Friday 13 June 2014

Two Drunks Fighting

In England we call 'em chavs, in the USA they are low-lifes and in Scotland they are called neds, but whatever name is used for them they provide free entertainment when drunk, which they usually are most of the time.

I was sitting in my Edinburgh flat at 6.30pm today when I heard a noise outside. I grabbed my telephone and managed to shoot most of the drink-inspired street action. I'm sorry about the quality, but the zoom is digital not optical, so some of the quality is lost.

Still, it was not a bad bit of neddery for an early evening, and I just loved the way that girl kept screaming "He's your pal!" Not at that moment he wasn't.

Friday 13 June 2014 was unlucky for the loser in this bout, but the girl stayed with him, so he is probably being consoled even as I write.

The Scottish government, unlike the UK version, wants to increase the price of booze but has been prevented from doing so by court actions. I think they have a point, and if Scotland does become independent, then a hike in the price of cheap firewater should be the first item on the agenda.


  1. Shit! What are we going to bring to your dinner parties?

  2. Yeah, very droll. To be unable to work because of lousy health, which covers both of us, Tim, means that we are poor compared to most people. However, being poor does not mean that we are scum, it just means that we have no money. Culturally, we are as much a part of civil society as anyone wealthy.

    So should there be one law for Edinburgh and another for Nedinburgh? Damn right!


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