelle out by the hair. Since Annabelle clearly weighs much less than her opponent, she decided to back away just in case Kirsten decided to go all Teutonic and do the job herself. She then took refuge in another bar until Nigel Farage arrived. The story ends with him comforting Annabelle, as any man would with such a full breasted girl like her.

The problem with this story is that we are expected to believe that it happened in front of any number of people, none of whom have gone on the record about it. More importantly, we are expected to believe that none of them had even a mobile 'phone with a camera attachment and did not grab even a single shot of the screaming match, still less some video footage.

It is possible that the Kippers are all Farage loyalists and are defending their leader, but I find it hard to keep a straight face just writing those words. UKIP is famous for its infighting, so it is safe to assume that over half the people at that event hated Farage more than they loathed each other. Even if a miracle had occurred and the Kippers present did put their mutual animosities to one side, surely that does not apply to the waitresses and doormen who were working at the event?

This story is red hot and the press are waiving cheque books around, so anyone with some decent video can pretty much strike a life changing deal with the reptiles of Fleet Street. The story of Annabelle's alleged suicide attempt was obviously added to try and encourage people to come forward, as well as increase the value of any footage that they might have, but nothing has happened.

By the end of the month the story will have been overtaken by a new UKIP scandal, and the value of any photos will start to diminish. The time to strike a deal is now!

That is, unless the whole tale is a work of fiction?

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